Friday, May 28, 2004


I've tried to post this entry four times and I'm getting a mess of that html coding glitch.  So it was either no update for Journey to Peace or no bold, italics or linkage.  When the glitch is fixed, you know I'll link-away!

This is Hunny with a fresh haircut - notice the bow and big smile!

It's been an incredible week - again!  I'm starting to get some energy back.  I've been feeling completely wiped out.  But these last two days have been high-energy with lots of action.  I can hardly believe I haven't written about it.

Yesterday, Robbie met me at the dogpark.  Or, well, I met her there.  She arrived in record time.  We had a very nice visit. She got to meet Hunny, Sparky, Winnie and Blau ... not to mention a bunch of other dogs and dogwalkers. I only wish we could've stayed longer but the sun was getting to both of us.  We apparently stayed long enough for Hunny because she actually fell asleep in the park.  I'm pretty sure Robbie captured that Kodak moment. [pun intended Robbie]

I always joke about my birthday being celebrated for the entire month of May.  But this year, it's been constant birthday wishes, cards and thoughtful gifts.  I am truly blessed.

Robbie surprised me with a beautiful gift bag full of goodies.  I was [still am] completely overwhelmed.  It's funny how well she knows me, just from our journals and the few interactions we've had.  Yes, lots of beautiful dragonfly energy from her too!

Later I stopped at the post office to mail a package and found my mailbox was overflowing with more gifts and cards.  I almost started crying right there - with a huge smile on my face.  Thank you Mia, Mary and Phinney!  Details and photos to come.

On my way home from my doggie-day, I noticed a duck and four baby ducklings crossing a major road.  I quick-pulled over and ran to them [with camera in hand of course].  They were headed right for me, in the middle of the street.  At the same time, a UPS truck was headed toward them.  I jumped into the street with both arms spread, to stop oncoming cars. [missing the photo-op] I had no idea what I intended to do.  But the mama-duck wanted nothing to do with me so she did an about-face and her ducklings followed as I basically herded them back to the curb.  They had come from a manmade pond in the front yard of a city home - on a busy street corner.

One of the ducklings fumbled trying to jump onto the curb.  For an instant he was separated from his family and I noticed his moment of panic.  It didn't take him long before they were reunited in the pond.  I did take pics of them inside the pond but they are dark and blurry.  [still working it out with the digicam over here]

Oh, this morning I got my 'new' bed.  It looks styling with all the new linens my mom ordered as an additional birthday gift [thank you mom].  I've already watched a DVD in bed.  That's how I know I need to rearrange the entire room - again.  It's about that time of year anyway.  Another project for the weekend.

Because of all this new stuff, I'm needing to clear out a bunch of old stuff.  I have a huge closet that is overstuffed with stuff.  I think it's time for a yard sale and charity donations.

With this new healthy eating lifestyle [still going strong, by the way!] all my clothes are starting to fall off me.  Most of my dogwalking clothes are hand-me-downs.  And many were already a little baggy on me.  But now, I can't walk in some of them without looking like a wannabe-gangster.  So I'll give away the baggy clothes to make room for clothes that actually fit.

I'm loving Netflix so far.  I'm still on my two-week free trial. I've already seen the first three DVDs, and two more have been shipped.  The turn-around time is speedy!

Pushing my luck with the glitch -- One more Hunny pic for the road...


lucylouladybug said...

Freee, I absolutely LOVE these pics of Hunny!  She really does smile for the camera!  She's beautiful, and I feel good just looking at her smiling puppy face (I know she's full grown, but she just has that puppy look to her!).  I wish I was able to have pets here, I really miss the impact they have in our lives.  Plus, I just miss my cats anyway.  
Love you, Penny

deabvt said...

Freee, Hunny made my morning! Who says dogs don`t smile?
She is so cute, can`t help smiling!   Thanks,

sistercdr said...

What an adorable dog! That grin is something else.  Watching a dvd in bed, surrounded by good pillows and on good sheets is one of my pleasures.  It feels so innocently indulgent.

dockart said...

What a happy dog! She is adorable. Glad to hear you are having such a wonderful birthday month:)

krobbie67 said...

Those are great pics of Hunny! I love the smile. I finally had a chance to look at my pics yesterday. I haven't loaded them to my computer yet. I'll do it this weekend but I did get Hunny sleeping. Woohoo! Oh, and lots of side views ;-p Stinker! But, it looks like she knows where the Kibbles come from because she's posing there isn't she! mmhph

I got a kick out of the duck story. LOL - I did! I thought you were going to say you jumped out to save their little lives, but no, it was I got out with camera in hand! Too fricken funny! :-) ---Robbie

diannevan said...

Why, I DO believe that look on Hunny's face could only be described as "adoration!"  And with a human friend like you, how could it be otherwise?

BTW, I'm feeling very guilty.  I had plans to send you something for your birthday, but life kinda got nuts.  ::hanging head in shame::  The good thing is, unannounced, unexpected presents that don't arrive on your birthday are even better, right??

miarenee24 said...

YaY, I'm glad it finally arrived. Hope nothing was broken. I always worry about such. I can't wait to show Stephen these pictures of hunny. She really is smiling and posing for the camera! The bed sounds awesome, there's nothing like relaxing in bed, and watching a good movie. Glad that your birthday month has been a fun one! You deserve the shower of gifts and cards. It's so cool that you and Robbie are able to meet at the park! I'd like to be able to meet you guys some day. Long way to travel... :)
love you! xo

clarity4today said...

That sounds so cute about those little ducklings!

And cute picture of Hunny.  She really looks like she's smiling.

And a belated Happy Birthday! I'm glad it was such a joyful one for you. :-)

screaminremo303 said...

Famous moments in literature as interpreted by Peace:
"Make Way For Ducklings!"
Duckma over Karma, I love it.
That has to be the happiest damn dog I have ever seen. Great Pics!

geminiwilder said...

aww, hunny looks so happy! her smile almost looks animated. how sweet.  and how does ms. hunny like your new bed? !!
hey, almost time for my birthday month, (yeah, month...riiiiight.)
what movies you been watchin'??  this week i've seen LOTR:Return of the King, already told you that...Cheaper By the Dozen (funny) - Gothika (not as scary as promised...) - What A Girl Wants (eh, time-waster, distraction from card-making!) and last night Moonlight Mile (sigh, sad...but, love Jake Gyllenhaal) GREAT music in this movie, want the soundtrack!!!
Glad you're feelin' spunky again!   Love, Phinney

derossetfamily said...

Wow, awesome week! I totally pictured the duck thing, your arms spread out, the UPS truck...sounds like a scene from a movie! Thats awesome that you got to hang out with Robbie, who ever knew what could happen by starting AOL-J? One day we should all have a reunion-THAT would be somethin', thats for sure! =P
I lovvvve DVD's in bed--especially in a new bed with new linens ;)
Hunny is a dollbaby--I love the bow, and that expression on her face! I could just eat her up! Orange is definitely her color :)

sonensmilinmon said...

awwwwwwww, Hunny is adorable!  I have to share some news with you ... OK, it's in my journal too. BUT, I got a new baby in our family! He's a lab mix, 1/2 lab and 1/2 shepherd.  He's 6 weeks old and sooo tiny for now. It's been a while since I've had to train a dog.  Whew, I'm a doggie mommie again! :) :)  Sonny and I refused to get a dog until we knew we had time to devote to them as they need training and LOTS of love.  We had the love just not the time.  That has changed with my new work schedules. :)

I was wondering if I was the only having trouble with journal entries.  I was so frustrated that I had to enter, delete, enter, delete, enter and finally realize with editing I could get it straight .. gee duh! Still no bolds or change in fonts at the moment.  Hope they work that out SOON.

OK, I think I've rambled long enough!

chattiekimmie said...

I think your hunny pics are the best pick me ups ever.  I've been so exhausted today, but when I looked at her sweet little face a smile came across mine.  Thanks!  

I'm excited to see your progress on the getting fit and healthy.  You are the one that has inspired me to try yoga.  So far, I love it.  I just need more time to do it regularly.  I think it's the only thing I've found that actually makes me feel good afterwards.  

Have a great weekend.

manohsteel said...

I just found your journal through someone else's. I'm so glad I stopped by. Definitely worth it! This is a great site you have here. It's always nice to find another artist. I'll check back often. :)

babyshark28 said...

I can't imagine clothes falling off of you.... ha ha.  

you are busy!  and in a such a wonderful way. :) so many gifts and are loved and adored.  Can life get any better? :)

musenla said...

Gosh, you're already a tiny thing as it is, I can't imagine you losing even more weight.  But since it's an offshoot of a healthier lifestyle, then it's good.  

Yay, Hunny pics!  I love these photos of her, she looks so happy.  I would be too, if I just had a haircut and a shiny new ribbon.  =P

I'm glad you're having a great birthday month.  Gifts galore!  But most important of all, knowing that there are many of us who love you!  Happy Birth Month!

dakotarose2852 said...

Hunny is beautiful!  She's also much better to look at than the Black Widow Spider.  I'm afraid I'm not a spider person at all.  To me, no spider is beautiful.  But your Hunny... she is gorgeous.  I'm a dog person, (you may know this if you've visited my journal), I love them.  

redheadkob said...

Your dog is so freaking cute!!!  She's almost like a cartoon character with the big smile and the perky ears!  Anyway, I like your journal, keep up the good work.


indigosunmoon said...

Hunny is so cute!!!!

How sweet of you to risk life and limb for those little ducks!  I would probably have done the same thing!

And since it's still May....I say...


Love ya,

gatorspictures said...

Precious pup! She looks like she is laughing for you!

slowmotionlife said...

Gotta love that smile on Hunny's face!  She has such wonderful expressions!!  :D

And that was so sweet of Robbie to bring you a goodie birthday bag!  And then more goodies in the mail! Everyone sent you much love on your birthday!  I know that made you feel special.  ::smile::

Can't wait to see new pictures of the bed!!  Woohoo!!!  You're actually LIVING now!  tehehe...

cw2smom said...

I love Hunny's pic!  A smile!  Miss Photogenic, for sure!  Lisa

wessolo said...

That is the most darling puppy smile I think I've ever seen. God I miss my dog. <sigh> Kudos for the duck rescue. I love ducks. They're like nature's flying clowns.
- Jamey

punky5678 said...

Hunny has a wonderful infectious smile.  What a joy to have around

txsguinan said..., Hunny is just the prettiest little thing I've ever seen.  Lucky you, lucky her!    :)