Sunday, May 2, 2004

Weekend Recap

It was another "record breaking heat" day today - and another is expected tomorrow.  It's almost midnight and it hasn't dropped below 80 degrees - hardly any breeze.

I have full dogwalking days from now on.  I can only imagine what tomorrow's hike will be like.  I hope I have the energy to get there earlier than 9am.  This heat is bound to draw rattle snakes to our path.  That's a far cry from the deer I saw last week.  And the lizards.  [for the record, I'm still very excited about my work and say, bring it on!]

The heat alone is draining.  I almost passed out walking Hunny in the city this morning.  I'm not looking forward to walking in this heat tomorrow.  After seven hours of that, I'm supposed to work at the yoga studio. But hopefully I'll be able to get someone to fill in because after that, I have a rehearsal with a percussionist and bass player.  We're hoping to record the rest of my CD next weekend.  Yes, that sounds exciting.  But part of me wants to wait.  I'm not feeling ready [at all].  I haven't picked up my guitar since my last 2-song gig. 

I was supposed to take the month of April to practice and work out kinks.  Instead, I got busy with work and my business started doing well.  That's where my focus has been.  And that's what's important at the moment.  But now I need to muster up the energy to do what most other musicians do - work fulltime and play music at night.  Who needs sleep anyway?  I do!

I went to a Beltane Bash last night.  I danced-ish around the Maypole - really wish I had done that after the shot of vodka.  And drank some tea that made me a little queasy.  Guess I should've stuck with the vodka.  The pool was like bath water.  The organic spread was delectable.  The music was amazing.  The night air. The trees. The moon.  Beautiful.

The cab ride home made me more nauseous.  Oh god, the cab ride.  See, around 10:00 I was happily almost out the door with the friend I'd arrived with.  But Cheryl and a bunch of dramatic Pirates insisted I stay, offering a ride home later.  I caved to the peer pressure and I hugged my ride goodbye.

Midnight rolled around and Cheryl and I suddenly realized, no one was anywhere near ready to leave. Except us.  The party was just getting started for the ride home we'd expected.  I found her double-fisted, with a shot of this and a swig of that.

Yup, we were stranded.  I was content with crashing on the blankets in the yard till someone was able to take us home.  But Cheryl's idea sounded intriguing.  Besides, I was still there because of her, so I was sticking with her.  And now we can both say we survived Beverly Glen, Mulholland, the 405 and the 10 in our first [and hopefully last] L.A. cab ride!

Even after a late night, I still woke up at 7:30 this morning.  But I allowed [forced] myself to go back to bed and was able to sleep till after 10am.  I feel well-rested.  I just hope I can fall asleep tonight.  I have a mind to turn the air on but I just hate air conditioning.  I can't decide what's worse...the heat or the stale AC.

Someone asked me tonight if I've lost weight.  Happens every spring.  I must look heavier with jeans and a sweater than I do with shorts and a t-shirt.  Hello!  No, I haven't lost weight, just clothing.

The only way for me to know if I've lost any weight is if I visit my doctor again.  That's the only time I step on a scale.  Otherwise, as long as my clothes fit, I know I'm okay.

I broke my "no cookie streak" this week.  I had two chocolate chip cookies [on two different days].  And I had a piece of chocolate last night, for the first time in two weeks.  Each "treat" satisfied me thoroughly.  I didn't crave more and was grateful to have them each time.  I even passed on the delicious smelling chocolate cake last night.

Happy May everyone!  It's officially my birthmonth.  Let the celebrations begin.


coy1234787 said...

    Busy, busy girl. burning the candle at both ends. I say you deserve a cookie or two, back on the wagon tomorrow. Right?
     Wishing you balance freepeace.
                                          *** Coy ***            

aynetal3 said...

Ahh it's a birthday month ... that be the excuse ... well, party on young animal friend, party on!  Just drink lotsa extra water ... oh yeah, trunks full.  Eh, your all set to be young and wildly beautiful!  Play and make merry!!

geminiwilder said...

Freee....i'd send you some of my weather if i could!!!!  you wouldn't be passing out from heat.  you'd probably get a sweater or two back out!!! poor freee. take it easy!  you sound as though you are getting a bit overwhelmed! i know you say more work, bring it on, but don't pass out (unless all those lovey dogs you are walking know how to dial 9-1-1

xo. ~phinney

irun01 said...

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.  Unfortunately for those of us that dig Vodka, it doesn't count when trying to hydrate :)
Happy Birth Month to you Rock Star.  
Be careful with the heat today

jeanyu said...

Exciting days and nights you have!
Good for you. So-Cal heat...hope it goes away soon.

screaminremo303 said...

Here's hoping May brings energy and spirit!

derossetfamily said...

woohoo! Happy birth month! :) Be careful in that heat! You can borrow some Va weather if you need it--its freeeezing here today, I have my entire body inside a big sweater right now :P I hate being stranded at a party when my ride just started boozing up- I SO know how you must have felt! Ah well, glad everything turned out ok and you are feeling well rested. Luv ya! Glad your back :)

c82trinity said...

Yikes!! Sorry its so hot there...actually for once in Sc its not bad :) I am still so glad for you that your business is booming!!!  The bash sounded like so much fun!!  Happy Birthday month!

diannevan said...

check your stores (or online) for one of those "personal misters" that spray the eensiest bit of moisture.  You don't get wet, you just get cool.  You'll need it!

BTW, your Beltane Bash reminded me of my Mom's favorite little ditty to sing on Saturday... "Hooray, hooray, it's the First of May.  Outdoor f*cking begins today!"

What can I say, my mom is a sick puppy.  It's hereditary.  

chefgracegeorge said...

It's your birthday month!  Celebrate by eating chocolate EVERY day!

deabvt said...

With all this Work....Sleep,,,Eat

slowmotionlife said...

Happy Birthmonth, pumpkin!!!  :D

Wear lots of white - light fabric. Don't forget your sunscreen.  Keep your hair pulled up, off your neck.  Take a damp cool rag with you on your hikes and put it across the back of your neck - this will cool you off.  But if you wipe sweat off your face, don't forget to reapply sunscreen after a while.  Poor Hunny.. do you shave her in the summer? Can you imagine wearing a coat 24 hours a day?  ::pant, pant, pant::  LOL  And not the capri type either!  :P

Good luck on your rehearsal.  It'll happen when it's RIGHT.  I know that.  :D

My gosh - you had a busy weekend!!!  LOL  Chocolate cake........ ohhhhh..... ohhhh..... ommmmmm.....  tehehe... [Don't do that to me!]  LUV YOU!

mallory4284 said...

Happy May to you, too!! Yay for birthdays, too!! Those are always great fun! Yuck about the hotness though! I'm beginning to think it's never going to get warm here. It was definitely in the 30s today and, I think, yesterday. Not so much fun. But I guess I don't like the hot either, so I might as well be cold!

-- Mallory :)

dockart said...

Wow! That is one busy schedule. Be careful in all that heat. Drink lots of water and don't forget the H20 for the dogs either.

Thanks for stopping by my journal. Slo's work on your site inspired me to hire her to do my sons. IT ROCKS!!

Good luck with the CD. I await it's release:)

chattyknight007 said...

Heat... your lucky... kind of. See where I live it got rilly hot for a while and then after I bought all new summer clothes the weather decided it'd get cold again. So now it's all cold and rainy. However It's supposed to get better this week.

Your journal is preaty neat. I've been reading it alot lately. I love the way your write and your outlook on life and the way you think.
Thanks for such a great journal to keep me busy online!

johnn60504 said...

Hey!  Greetings from Tokyo's Narita Airport, and Happy Birthday (month) Freee!  LOL....when did birthdays become birth-months?  You get to celebreate for a whole month?  Most excellent, and hey, why not?  Okay, I'm experiencing a very unstable internet connection from the airport here.....I hope this post makes it though!  I think it is awesome that you're so happy right now gladdens my heart.  I'll be flying over LA later today on my way back home....look for an AA flight overhead, and wave to me!  

I love your journal, and love your music too!


krobbie67 said...

I didn't pimp you like a mad-dog to bone up on my Marketing skills. You better get crackin' on that singin' and songwritin' missy! ;-) ---Robbie

babyshark28 said...

whew!  I feel like a heat stroke is coming on.  I was reading and feeling those hot days I spent in Okinawa and Anaheim haunting me.  I say haunting me, because I am not a hot weather girl.

Have no worries about your music.  When you are as talented as you are, it comes as natural as breathing. xo

gingergirl05 said...

It's actually been warmer here lately.  It's nice, but damn those bugs who are trying to take up residence in my room!  ::snaps fingers:: I don't think so!

I hope that your hike was a hoot, and not too too hot.  You sound fact, I might need a nap after reading about how busy you are!  Take some time to practice that music this week.  Maybe that will be a nice break from all the running about?

That party sounds like it was one heck of a fun time!  Pass the vodka this way, pleeeease.  And get that sexy birthday suit ready to go (lol), Happy Early Birthday, chica!!  What day is your actual birthday, if you don't mind saying?  Also, happy May right back at'cha!  :o)  ~  Kate xo