Monday, June 21, 2004

Say Cheese!

Today was a rough day as far as fatigue goes.  It's obvious to those around me that I'm not running on 100% fuel. I'm tired of being 'sick' so when asked how I am, my answer is GREAT!  Of course, it takes a lot of physical strength to even sound excited in my answer.  But it's worth the smiles. By the time I got to the dogpark everyone was feeling my pain.  Some of my dogwalker-buddies offered to pick up poo and help discipline my dogs.  I just love how we all support each other.

I crashed as soon as I got home.

The good thing about moving slowly is I had plenty of time to take some pictures.  I figured, while I'm resting, I might as well put myself to good use.  I just didn't have the energy or the wherewithal to get the 'perfect shot'.  So, these will have to do.

As you can see by the pictures of the Pet Divider, I was really out of it this morning.  How crooked does that look to you?  It's driving me crazy to even post the pictures.  But it did keep the dogs away from my chicken in the front seat!  The one dog who always finds a way to the front, never even attempted to get through.  And she was in the car the longest.  I was less stressed because of that little peace of mind, all day.

Now for the bejeweled rear view mirror. 

The dragonfly was a birthday gift from Cheryl and Jennifer.  It's gorgeous.  The colors are subtle - and depending on the light and the sun, it glitters and sparkles all over the dash.  It's beautiful on its own.  But when I saw this peace sign the other day, I couldn't pass it up.  During the day, it compliments the dragonfly.  It too is subtle.


[bring on the cheese]

When lit, it's a whole different story!  I haven't driven at night yet [thanks to my mono-life] so I can only imagine how distracting it might be.  But I love it!  Perfect for the PeaceMobile.


grodygeek said...

So sorry to learn you aren't feeling well.

I think you will be very happy with your car, the PeaceMobile. I like the sound of it. Reminds me of the PopeMobile (say it like SNL veteran Father Guido Sarduci). Only yours isn't bullet proof.

Best wishes on recovery Trish.


kathlyna22 said...

haha, wow, I love it!
I hope you get better soon, I just read that you have mono
Thats what I spent last summer who have you been playing tonsil hockey with??

ryanagi said...

OMG I love it! I have to have one!!! Where did you get the light up peace emblem??? -B

deabvt said...

Peace be to you!   Rest!

geminiwilder said...

freee, please, feel better soon!  
i don't know how you drive with those big things hanging there!  i have little things hanging in my car, actually, they are quite neat, i should show a photo of mine!  drats on me for not having a digital camera!!!

xo Phinney

chattiekimmie said...

You are in my prayers for a quicker recovery.  Please take good care of yourself.  I think your peace symbol is perfect, cheese and all!  Give Hunny a little pat for me.  :) Kimmie

perkysgrl said...

I'm new to your journal, but I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! Please get better soon and get plenty of rest!  I just love your pictures and I'm envious of your beautiful dragon fly!  Take care... Jennifer

gatorspictures said...

Ah yes, a Freeepeace consumer product!
love it!!!
glad you are feeling at least a little better...

babyshark28 said...

haha!  wonderful and beautiful LOVE those rear view mirror decorations.  I have never seen anything like them.  never.  that dragon fly is stunning!  and the peace sign, pefect!

hopefully you'll kick that mono's but right out of your life soon.   and yea! for rhe dog walker friends you have.  and the pictures, I think there great, they don't look crooked to me at all.   The divider looks great....and solid.
take care.

sistercdr said...

That dragonfly is stunning, and the peace symbol does complement it beautifully.  Don't waste too much energy to make your friends feel better by thinking you're ok.  It ends up being counterproductive, and you need to take care of you, now.

slowmotionlife said...

OK.. the dog divider looks pretty crooked, but who cares.. so long as it serves its purpose, right?  We can't have those pups eating your chicken!!!  :P  And I love the dragonfly and peace sign on the rearview.  Totally YOU.  LOL

freeepeace said...

GORDY - How do you know mine's not bullet proof? :P  Thanks for your well wishes.

KATHLEEN - The thing is, I haven't had tonsils since I was twelve. ::shrug::  :)

RYANAGI - As you know from my email, I found the peace sign at PepBoys [of all places].

VINCE - Thanks pal. :)

freeepeace said...

SHARKY - I'm working on kicking this mono-thing out of my life, indeed!  And it's okay if you can't see how crooked the divider is.  It drove me crazy today but I was too weak to fix it.

SISTERCDR - I hear ya.  I'm not worried about making friends feel better... all they have to do is take one look at me, or listen to my labored voice.  I just like to laugh when I say I'm great - because life really IS great... I just feel like hell.  LOL

SLOMO - Thanks for your honest reflection.  It does serve its purpose.  They didn't eat my food today...but they [Marley] did take a good chunk out of that no-spill bowl I was so proud of.  I forgot...he chews on anything plastic!  Grrrr...
I love how you say the dragonfly and peace are totally me...and then you laugh.  Hmmm... :P

freeepeace said...

PHINNEY - They're not as big as they appear in the pictures.  Or maybe they are.  Let's see your bejeweled mirror!

KIMMIE - Thanks.  I'm taking good care.  I'll let Hunny know you say hi. :)

JENNIFER - Welcome!  Glad you like the pics.  The dragonfly is even more beautiful in person.  I will find out where it came from... maybe there's a website.

GATOR - LOL "Freeepeace consumer product"  So true.

krobbie67 said...

I'd hate to be on the road behind you getting blinded by the reflecting light but the dragonfly and peace sign do look totally cool. :-) ---Robbie

txsguinan said...

"The Peacemobile" ~ I love it!  And the dragonfly and peace symbol make a perfect combination.  Pretty!    :)

musenla said...

I must say I'm impressed with all the legwork and research you've done to get the car you like and just the way you like it.  And I love the peace sign and the dragonfly, they sure complement each other!