Thursday, May 13, 2004


I got a fun email this morning - from my mother. 
It was full of enthusiasm, on bubblegum stationery, sprinkled with wacky animated images.  With my birthday being right around the corner, she wanted to get the excitement rolling.  Complete with one-liners, lots of scrolling to build anticipation and a drumroll announcing her gift idea for me.

She knows I love surprises.  But she also knows I'm really picky about certain things.  So instead of buying the gift and sending it to me, she told me about it, knowing I had my heart set on a specific one.  Unfortunately, it's the one thing I bought for myself this year:  A digital camera. [when it rains, it pours].

I know my mom has the link to my journal.  I wasn't sure if she was reading me on a regular basis.  But her email gave me a good clue since most of my recent entries mention my new digital camera.

I wrote back to her saying, "Whoops, sorry!  I already bought my camera."  Her first response to me was a reminder about how I'm not supposed to buy anything before my birthday.  A few minutes later, she wrote me again.  This time with suggestions from my list of coveted items.  She even offered to buy me a baseball bat [with lots of laughter attached].

Well, now I know my mom's all caught up on my latest journal entries.  I won't deny it's a bit strange thinking she's here, reading my every thought.  But it does save on stamps and long distance phone charges.

I went on with my doggone day.  When I returned, I came home to another fun email saying this has been ordered and is on its way to me!  Woohoo!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  Thanks Mom!

Now I can get this or this or this or this ... or some of my favorite movies ... ok, going a little overboard.  Oooh, Overboard!


coy1234787 said...

    I think we are all as happy about your digital camera as you are. Now we can see the pictures of a day in the life of a rock star every day, well almost every day. Happy Early Birthday to you Freepeace! Great pictures, lucky you for getting 2 things on your wish list.
    May all of what you wish for on your birthday be the least of what you get.
                                                 *** Coy ***

lucylouladybug said...

Great picture of you!  Getting a digi cam has done wonders for you, love the new pics on your journal.  Happy Birthday!  

Love, Penny

jcgeorgiapeach said...

How sweet!  And Happy early Birthday too!  What a wonderful gift!  Love the pic!  ~Peachy

slowmotionlife said...

Mom's rock!!!  Kewl!!!  We're getting you out of the dark ages, little by little. Now I know what to get you for your birthday.  DVD's!  Woohoo!!  I already have a few ideas.   And off I go!!  :D

krobbie67 said...

Yeah! Mom!!!! Way to go! Freee so deserves it! Our girl works hard for the money, so hard for it honey! ;=) But Charlie's Angels and Xanadu??? I'm flabbergasted. And, bummed. I think I am now the only person on earth who still watches movies via VHS. Now, I might have to revise what I intended to get you for your birthday.
:-) ---Robbie

johnn60504 said...

Freee!  Good on ya!  Happy Birthday!  I'd love to buy you one of the items on your "wish list" for your birthday!  More than that, I'd *love* to get myself a copy of your CD!  (Love your music.)  Plus, I love dropping in on your journal and seeing what's going on in your life.

I caught my plane and made it back to Chicago so I'm back with my wife and boys.  God, it is *great* to be home again!

E-mail me if/when you get a chance and the urge.


irun01 said...

Look closely at the pic you posted . . . . look at the eyes.  It's not just the smile that makes you look happy.  Your eyes are happy.  Wonderful.

diannevan said...

HOLY SMOKES!!   At our house, we do $20 birthday gifts!  I'm THRILLED for you!

OK, SloMo is on my side in this, but I'll tell you, if you can afford it, try out Netflix.  It's $21 a month, but you can watch all the new release DVDs the week they're out.  I was paying more than that in late fees to the library.  And I NEVER buy videos.  I see it as a total waste of money because I don't have time to watch a movie more than once or twice.  

derossetfamily said...

Go Mom! Yep, she rocks :)

somenuttychic said...

First, GREAT PHOTO! Good lord, Freee, you're GORGEOUS! This is the best photo of you yet!!!

Second, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Early, of course.) So funny that you mom got you a digital camera. Sounds like you're going to have quite the birthday this year!

sekirley said...

Just wanted to stop by and say congrats for making the editor's top 5 list.  Hope all is well. --Scott

indigosunmoon said...

What a beautiful gal you are!  What a smile!  You should do toothpaste commercials!
Your gonna love your birthday present!  Mom's ROCK!

txsguinan said...

Ah, lovely goddess child; Happy (early) Birthday!!! :)

I do so agree; there is no place for guilt or shame, but....'Xanadu?'  'Overboard?'  Really?  Ah, well.  The Universe is large and expansive.  If it can forgive my F Troop fixation and an unseemly predilection for inexpensive wine...

Have a wonderful one!! (and I'll bet your Mom is just adoring your posts!)  Now that I think of it, it's probably like having the key to your daughter's diary as a grown woman; a bit of a mixed blessing...   :)

freeepeace said...

COY - Where did you come from? You are always so full of heart.  Very warming. :)

PENNY - Hi love!  Thanks for the birthday wishes.

PEACHY - Thanks for leaving your mark!  I know you're here...but you don't always comment.  It's nice to see you. :) xo

SLOMO - I'm not quite out of the dark ages yet.  But I'm getting there! :)

ROBBIE - Charlie's Angels was my favorite show in 4th grade!  Don't knock it or I'll sick Sparky on you! :P  And Xanadu is one of those trippy flicks I can't help but love. [Besides, how can you NOT love Olivia Newton-John?].  You'll notice the gift she picked out for me is a DVD plus VHS player!  The best of both worlds! :)

JOHN - I was just thinking about you today...wondering if you made it home alright.  Nice to hear from you. You can get a copy of the Teaser CD from the website.  I'm doing the best I can to get the new CD done.  I'm looking forward to it as much as everyone else! :)  Welcome home.  I'm sure your family is just as thrilled to have you home.

freeepeace said...

IRUN - You're right.  My eyes are happy. :)  Thanks for that reflection.

DIANNE - Wait just a minute!  As I recall, a certain daughter got a computer and another certain daughter got a trip/vacation with you for their birthdays.  How does that fit in to the $20 birthday gifts?  And yes, if I'm to rent DVDs - I agree Netflix is the way to go!  I've been trying to get Cheryl to do that since she got her DVD player.  Guess I'm gonna have to try it first!

MARY - Kinda weird to think of the term "mom rocks" but, OK! :)

freeepeace said...

NUTTY-NIKKI - ::blushing::  Awe shucks.  Thanks.  I love birthdays - especially mine.  heehee

SCOTT - Umm... Hmm... ::shrug:: OK, thanks! :)

CONZO - I think it's ironic that you think I should do tothpaste commercials when I haven't seen a dentist in 6 or 7 years.  It's on my list of appointments to make [finally].  For some reason, my teeth look great in pictures.  Hey, I'm not complaining! :D

TXSGUINAN - Awww...I love that, "lovely goddess child" - thanks!  Thank goodness for an expansive Universe!  And, no offense to mom, but I'm not so sure she'd want the key to my diary! :)

musenla said...

Yay, you're getting a DVD player.  Once you go DVD, you'll never go back to VHS, I guarantee it!

You really are a Charlie's Angels fan, lol.  I loved both A League of Their Own and Oveboard.  Heck, buy them all!  =P

Advance happy birthday!

deabvt said...

Freee, great Pic and great Post! You really put a lot of work into the links! Congrats on DVD & VCR Combo!

miarenee24 said...

What a fun entry, Freee! Gosh, you're so doggone cute. One of those natural beauties. If I didn't love you so much, I'd hate you for that :P

Whoohoo! Stephen has the exact, same thing that your mom ordered for you! You will LOVE it! In fact, when I get one for myself, I'm going to try to get one just like his. It's great.

...Overboard is one of my favorite movies too!

::Hey, Freee's mom!:: [in case you check out the comments] :)

Happy "almost" b'day. Love you!

geminiwilder said...

hallo, gorgeous girl!!!   your mom sounds like a blast, (like my mom!)  =)
you are one blessed creature!  

what fun, having a birthday gift (or three) on the way, and picking out all your favorite dvd's for your wish's no wonder you look so happy.  hope you are feeling better and had a good dr. appt....

love, phinney

tammy97501 said...

Niiiice dvd/vhs player!  Overboard is one of my all time favorites too.  Hope you get a hat for your birthday!!! Tammy

diannevan said...

You wrote "As I recall, a certain daughter got a computer and another certain daughter got a trip/vacation with you for their birthdays. "  

DRAT!  You caught me!  Admittedly this was a BIG year.  After realizing how much Beth would love the trip, I had to be equal for Heather.  Next year, I'm going back to my mizerly ways!

chattiekimmie said...

Love the pic, and you mom sounds great!  Hope you have a great weekend.  :) Kimmie

andreakingme said...

Well happy pre-birthday, Trishy-Girl! And look at how pretty and happy you look in that photo! Hold on to that feeling with both hands. You deserve every second of it.

I'm a Xandu fan, too. Love the music, love roller skating (even though I can't), love ONJ. Oh, the magical dreams I had about this movie as a kid ... wouldn't it be cool to roller skate into a roadside bill board and just vanish? Now that I'm here . . . now that you're near ... in Xannnnn Ahhhhh Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Okay, cut me off. I've had one dried apricot too many. (Psst. Are you an Editor's Pick again, Trishy?)

karensull12 said...

Love the picture.  Your entries are so much fun because you are always linking back--how do you stay so organized???  Love your new birthday present...I know you will enjoy it immensely...

martinsek5 said...

What a cute picture!  You have great teeth :-)  Happy Happy Birthday.  I wish I had that kind of enthusiasm for my birthday.... it seems very fun.  Your mom must be very proud of you!  Keep the pictures coming!  Pamela

ondinemonet said...

Hey there cutie...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture. What a pretty face! love, Carly :)

gingergirl05 said...

Oh dear, I seem to be behind in JLand.  What's new, right?  Happy Early Bday!  Could you look any more beautiful in that photo?!?!  You look absolutely radiant--bursting with color and glee.

Congrats on the digital camera, by the way.  I see that your journal is full of photos these days.  Awesome!  ~  Kate xo

alphawoman1 said...

Really stunning photo of you.  Happy B-day.  

sonensmilinmon said...

That has to be the most beautiful photo of you that I have seen to this date.  You have the most beautiful SMILE.  



tammy97501 said...

Hope you're having the bestest birthday ever!!!  So, are you having a movie marathon?  :-)

viviansullinwank said...

{{{{{Free}}}}} what a beautiful have a zillion kilowatt smile! I see you're enjoying your new camera and about to enjoy an awesome b-day gift from your Mom! I'm looking forward to my b-day too.Bought myself some SS Jewelry (my weakness) online last night.

freeepeace said...

ANDREA - Thank you. Thank you. And thank you, for admitting that you too are a Xanadu fan!  I knew I couldn't be the only one!  Bring those dried apricots over and we'll have a Xanadu marathon. :P

KAREN - ::shrug::  I don't consider myself very organized.  But I must hide that pretty well. :)

PAMELA - The camera does wonders for my teeth. :D  I'm always enthusiastic about my birthday - sometimes to the point of annoyance.  But I love birthdays.

CARLY - Awww, thanks! xo

KATE - I love being able to capture a moment on camera and share it here almost immediately.  Such freedom in that!

ALPHAWOMAN - Thank you! xo

{{{VIVIAN}}} - Oooh, will we get to see the new Jewelry?  Happy early Birthday to you!!

freeepeace said...

MUSE - Finally, someone with my taste in movies! :)

VINCE - It was fun looking for those links.  I'm still scoping out what's available on DVD.

MIA - LOL - you're hysterical.  Oooh yay, Stephen and I will be like Panasonic twins!  Glad to hear others are fans of Overboard. I was getting teased a little too much earlier. :P

PHINNEY - Yes, good doc appt. Thanks.  I'm really excited about my DVD player.  Can hardly wait till it arrives.

TAMMY - Yay, another Overboard fan! :)  A hat huh?  Good idea.  Add it to the list. :P

DIANNE - I'm sorry, I just can't imagine you have "mizerly ways" - you're too kind and generous.

KIMMIE - Having a great weekend so far, thanks.

abrasivist said...

...argh. Had to remind me of those gas prices.


babyshark28 said...

oops! I thought I commented hear.  well, I am here now!  LOL
such a GREAT picture of you Freee!  and it sounds like things are really looking up and it's getting rather cozy and cuddly in here too. :)
Happy and brown, that's the only way to go. xo