Saturday, May 8, 2004


I don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to wake up and get motivated today.  I suppose this is normal [not a word I enjoy using].  But I've been going non-stop for about a month and I've had a lot of sustaining energy.  Today feels like the crash and burn.  ::sigh::

I have to find the energy to get to The Valley for my rehearsal in an hour.  I've done practically nothing all day.  I took a nap.  And still I can hardly wait to come home tonight so I can sleep some more.

Hopefully getting out will wake me up and add some spunk to my day.  I'd like to believe I'll come home and get caught up on my journal rounds and write all about my night.  But I just can't guarantee anything.

Can't seem to upload pics to my FTP space on AOL right now so this lame check-in will have to suffice.  Have a wonderful night.  I'll be back in a few hours.  Hopefully I will be able to post some fun pics by then.


slowmotionlife said...

Hi darlin'... you know, with the heat, I've actually been taking naps!  DURING THE DAY!!  Totally unlike me.  I only seem to do it on days we go into Houston, though, so it could be the long boring drive that's doing it to me, more than anything else.  But yeah.. ugh.  I feel... ugh.  Blah!  lol  Good luck with your rehearsal, darlin'!  

aynetal3 said...

Oh Man!  We're willing to testify that Free's out making the rounds!  Almost forgot how wonderful her comments were.  Made me feel good about myself again.  

We weren't able to upload any more FTP pictures either.  Seems like a lot of us started late August/September are having problems.  There might be a far easier way, but what we've done is

1) Utilize "Virgin" screen name, 2) go to that screen upload pictures, 3) come back to regular screen, 4) go to edit, 5) place curser where you want the picture, 6) hit that globelike button type in:

<IMG SRC="">

Then do the normal thing to wipe out the couple words before the picture with white letters.  Hope this helps.  Love ya!

krobbie67 said...

I've been the same way today. I couldn't get the energy together to do a darn thing. I have all kinds of errands to take care of and school crap and cleaning, but I slept most of the day. I tried getting going but it just felt so good to languish all day. But, I think it's because my iron count is low. ;-)

I'm glad to hear you pulled it together to rehearse. Bummed that you're in the Valley and I'm not hanging with you though. We need to do something at the end of the month when I'm off to celebrate your birthday, even if it's a dogwalk and a quick lunch in between. Okay? :-) ---Robbie

irun01 said...

Anything from the Rock Star. . . even a lame check-in with no pictures . . . is enough to make your adoring groupies all giddy and happy.

babyshark28 said...

hey freee. sorry your getting so tired, but it's to be expected ya know. busy lady.  It's just your body saying....whoa...when is it my turn to catch up?

I see by the above entry that your ftp is working, yea.
having fun with the digital yet??  dumb question I know...

take care.

freeepeace said...

SLOMO - Heat + Driving = Daytime naps!  Makes sense to me now.  I guess I'm in for a lot of naps this summer.

AYNETAL - I'm sorry I haven't been visiting.  You're always in my heart...all of you. :)  Thanks for the FTP info.  The trouble I was having said "too many sessions".  I was able to upload later.  But I know I'm running low on space.

ROBBIE - Your iron count?  Is that usual for you?  Next time I'm in The Valley I'll let you know.  That was crazy of me not to call you.  But yeah, I'd love to celebrate my birthday with you at the end of the month. Cool. :D

IRUN - Glad to know I can make someone giddy and happy. :)

SHARKY - Good point about my body catching up.  Yes, having great fun with the digicam so far.  I already want to get a bigger memory card.  But I'm happy with what I have right now.