Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Life, as it is today

With clients like Otis, I may not have to upgrade the size of my vehicle.  When he's old enough to join us at the dogpark, he'll fit on the dashboard.  Plenty of room for Otis!  [By the way, Pamela, Otis is a Pug. You can read more about his breed here and here and here.]

Had to stop for gas again today.  I was on empty.  Same gas station - six days later!  We're in for a doozie of a summer with these gas prices.  I knew I should've stopped for gas in Venice yesterday when I saw prices as low as $2.19.  That's what I get for being lazy.

This is what it cost to fill my tiny tank with regular unleaded.

I can only imagine what my friends in SUVs are paying!  I'm still saving.  Not in any immediate rush to get that Xterra.  But I did see a nice pre-owned one for $11,000 recently.

I made an appointment to see my doctor but the soonest she has available is next Friday.  I feel sick today.  And I have since Saturday.  So I made an appointment in the urgent care center for 9:00 tonight.  Of course, with my insurance company, that means I'll see the doctor on-call anywhere between 9:00 and midnight.  Sure wish I had a laptop.

I already saw another doctor this afternoon for something completely different.  Nothing big.  Just a five-minute check-in.  All is well.

I'm still eating well.  Choosing healthy foods.  My chocolate/cookies intake is averaging once a week.  Not bad, considering it's been at least once a day for as long as I can remember.  I haven't had any fast food or soda in over a month.  I wasn't really big on fast food anyway.  But I would treat myself to soda more often than not.  No worries, DiAnne.  I haven't had chips either.

The only sweet-ish thing I've had on a regular basis is a Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar.  It's the easiest mass of protein to stick in my pocket.  And when I'm on the road all day, it really helps keep my blood sugar levels even.  Although, it does have high fructose corn syrup in it.  So I'm looking for a similar, healthier alternative.  I'm also drinking 2-3 liters of water daily.  And we all know how much exercise I've been getting.

Self-care sure takes a lot of time and energy.  But it's worth it.

Disclaimer: To all Otis-lovers. I would never let him ride on the dashboard. He will be safely tucked between his new pack-mates in the back seat at all times.


chilnicyman said...

I was wondering what type of music you played. I'm a musican too and curious ... I have been reading your old entrys today and was wondering.... Awasome dog ... how long have you had him?

krobbie67 said...

With seatbelt on I hope! ;-p But, I want that black fuzzy thing down there
\/   He/She is such a cutey! I'm so glad to hear you are taking care of yourself!
      :-) ---Robbie (hitting save and hoping it doesn't mess up my arrow)

miarenee24 said...

so glad to see you are putting your new camera to good use :) Love Otis...those eyes will melt the coldest of hearts wouldn't they?

And to think I pitched a fit over $1.89 a gallon the other day. A hint I learned from an old friend of mine (he knows ALL there is to know about cars) :: always keep your tank above 1/2 a tank. You'll get better gas mileage, and it's better for your engine in the long run. I know...easier said than done.. I've been known to make it to the gas station, sucking wind instead of gas fumes! And then, just have $5 to put it back on empty, LoL! [I like living on the edge]

Oh, stop it with the exercise and eating right, I feel so guilty for the honey bun, 3 rice crispy treats, 2 bowls of lucky charms, and small bag of chips that I had for snacks today! eek! I know... If it counts, I did have an apple :P

Sorry I've been away from the computer too much to get over here. I'll be away a lot until after my parent's party, and when school is finally out. Miss you. Love you!

miarenee24 said...

PS~Forgot to tell you...I haven't been around enough to know what is wrong health-wise. I'll keep reading. Take care, and let me know, okay? Love!

derossetfamily said...

Ok. Otis is just adorable. And Sparky. I want Sparky!! :)
I thought I could complain about gas prices, but 2.37 a gallon?? Thats insane. Wonder what the cause is (is it me or has the latest increase been kinda random?). My friend said she payed 20.00 for a quarter tank driving a minivan. Nuts. Anyway, it sounds like you are taking care of yoursef so I wont shake my finger at you, but please know you are loved. I worry. Hope all is well. :)
Ps- ((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))

mallory4284 said...

I think I may be an Otis lover. How can you not love those sad little puppy eyes??? Such a cutie!! Here's hoping that your gas prices go down! That's just ridiculous!! Ours have just hit the $2.00 mark after lingering at $1.89 for a while. I filled mine up the other day and paid $18.05 for just under 9 gallons. Which seems like chump change compared to your $27 for 11 gallons, but I usually don't pay more than $10 when I fill up my tank. I've gotta get used to this....

Still hoping you feel better soon....

-- Mallory

clarity4today said...

Good luck with the appointment.  You're probably there now!

Otis is a cutie, and I'm not particularly a dog-lover. :-)

Love the gas pictures! I could complain to no end about our prices here, and they are only about 1.83 per gallon.  Bad enough. ::sigh::  Will this last forever?

babyshark28 said...

otis is a cutie pie! I have to get a pic of my mom's new dog, a tiny little chiwahwah...that I can't obviously spell.  But, I am sure you get the ideah. LOL.  
the gas prices...suck.  excuse my language.  but, they do. :P
I see the power such bars in my store I work in, but I stay away from them because of the calorie content in them...and I opt for a slim fast shake.  I don't know, I am mess and trying not be one. sigh.  xo

diannevan said...

Disclaimer -- this little bit of teasing I'm about to do is all just teasing.
$2.37 a gallon to push a 3,000 pound vehicle 110 pound woman and four pooches doesn't sound too bad.
$3.49 for a cup of stinkin' coffee at Starbucks SUCKS. ($17 a gallon!!)
$1.09 for 20 ounces of bottled filtered tap water SUCKS BIG TIME! ($7 a gallon!!)
Ahh, perspective.  

donah42 said...

OMG! He is too cute!

martinsek5 said...

I hope you get some good news at the doctor.  Being sick SUCKS.  Trying to get my hypothyroidism under control has been a huge drag.  I hope your puppies make you smile today, and that you find some cheap gas.  In Atlanta we are hovering at about 1.85ish and that is outrageous for this area.  35 bucks to fill up my Jeep is killing me.  Sending good thoughts to you :-)  Pamela

slowmotionlife said...

Otis is a pumpkin-poo!  I'm sure his owner loves him very much - she leaves him in the best care available!  Gas! Sheeeesh!!!  Couldn't you pile all those pups onto a bicycle?  Get a basket like the Witch in the Wizard of Oz?  tehehe...  The Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar looks yummy.  I sometimes will eat one of those - chocolate variety - instead of an actual candy bar, if I'm craving candy like that.  Better alternative.  At least you're getting some nutrients from it.  Num.  :D

lilrazcal79 said...

Otis is adorable!  Honestly,that face it just to cute.  I have a bigger dog myself.  An 8 year old German Shepherd/Rottie mix,named Sasha.  

chefgracegeorge said...

Love seeing the pics, Freeep.  Your furry friends are adorable!  
The gas hit $2 a gallon here in the midwest. People here aren't much into carpooling here, but perhaps this will force some change.
Hope you're feeling better soon!

linus131999 said...

awe i wannt a pug lol. there cute....

deabvt said...

Freee, great Pic!   Please don`t over tax yourself!

freeepeace said...

DONNA - Hi sweetie!  Otis will turn anyone into a dog-lover. :)  I agree your gas prices are bad enough.  But I'd be thrilled to see prices below $2.00 around here.

SHARKY - ::gasp::  You said GAS.  Such language! hehehe.  I tried a slim fast shake a few months ago.  It's definitely not for me!  Upset stomach all day.  I need the calories in those bars anyway.

DIANNE - Did I ever tell you how much I weigh or is that your previous FBI experience at work again?  True about perspective. [for the record: I get my coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for $1.50]  :)

PAMELA - Oooh, you have a Jeep!  Cool.  But $35 - ouch!  The pups always seem to make me smile lately. :)

LILRAZCAL -  A German Shepherd/Rottie mix - quite a bigger dog than Otis for sure! :)

LINUS - Yes, pugs are cute.

VINCE - Thanks - taking good care of myself. :)

freeepeace said...

CHILNICYMAN - You can check out my music at  The dog's a client.  I've known him since he was 10 weeks old.  So, about 5 or 6 weeks now.

ROBBIE - [lol]  I had to read your comment a few times before I understood what "black fuzzy thing down there" you were referring to!  Assuming you mean SPARKY, then I agree.  If I were to get another dog, it would have to be her!  She gets Hunny to play like a puppy again - for long periods of time.  She's a hero in my book [and Hunny's].

MIA - I fill my tank when I get gas.  But I try to go only once a week.  Lately, I've had to go twice a week.  It's a drag.  Lucky Charms?!  They're magically delicious!  :P  Love you too!

MARY - Everybody should have a Sparky!  I'll try to capture her on video.  Thanks for the hugs!  I feel loved.  And I am taking good care of myself. :)

MALLORY - Another Otis-lover!  I hear ya.  I used to be able to fill my tank with $10-12.  It's crazy!

musenla said...

Otis sure is a looker.  No wonder John Scalzi referred to this pic as the cutest dog pic EVER.

Argh, don't even mention gas prices to me.  I'm just glad I don't drive an SUV and that work is only ten minutes away.

Glad to hear you're still on the healthy food diet, it can only help to make you feel better and look better.  Do take care of yourself, spring is nothing else if not allergy/cold season.

sonensmilinmon said...

OMG ... Otis is thee cutest!  He's ADORABLE!  I WANT Otis!!!!

Gas prices ... grrrrrrrrrrrrr ... I just spent $22.00 and I didn't even get 3/4 th's a tank, I remember when $15 would more than fill my tank and I would get change back!  OMG ~ now I sound like my uncle with his never ending "I remember when' HELP ME!


viviansullinwank said...

WOW Free your pics are fab!

wayoutdacloset said...


freeepeace said...

MUSE - Otis is even cuter in person. Thanks for the reminder of the season.  I'm taking care of myself.

MONICA - LOL - I was just thinking that today when I almost said out loud, "I remember when gas was under a buck."  Shows my age, I guess.

VIVIAN - Thank you! :D

BERLY - Nice to see you. :)  I have friends who drive Explorers.  Filling the tank is insane with these gas prices.

somenuttychic said...

Otis is a sweetie. Look at that face! Awww. Glad to hear you're taking good care of yourself. And bummer about gas prices eh? I personally intend to participate in the "No Fill-Up" demonstration on May 19.