Sunday, May 9, 2004


Rehearsal went pretty well last night.  I never know how things are going to feel with new people.  Especially professional musicians.  I'm always afraid these guys will be bored with my music and wishing they hadn't offered to play with me.  The three songs we worked on were more up-tempo.  One of them was a maybe.  And they really liked it.  We'll see how they feel when we slow it down a bit.

Remember I hadn't played my guitar in about a month.  So today, after three hours of playing the same songs over and over, my fingers are red and sore.  Not very smart of me.  I need to play that guitar at least once a day to keep my callouses up.

We rehearsed at the bass player's house - in his recording studio.  I don't know much about equipment but his enthusiasm alone really kept my energy up.  He's got a bunch of bells and whistles for all kinds of recording.  He's very organized, proficient and efficient.  He's got a lot of projects going on at once.  His theory is, the more people he plays with, the more chance he has of becoming famous.  He even offered his studio to finish my CD in exchange for "a good album credit."  

Slow down now.  I did tell him I need to think about it.  I don't want to step on any toes or burn any bridges with MusicMan.  But I do know we'd work well together and get a lot done in a short amount of time.  It's good to know I have options.

Check him out as the number one artist on

Interestingly, Bushwalla is featured on the home page of that site.  Why is that interesting?  My percussionist is a member of that band.

To think, this all started that one day at the Post Office.


krobbie67 said...

Serendipity at its finest! The universe unfolds in ways we can never imagine. I'm excited for your future. I sure hope you are. :-) ---Robbie

diannevan said...

Ooooh!! Shivers!!  OK, here's the question.  If you do decide to take this guy up on his offer, at what point do you tell MusicMan?  And HOW do you tell him?  Is this new guy offering more than MusicMan can deliver?  You need to think about yourself first and foremost.  

screaminremo303 said...

Studio rats are a finicky bunch. You never know what they're thinking, but you're all in it together.  Any rehearsal that doesn't end with a fist fight is a good one. Trust me.

brewerm593 said...

Wow, I like your journal alot. I found it on Ellipsis, and so I decided to visit it, and now here I am. I tend to get nervous whenever I am doing orchestra, or a play. Because I to do not know if they are going to get bored of it and just laugh at later as if it was no where close to there performance. I still do them though, but only because I do what I Love, and I Love what I do.

freeepeace said...

ROBBIE - I'm getting excited about my future.  It's still not quite clear to me.  But having your reflection absolutely helps. :)

DIANNE - I'm thinking about myself.  Don't have to worry about that.  I'm pretty selfish. :P  Which is why it's important to me not to burn bridges or step on toes.  I'm taking all that into consideration.  I don't know the answers to your questions - as those are the same questions I have.

SCREAMINREMO - Guess this was a great rehearsal then.  No fist fight.  Just a hug and a handshake. :)

BREWERM - Thanks for visiting.  I spent some time at your J earlier.  You're off to a great start - so young too.  Keep it up.  Pretty wise too:  "I do what I Love, and I Love what I do."

fyrecracker1 said...

Happy Mother's Day, Trish!  (Yes. You are a mommy... THE PUPPY, YA KNOW!  She don't take care of herself!)  LOL!

alphawoman1 said...

I remember that Post office entry.

andreakingme said...

Yep, you just never know where a magical lead is going to come from. Grocery store. Your neighbor two doors down. The POST OFFICE!

I think most artists triple-guess themselves when they share such a personal part of themselves. You go over it and over it so many times that you get too close to what you're producing, and you doubt it. Because anyone in his right mind wouldn't think that your music and words were boring. I know preference is subjective, but anyone "in the biz" should be able to recognize talent.

So you're a few steps closer to getting that CD finished. Cool beans, babe!

slowmotionlife said...

I can't imagine that anyone would be BORED playing with you.  You have such an amazing talent, girl!  Surely they see that too!   I think it's great that this new opportunity has come up for you.  I know you're going to be strongly considering it and weighing all your options.  Remember that your only loyalty should be to your music.  If staying with Musicman is a betrayal of that loyalty, then any loyalty to HIM is null and void.  I know it's hard for you. You want to do the right thing. And I know you will.  

Now go pick up that guitar!!  Callouses on a woman are so sexah!!!  :P

babyshark28 said...

very cool freee.
things are indeed looking up :)
just think, without your "can do" attitude and focus.  you would still be sitting in your livingroom, dreaming of becoming a superstar.  You definately have MY respect!   way to go superstar. :)

miarenee24 said...

Did you ever find out what is causing the fever? I do this, as you know once a month for a few days to two weeks at a time and I'm still not sure, why. I can relate all too well. Let me know how you are as soon as you can/feel like it. Sending chicken soup vibes your way, love!

freeepeace said...

NADINE - Happy [Belated] Mother's Day back at ya! Thanks sweetie! :)

ALPHAWOMAN - :D  You remember everything!  Love that about you.

ANDREA - What you say makes sense.  I guess I just think my music is hokey - and a lot of it is.  But the stuff we practiced the other night was rockin'.  Still, I want to play with people who "get" me.  And it would suck if they agreed to play on my CD and hated my music.  LOL

SLOMO - People have been 'bored' or just not very interested in my style of music.  But that's all about personal preference.  It'd be like me trying to play in a  punk rock band or something.  I appreciate the art.  But it's not my style.  And - I'm sticking with MusicMan! :)

SHARKY - Thanks for that reflection.  I don't always think I have that "can do" attitude.  But when I was at the studio, I was like, "Hey, this is GOOD.  I CAN DO this!"

MIA - I did find out about my fever [actually, I don't have one.  I just feel like I do].  But I'm taking care of it. Can you send me veggie soup vibes?  I'm trying not to eat meat lately. :)