Monday, June 7, 2004


I guess I am obsessed with this car-process.  This is how I get.  My mind can hardly focus on anything else.  I have three DVDs from Netflix that I haven't watched yet.  I'm out of just about everything healthy to eat.  I'm craving salad and leafy greens but I haven't done my grocery shopping.  I did get my laundry done.  But I did not get my legs waxed.  So it's jeans again today.

I know many of you are curious about the Prince show I saw Saturday night.  I hate to be so anti-climactic but I'm not really a concert kind of gal.  I'm more drawn to an intimate showcase.  But I was lured out by my best friend - enticed by eighth row [eighth row my ass].  That didn't matter.  We had a great time together. 

I realized just how old I'm getting.  I didn't drink.  I took Advil as the show was about to start.  I kept earplugs in the entire time.  And I didn't stand or scream once.  My age really hit me when I looked around and saw people older than us and I said, "Oh good, we're in the cool section."  I am now one of those people who sits crossed legged and taps her foot in the air to the beat.  When did that happen?

The Staples Center is massive.  I mean, every single possible seat was filled.  It was quite a sight.  And even though Prince is a musical genius and a fireball on stage - and his accompanying musicians were the best I'd ever seen - I wasn't so impressed with the show/venue.  I had no trouble hearing him.  I just couldn't understand a word he said.  I'm not sure if all concerts are like that there or if it was a sound issue.  But if I'd paid face value for our tickets, I'd have been really upset.  And these weren't even the top-dollar tickets.  It's just not worth it to me.  I'd rather go to a coffee house and see a talented musician there.

The one thing I loved about Prince's show was his acoustic set.  He did a good 40 minutes of old favorites - just him, a gorgeous acoustic guitar and the entire crowd singing along.  It was sweet, vulnerable, intimate, funny - and still, I couldn't understand anything when he spoke.  Cheryl and I were like a Miracle Ear commercial, "What'd he say?"

By 11:30 we were ready to leave.  We got antsy waiting for the encore.  Prince sure knows how to work the crowd.  And he really made them work for the encore.  We almost left when he finally came back out.  We sat through most of it but beat the crowd by leaving during Purple Rain - which I assumed was his final encore [I mean, what tops Purple Rain?]

I felt completely hung over the next morning.  A friend who goes to a lot of concerts said she always thought her hangovers were because of all the drinking she would do.  But when she stopped drinking at concerts and the hangovers continued, she realized it was because of the volume.  The sound, the crowd, the screams... all contribute to a hangover.  Makes sense to me.  So my instincts were right to take Advil before the show.  See that?  Always taking care of myself.

I considered wearing this:

But opted to wear this:

Another sign of my age - choosing comfort over cute.  Eh, who am I kidding?  I've always chosen comfort!


johnn60504 said...

This is an excellent update!  I've always wondered what professional musicians thought about big ticket concerts....if I had my way, I'd hear all my favorite musicians in small venues, or better yet, at a small party in my back yard!  I'd cook for them, as payment!  (Would, say, Neil Young go for something like that?)

sistercdr said...

I saw Prince in concert once waaaaaay back in the early eighties.  He's always put on a good show.  I think you look cute in the outfit you wore too.  It was just more conservative but not less attractive.

diannevan said...

Comfort reigns... but damn, your "cute" is pretty damn cute!!

slowmotionlife said...

Awww.. you didn't wear the belly shirt!  You chicken!!  LOL  :P  Great review of the show.  Prince is one of the few 80's characters I really enjoy and wouldn't mind seeing in concert.  I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it as much.  Like you, I'm getting old.  Anything past 11:00 is too late for me.  LoL  So no concerts for this girl.  Love the Miracle Ear comment. ROFL!  tehehe..  

P.S. Nothing tops Purple Rain.  Nothing!

babyshark28 said...

LOL..I always choose comfort over cute.
and good lord, I can't help notice what a GREAT figure
you have!   Geeesh, I hope I look like that when I'm
your age. hee hee.  
who am I kidding? certainly not you.
I never will look that good at your age, because I am
older than you. :P

Too bad you couldn't hear the words!  maybe your hearing is
going...they say that it's the first to go, or is it sight. hmmm.
ha ha. jk.  
really though, that's must of been a pain, I would have hated it. since I love lyrics so much.
Anyway...I'm typing a novel here.  take care xo

deabvt said...

Freee, that`s a darn shame about the muddled sound..shouldn`t be that way.
Two beautiful Pics, [ gotta admit, I love the 1st one! ]   Hey, I`m not that old1

miarenee24 said...

I know what you mean about the comment on age. I am showing/feeling my age and then some these days. Good thinking, taking advil! I've never seen Prince in concert, but I loved him in the 80's.

You look great in both outfits. But, I must comment on how nice your figure looks in the top picture! b-e-a-u-tiful! :)
Love you!

derossetfamily said...

Speaking of comfort, I LOVE the Puma's sitting by your chair! They are so....cute :P I can sure spot a pair o' Pumas, huh? Sorry you couldnt hear anything at the concert, that bites a big'n. And your not old, I'm like twelve and I sat at the last Ani concert I went to, after a while you just wanna sit back and enjoy, even if you are straining to hear. Eh, what am I talking about. Who knows. Anyway, you look great! Look at that flat tummy! I drink cokes all day so mines all flabby. Here I go with the rambling again, sorry! :P

dakotarose2852 said...

Buying a car is a very stressful thing.  Next to a home, it's the second biggest investment you will make.  The only problem is, cars lose value while homes gain value.  Anyway, good luck.  Soon it will be over and you can get back to thinking of other stuff.  I know what you mean about big concert venues.  Last summer we saw Springsteen in a big stadium, and I vowed that would be the last time I wasted my money on something that big.  Couldn't hear, couldn't understand anything he said or sang, and he doesn't sing that clearly anyway.  Anyone could stand in front of a mic and mumble into it.  I'll take a small intimate setting from now on, thank you very much.

gatorspictures said...

I hear ya, chick. I would rather go to a small songwriter's venue like the Bluebird or Douglas Corner in Nashville than hit TPAC for a screamin' reamin' concert...but I like the intimacy of performer/small crowd....maybe I am getting old..hmmm.. christie

mallory4284 said...

Good luck with that car search!! You're more thorough than I was. I practically bought the first car I found. But this is the same car I'd wanted since I was a Junior in high school (cause that was so long ago right? haha) so I was more than excited to find one that I could afford!!

And I'm the same way at concerts. When I went and saw Jason Mraz in concert in October I felt like a loser just sitting in the back enjoying the music while everyone else was on their feet screaming their heads off. Good thing was that I had seats towards the back, so there weren't many people. So at least I wasn't sitting in the middle of everyone else standing....

Anyway, have a great rest of the week!!

-- Mallory :)

irun01 said...

Rock Star!!  Hmmmmmm. . . comfort over cute??  From a guy's point of view . . . I prefer the cute :)
I saw Prince when I was in High School . . . It was the Purple Rain tour.  Tons of fun.

s0ngbird1962 said...

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... and so happy to be.  Hey, a NEW the new car smell.  (Used to love the way my new dolls smelled when I was little too, lol.) I'm impressed with all the research, I tend to be an impulse buyer.   ( the color, nice stereo, I'll take it : )  Need to go grocery shopping here also, wish I were only craving the healthy things, lol. Last concert I went to was Elton John/Billy Joel.  I admit to a few yells, (ok, lost my voice) but I did sit almost the entire concert tapping my foot in the air...
Liked the cute outfit alot.  The only time my body looks like that now is in a circus funny mirror, lol.  ~~Reality sucks  : )

krobbie67 said...

Cute? That's sexy girl! Rawwrr (to steal a Slo quote)!!! But, I would have probably chosen the comfort route too. Is that really a sign of old age? Poo-poo! I say it's the sign of a practical mind. ;-) ---Robbie

andreakingme said...

Heh, you and me both. Maybe everyone who's commented. I figure I've had my days of looking cute, so unless I REALLY want to make an impression, I'd rather be comfortable. Besides ... I'm married. Attracting outside attention might be a verra bad idear.

I've never been to an intimate coffee-house type of concert, but I think I'd enjoy very much. Hey! Wouldn't it be cool if one day (sooner than later) a bunch of us J-Landers met in LA and you GAVE us that coffee-house type of concert? Later, we could all go to your house for a slumber party.

Heh, heh. I'm only half joking.

redheadkob said...

I feel the same way about concerts now.  I either need to be with a big group of people to psych me up, or be at a chill show somewhere small.  Last summer my husband and I went to a bunch of outdoor shows that were supposed to be chill and then spent the majority of each of them craning our necks around the drunk high school students freaking out around us (one girl at the Jack Johnson/Ben Harper show, head to toe in Madonna-style 80's wear, text messaged her friends who were sitting somewhere else, while standing, DURING THE WHOLE SHOW!!).  Good luck with your car search, by the way, it can be stressful!


s0ngbird1962 said...

Hey Freee...was just reading some old entries and wanted to say "Happy belated birthday to you, too".... Another Taurus, woot!!!!! (lol, borrowed that from Slo).  Also wanted to say you have taken some AWESOME pics.  Loving that blue flower with the bee, looks like a professional photo...  Hmmm, maybe you can make some money taking pics while walking your charges.... : )

ondinemonet said...


         The first thing I thought of when I saw this outfit was..."Isn't that a cute outfit!" You know you are a cutie ;) Love, Carly :)

clarity4today said...

I"m with ya...  I always thought a hangover was caused by dehydration, though.  But, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if people had a headache from the loudness of concerts.  They really are too loud, and I can't imagine why it's necessary if they have a good speaker system in the place.

musenla said...

I haven't gone to many concerts before D. and I got together.  He and his friends are children of media and don't flinch spending a couple of hundred bucks for tickets.  I do! lol

The one concert we went to at Staples is the Rush concert.  I think it was a sound issue with Prince because I can hear Rush well enough and we weren't that close to the stage.  I'm not much of a rock fan, and I did get a hangover the day after.  Getting old, getting old.  Sigh.