Sunday, June 13, 2004

Short Attention Span Journal Entry

This sucks!  I've spent the last 24 hours in bed.  I get a sudden burst of energy and that's enough to get me to the bathroom and back.  I'm having no trouble sleeping this weekend.  I'm completely disoriented.  I woke up just after midnight last night, thinking it was 5 or 6 in the morning.

I haven't even attempted to turn the TV on.  I can't hold focus on anything longer than a few minutes.  Writing this entry is a big challenge.  My brain is mush.  Short-term memory is... I can't even remember what I was going to say.

I'm eating - because I know how important it is.  Bananas, salads, chicken, fish; all sustain me.  I loaded up on my supply of energy bars and trail mix.  And bought two cases of bottled water.  [Thank you, Jennifer, for your help. I never would've been able to lift those. I love you!]

I also bought my favorite ice cream and haven't even touched it.  I bought chocolate chip cookies, still sitting in the fridge.  You know, comfort food for the sick and damned.  The only thing I don't have is mashed potatoes.  But that's because I'm afraid I'll fall asleep while peeling the potatoes.  I'm craving Cheryl's mom's matzo ball soup.  And I can't find my vitamin C.

Lucky me - they're doing more construction on the building next door.  Even on a Sunday.  Ah bliss! [grrr]

I'm thinking it's a beautiful day outside - perfect for a drive up the coast in my new wheels.  But alas, all the driving I'm doing is in my wacky dreams.  And pretty much every person I know has been in these dreams.  Thanks for keeping me entertained everyone!

I'm really committed to my work but I have no idea how I would've gotten through the day if I had to work today!  This has definitely been the worst day, as far as fatigue and dizziness goes.  So, I'm bedridden until I go to work tomorrow.

Whoa, wobbly head, weak arms, heavy eyelids... guess I should post this entry before I fall asleep right here.


ryanagi said... sound in rough shape. Get into bed and STAY THERE! Sheesh! lol

geminiwilder said...

sweeet dreams, freee.

dakotarose2852 said...

The reaction you are having to Mono is exactly the way it affected my husband.  Extreme fatigue and dizziness.  I was very scared because the docs were testing him for life threatening illnesses.  The only thing you can do is drink plenty of fluids and rest, rest, rest.  But, even when you rest, you don't feel rested.  We had good luck with B-12 vitamins in addition to the B-Complex.  Also, something called Royal Jelly which is what the Queen Bee of the hive eats.  The best way to take that is in a kind of liquid form, actually it looks like honey, but far more nutritious.  Please check it out.  Mono is not to be taken lightly.  You need to boost your immune system.  It will eventually go into remission, but during times of stress, it will pay you a visit again.  Please take care.

diannevan said...

Ugh!!  There's nothing I can do and I feel so helpless!  What's the doc recommend for when you have to work and feel like this?

aynetal3 said...

Oh Trish ... really sorry on the mono ... we won't even asked who you kissed.  We're actually more hopin you'll spill the beans on what that picnic table deal in the back of your CR-V is all about?  Honda merge with Playschool??  *Grin*  You are really special luv!  Just thought you should know that ... AND, lastly, we want reassurances that you have a cell phone for emergencies that sits in your back pocket while walking the pooches.  If not that, that you don't place yourself anywhere remote where you couldn't call out for help.  Hear??!!  OK.  Think we all got our word in here.  :)

aynetal3 said...

Umm, that's IF you make it past the front door.  Personally, we're thinking you should make alternate plans.  Think it sounds dangerous to drive with mono.  Sorry, this last comment is directly from me Jamie!  I heard 2-3 weeks down time.  AND, I'll take my next nuzzle, right behind the right ear please!  Just lay it in there gentle!  Luv ya kid!

krobbie67 said...

I guess that means you don't remember our conversation last night after you woke at midnight??? You promised I could take your new wheels to San Francisco next weekend. Really you did. Okay, I'm lieing but I thought I'd give it a try.
Hope you feel better soon. But until then, follow it and rest. :-) ---Robbie

ondinemonet said...

Trish my dear one

                           Please be sure to keep us updated! Love and white light being sent straight away!  Love, Carly :)

freeepeace said...

RYANAGI - I am in bed.  And that's all I can do is stay here. [can tell you're a parent] ;)

PHINNEY - Thanks.  Zzzzz...

SUSAN - Royal Jelly and B-vitamins - thanks for the reminders!  I'm not taking this lightly at all.  

DIANNE - I haven't asked doc about work.  I'm doing everything I can to only extend energy when I absolutely have to.  The rest of my time is spent in bed.

AYNETAL - Hi everyone!   The question is, who *haven't* I kissed?  ;) As soon as I have energy, I'll check out that picnic table! Yes, I carry my cell phone everywhere I go.  I hear ya Jamie.  If I get to a point where I absolutely need to make alternate plans, I will.  But so far it feels good to get out in the fresh air and move around a bit.  Thanks for your concern. Love to you all.

ROBBIE - I remember we chatted but I can't quite remember what about.  But I'm positive it had nothing to do with me letting you take off in my new car.  If anyone's driving to SF, it's gonna be me! :)

CARLY - Thank you - I'll keep you updated. Love you!

indigosunmoon said...

Sweetie, Mono is such a draining illness....take care of yourself!!!
And rest rest rest!!!

deabvt said...


coy1234787 said...

Your body has needed to take a rest for sooo long. You've been so exhausted. Rest, rest, rest!!!
                                           *** Coy ***

s0ngbird1962 said...

Sounds like you are doing everything right.  Hope Cheryl reads this entry and gets some of Mom's matzo ball soup over to you asap.  But hey, if you aren't going to eat that icecream or choco chip cookies could you fed-x them over to me? lol...

(((Freee))) Keep on doing what you're doing, you'll be feeling better soon, no doubt.  xo

andreakingme said...

This is your morning wake-up read. Or something.

Be sure you check into that Royal Jelly stuff Susan (dakotarose) told you about! Boost that immune system. Okay?

Look at the watch swinging back and forth in front of your eyes.

You will feel smoooooth on today's dog walk. Not exactly energized, but calm. And smooooth. No extra moves or steps. Just take it steady and slow.

babyshark28 said...

sleep girl. rest. don't try to think.
mono will wipe you out, completely.
is someone checking on you?
hugs and kisses (ok, no kisses this time)
be well!

freeepeace said...

CONNIE - It sure is draining.  I'm resting...promise! :)

VINCE - Thank you.  I'm doing all that [mostly sleeping].

COY - Hi darling! I was thinking about you this weekend, wondering how you are.  You're right, I've been exhausted.  I'm resting a lot now.

MICHELLE - What's your address?  I'll send you some cookies. ;)  The ice cream however, will stay in my freezer till I'm darn good and ready to eat it ALL. :)  xo [without the x of course].

ANDREA - I'm loading up on immune-boosting stuff.  Royal Jelly to follow.  Lots of echinacea for now.  Gotta get raw garlic [look out world!].  I love the wake-up read... not energized but calm.  Thanks love.

SHARKY - Yes, just about everyone I know is checking on me.  Thanks.  I'm resting - no choice.  Lots of hugs.

slowmotionlife said...

What the heck are you gonna do if you have one of *these* days on a work day??  I'm thinking you might need some kind of back-up plan.  Phew.  Poor thing.  If you lived closer, I would make you mashed potatoes.  :(

mae120866 said...

Get BETTER, Trish  (see?  i catch on quick!)
~~Miz Gleeful

karensull12 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mono.  Please take good care of yourself and feel better soon!

somenuttychic said...

Holey Moley, Freee. Slow down, will 'ya? Take care of yourself. We'll still be here for you when you get back. Rest now. Journal later.

sepintx said...

Yeeeze. Take care of yourself. Naps. Take plenty of naps :-)

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Oh, baby.  I'm so sorry you're feeling so awful.  If only I were closer.  I could put my 'out-of-work' nursing skills to use.  And Trish, if you're not feeling better....don't work!  You'll only prolong the illness.  Take care of yourself, hun.  I'm sending healthy vibes your way!

Love you!

miarenee24 said...

Feel better soon, love. I know that feeling. The dizzy spells, the fatigue. The weird dreams! I do that too, when I'm not well. Get lots of rest. LOTS of it. Sleep is the body's natural way to heat itself. I don't just mean bed rest.... Sleep. Sounds like you're doing everything right, and your body is making you do it. I'm glad you're listening to your body. we'll all still be here when you get well. Take care!
love you xo

dockart said...

I've been out of town Freee. Sorry to hear you have been sick. Rest, drink plenty of fluids, and eat well....that's about all you can do for mono. And wait and wait and wait. Ugh. Sending postive energy your way. Hugs!

andreakingme said...

Humph. I know I was here yesterday, but I'm BACK. Too bad for you! Muahahahahaha. Woof?

So. How was the walk yesterday?

musenla said...

Ohh, that mono sure is a doozy.  Rest, rest, rest, and you'll be better soon.  Just no other way.  At least now we all know you're getting all the rest and nutrition you need and deserve.  If only all that construction will stop, don't they know there's a woman recuperating from all the smooching next door?  grrr, lol

clarity4today said...

OH so sorry. :(   I hope you feel better soon!

But, hey! Your "incoherent" entry has all the jokes in the right places, ya know. ;-)