Tuesday, June 8, 2004


Life is happening so fast lately.
  I can barely keep up.  I'm still mid-car-search.  And I was having fun for about a minute.  But this has become the most tedious, time-consuming, energy-sucking process of the year.

Currently I'm driving a rental car because I am too afraid to get stranded in the Mighty-Mighty Escort with 5 or 6 dogs in tow!  And now, thanks to this rental car, I know for sure I do not want a tan interior!  Every speck of dirt and dog hair shows like Venus on the sun this afternoon!

I've been to a few auto dealers, through many online listings, a bank, an advisor.  I've called on friends and I've researched every possible car I could imagine.  Ask me anything about the Honda CR-V.  I can tell you the available colors, options, styles. Great on gas. Decent price tag.  I'm tempted to get a brand new model.  But I'm hoping to get an '02 or '03 pre-owned.

Of course, I've become really particular about the options.  Makes for difficult pre-owned buying.  I want black exterior and gray interior, keyless entry, tinted windows [very important for doggie comfort in summer], and I'd like running boards but they're not a deal-breaker.  It seems everyone who buys a CR-V keeps it.  Pre-owned is hard to come by.  That's a good sign.  But not good news for me at this very moment.

Since all this research, I've been hellbent on the CR-V.  I dropped the Toyota 4Runner from the list when I was reminded of its very low gas mileage.  But today, my advisor-person told me about a 4-cylinder 4Runner.  It would be better on gas than the 6-cylinder.  And now I'm torn.

But I'm only torn because the exact pre-owned CR-V I want isn't available.  And I can't drive a rental car for much longer.  Meanwhile, the Mighty-Mighty Escort sits untouched in the parking garage - while the rental and I search the city streets for parallel parking.  WHAT am I going to do with my current car?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I watched half a DVD last night before I conked out.  I hope to get the rest in tonight so I can return it and have another one delivered to collect dust with the rest!

I'm not sure what's happening but when I was at the dogpark today I squatted to the ground for a moment.  When I stood up, I thought the sun was going in - or clouds were forming.  But then I realized, I was getting dizzy.  I had to brace myself sturdy on the ground - like a surfer - just to keep from falling over.

All of my protein fixes are in my car ... not the rental car!  Luckily, a fellow dogwalker had a spare Zone bar for me.  Shaking to the core, I ate it as consciously as I could.  Usually that gives my blood sugar levels the boost they need, until I get home to have a meal.  It helped temporarily.  But less than an hour later I found myself wobbling as I was walking.  It was all I could do to stay upright at Trader Joe's.  The outer edges of my vision were darkened.  My equilibrium is just...off.

I came home and ate half a salad before I choked on the salad dressing.  Literally, my eyes were tearing and I was gasping for breath.  Amazing how a tiny drop of liquid can rub my throat the wrong way.  I coughed and gagged long enough for my throat to still hurt from the experience.  I figured that was a sign that I'd had enough salad.

I was determined to keep this car search going [time is money] so mid-choke I called the advisor's number, thinking I'd leave a message.  But she answered.  And when she asked how I was I could barely speak.  I cleared my throat and coughed some more and said, "I'm choking, but other than that, I'm great."  Then I laughed ... at my own insanity.

Later I tried napping because I could hardly keep my head up anymore.  But I couldn't sleep.  I tossed and turned - just like I've been doing every night for the past six weeks.

I'm really hoping it's just stress.  But to be sure, I made an appointment with my doctor. [okay DiAnne?]


indigosunmoon said...

I just love the CRV's!  They are so cute, and the gas milage is pretty good!
So glad you are making the doctors appointment!  
Lovely picture!

jlreynolds said...

Free -

Try this one.  It does not say what color the interior is...

Good luck!

Lisa (jlreynolds)

jlreynolds said...

oops - here are two more... a 2002 and a 2003.  Both are black, but dunno about the keyless entry.  One says it has privacy glass, the other didn't say.  Neither are close to you (if I recall correctly you're in southern CA) but with the options you want and the definite colors, you may need to take a road trip further north to get the car you want...  Good luck!  (again)  :-)



Lisa (JLReynolds)

aynetal3 said...

You're doing good Freee!  You are taking good care.  You have enough salt in your system too right?

sunflowerkat321 said...

Very nice photo Trish!  I'm so glad that you made an appointment to see your dr.  It may just be stress, but it's best to be sure.  I hope the right car turns up for you SOON...that would be a big issue off your plate.  {{{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}

diannevan said...

Okay!!  You're a good girl, taking care of the pooches, taking care of the car, and most importantly, taking care of yourself.  

andreakingme said...

Feep! Poor girl, you do have some stress going on here. Shopping for a new car is tough. Trying to decide on a major purchase is ... nerve wracking. You should have seen me about seven years ago trying to decide which kind of computer to buy -- I went through the Nine Circles of Hell. Every person I asked for advice on computer brands had a different take. I finally ended up going to Best Buy and getting a Compac Presario (it's now Oogie's good little compy). That little bugger beat the snot out of the built-to-order model I got from a local computer store. Faugh! Rotten argen fargen thing.

On top of your car search, though, you were broken into. And when in the midst of a bizee, bizee life, one can easily forget to eat normally. And sleep! What's that?

I always say when life gets rough, YOU have to be good to yourself. Take yourself in hand. Do it today. Maybe a nice, hard workout, the kind that makes you sweat like a pig, and a shower afterwards, will help you sleep better. Do you like the scent of lavendar? It's supposed to help you sleep ...

s0ngbird1962 said...

(((Freee))) glad you made a Dr. appt....most likely nothing too serious.  I had those exact symptoms when I was anemic....
Soooo the car search goes on, I admire your persistence.  I've always said "let's not buy the first one we see" when car shopping and :::puts head down in shame::: I find myself signing on that dotted line after the test drive every time...lol...

Well, off to enjoy the day....Actually too friggin' hot here will be in the mid-90's today.  Can you believe me (who lives in Alaska) is complaining about it being TOO hot? LOL...

Have a great day, love the pic.  

babyshark28 said...

wow, great picture. love the way the petals get all hazy at the edges. great color too. :)

sorry the car search is getting crazy feeling. I hate that.  but, it will work out, it will work out. breath.  When things start moving fast, breath in and out slowly and take baby steps if you need to for awhile.

and yes, make an appointment to see your doctor. :)

gatorspictures said...

Maybe inner ear infection? Yep, probably something that simple. ::::::::positive thoughts your way----zeeeennnnnn::::::::: Take care of you. Also, love the flower picture in this entry. bru-ful.  christie

geminiwilder said...

(((((freee)))))  keep taking care of yourself. and thanks for the b'day greetings!  i'm very bad at updating lately, so busy in my head....


deabvt said...

Wow! Freee, gettin` good with the Camera!

slowmotionlife said...

Lots going on in your life at the moment.  Both our lives, actually.  I feel like I haven't talked to you in months, though I know it was just a few days ago.  I miss "us".  Aww..  anyway.  I think the CR-V is a great choice.  I really hope you find the one you're looking for.  As for the dizziness, I sometimes get that if I stand up too fast.  Maybe that's all it was?  Or it could be the heat. Are you drinking enough? Eating enough?  It's probably a good idea to have a check with the Doc.  Just to be sure.  Love you!  :D

redheadkob said...

I hope you feel better, make sure to drink enough water - dehydration can rear its ugly head in weird ways!  Also, I'm sure everyone has an opinion about this, but if you can, don't buy a new car, it's not a worthy investment.  Unlike other investments, a new car depreciates in value from the moment you own it - usually starting with a couple thousand dollar difference from the moment you drive it off of the lot!  I know all of this cuz I bought a new car - the only good thing is the warrantee!  
By the way, I love that pic, the colors are beautiful!

dockart said...

Slow down Freee! I have to agree with the eating enough, drinking enough comments. Glad you are checking in with your doctor.
As for the car, good luck with your search. The right one will come along.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

You've been a busy girl, Trish!  I just went back to the end of May, and got caught up on your life.  (Yea...it's about time, huh?)  =)

Dehydration can cause dizziness and lots of other symptoms as well.  Do you take plenty to drink when you're walking the doggies?  Either way, I'm glad you're going to the doctor.  Just to make sure.  

Good luck buying a car.  I've got a Ford Mustang GT I'm selling if you're interested.  LOL  I've got to get a more family oriented car.  Honda's are always a good choice, though.  Very good re-sale value...they don't depreciate at all.  Unlike my Mustang.  ::sigh::  

Hunny is adorable.  I love how he always looks like he's smiling.  Your digital pictures are so clear and perfect.  I almost feel like I'm there with you when I see the photos.  And Otis is still stealing my heart.  =)

Well, I know I haven't been around much lately, but I'm thinking of you and sending lots of love your way!

krobbie67 said...

Life is flying by lately, it seems, and to top it off I think I lost six hours of my life reading this. No, not because it's THAT long but you packed so much in here that I feel like I lived the day with you. I sure hope you find a minute to breath AND eat!
Take care of yourself! :-) ---Robbie

miarenee24 said...

Wow, honey...I'm exhausted, just reading this entry. You sound like me, here. when you focus on something, this important, it takes a lot out of you. It is something that shouldn't be decided on a whim. I'm glad you're weighing your options and not jumping right away.

I have problems with low blood sugar. I get that way at least 3 times a week. Protein is the way to go. Still, I feel weak for the rest of the day after one of those episodes.

Take care. Rest!

Love you

derossetfamily said...

Jeez, Freee! Thats scary! Please be careful---and stock up the rental with protein bars! And then dont forget to transfer them to your CR-V! Good luck on finding a used one, and if ya dont , I say stick with the CR-V and just go new. I luvvvvv the new CR-V (eternal blue pearl, ohhh yeah), but, you already knew that :)
Lovely picture, lemme guess, morning glory?

txsguinan said...

Beautiful photo!  Hear what it says...too much stress, not enough orchids.  Please see your doctor.  Slow down.  Take care.  :)

montaukny said...

{{{Freee}}}  Don't scare me like this!  I go away for a while & all of this happens!  Sheesh!  Seriously, please take care of yourself & always keep those protein bars, etc handy!  I've got hypoglycemia, so I know all about the dizzy spells & whatnot...it's not a good thing.  Had to go to the ER once because my blood sugar was so dangerously low.  Soooooo please, do take care of yourself sweetie!!!!  Love the picture!  Missed you much while I was away  ~Aunt Nub~  XOXO

s0ngbird1962 said...

~~Hey, you've been real quiet.  Driving around in that new car yet?  xo

musenla said...

Ugh, I hate buying a new car.  Just thinking of all the research you're going through makes me want to pat you on the back and commiserate.  

I think you're getting dizzy because you don't eat enough.  EAT, woman!  =P