Friday, May 7, 2004

Friday Already?

Woohoo - Look who bought herself an early birthday present!  More [and better] pictures to come.

I did a ton of research.  Thank you Steven for all your help and expertise!  I was really torn between the Olympus and this Canon but when it came down to it, the Canon had all the things I was looking for in a camera - and then some.  Now I just have to figure out how to use all the and then somes.  More info to come about the purchase process [and it's a doozie!]  Thank you DiAnne for your help with that.  And SloMo, I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

Life is still amazing but I'm a little tired of not having time to update my precious journal.  Actually, I'm getting tired in general.  But I'm resting when I need rest.  Which is why you haven't heard from me in a while.  And already, I have a full weekend coming up.  How does this happen?

I have about ten minutes to update - then I'm off for another long dogwalking day.  Every morning I push through a great hike.  You know that slow burn you feel when you're working out?  Ooooh yeah baby!  Bring it on.  Of course, the first few days of the week were brutally hot.  Not fun on a hike in the hills.  Only brings me closer to the burning sun.

After an hour hike like that, all my individual walks are a breeze.  And the trip to the dogpark is like a lunch break.  That's when I see other dogwalkers and people with their dogs.  It's social time for all of us.

I brought my car in to be fixed the very next day after posting how I was worried about it.  Yay me.  Strangely, it's still making the noise that concerned me.  But my mechanic did a courtesy check on the entire car and said I'm good to go.  I even pushed for other stuff, "Is there anything else I need fixed that would make my car run better."  He practically had to shove me out of there, "No, everything looks good. Your key is inthe ignition."

It was finished in less than three hours.  I had rented a car for the day, thinking the mechanic would be an all day event.  So I drove a clean car for a few hours.  It was nice not being invisible for a while.  I swear, in my car other cars don't see me coming.  I'm constantly swerving out of the way of people making left turns in front of me.  I don't know what it is.  But I'm ready for a different car - preferably this one!

OK, gotta run ... I spent more time here than my schedule comfortably allows.  But it was worth it.  I hope to update again soon.  Be well all.


babyshark28 said...

Well, have fun with your new birthday present!  I LOVE my digital camera.  it's an old one, but still a good one.

Yours is very nice :)  like the picture up there, very interesting angle. :P

meijer28 said...

You go girl. Cannon camera's rock. I love my cannon. Happy early birthday!!! :)


andreakingme said...

Ohhhhhhh. A banana Nissan X ... Extera. (Frick! Forgot how to spell it.) I love yaller cars. They're fun looking, you know? They say, "Hey! Get a load of me and my fun sefl! Neener neener."

I like that wacky shot you took. Oh, yeah. Fun-n-quirky. Look out, world, here comes Trishy and her Boom!

(Get it? 'Cuz a canon goes boom.)

montaukny said...

{{{{{Freee}}}}}  Yay for you & your early birthday present!  One of these days I'll get on board & get one of them there things!!!!  LOL   When is your "official" birthday anyway?  I want to send you a special homemade b-day card.  Sorry I've been away for so long, but check my journal for an explanation.  Missed you, sweetie!  ~Aunt Nub~

coy1234787 said...

    YAY! a camera for freepeace to view the world with. We will be looking for lot's of great pictures like this one. We have missed you a little around here but very happy things are going so well for you. Keep up the pace, rest when you can and come back here often.
                                                    Be well Free,
                                                    *** Coy ***

miarenee24 said...

YaY! [I KNEW you were speaking of a digicam!] Can't wait to see the new photos. Love this one. [i have a hat almost just like that!]

I need to be doing those walks with you, girl. I'm so out of shape these days.

I know how you feel..I haven't had time to check mail, reply or update. I'm still here, and wanted to let you know that.
xo, Love you!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Cool!!  You got your camera!  I know you're going to have FUN with that!  Can't wait to see your pics.

krobbie67 said...

Whoah Nelly! Slow down already. First the shoes, then the camera, now a car. A mighty kickin one though. ;-) Business must be really good! Yeah! Mo-money honey! :-) ---Robbie

alphawoman1 said...

Love the picture.  You got style!

somenuttychic said...

Yeah, the 4 x 4 definitely seems like you. And if you get it in that color, you won't have to worry about people swerving in front of you because they didn't see you. :-) Have fun with your new digital camera. Isn't it GREAT???

sonensmilinmon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yay for the camera ... looks like a nice camera ~ very cool and slick. :)  I love the picture of yourself as you learn the camera ~ you look adorable in the hat.


bridgetteleigh75 said...

You little turkey!  You got your digital camera before I did!  =P  <grin>  Now I know who to go to for information before I buy my digi.  

Seriously, that's awesome, Trish.  I'm so glad you're doing well and keeping busy.  But I'll say it again.  You're schedule is making me tired.  LOL

I'm feeling the same way about not being able to update my journal.  I feel like I'm neglecting a very important part of my life.  But I think everybody understands.  We all have lives to lead.  

It's funny to me that your mechanic was pushing you out the door.  LOL  Aren't mechanics usually supposed to rob you blind?  You're lucky you found an honest one.  BTW...I'll sell you my Mustang GT!  It's got really low mileage.  hehe  We're looking for a more family-oriented car now...preferrably an SUV.  2 car seats take up a lot of room.  

Love the picture!!!  

grassriver said...

I have the same camera - and I love it! Excellent choice.

freeepeace said...

MIA - Let's see a pic of you in your hat!  Come to LA and we'll hike every day...I'd love the company too. :)

KAT - I'm having a lot of fun with the digicam. But I still can't figure out how you take all those incredible pics.  I'm looking forward to learning.  You're one of my inspirations.

ALPHAWOMAN - Thanks. Even when exhausted, I've still got style huh? :)

ROBBIE - I didn't say I'm ready to GET the car.  It's just the one I've been wanting for ... ack ... a few years?  Business is great - but still building.  Need that steadiness before I can commit to monthly car payments.  But if I get any more clients, I won't be able to fit them in the car I have now.  Just thinking out loud. :)

NUTTY-NIKKI - Exactly about the color.  Anyone who doesn't see THAT on the road, shouldn't be behind the wheel!  Yes, the digicam is totally great!  So much fun!

freeepeace said...

SHARKY - I knew I'd love having a digicam.  But I didn't realize just how much fun it could be!  I'm having fun being goofy with it.  But I still treat it like a delicate newborn. :)

MEISHA - Ahh, another Canon lover. Right on. Thanks for the early Bday wishes.

ANDREA - When you call the Xterra a 'banana' it makes me think twice about wanting it. :P  But still, it's the one I desire. Some day.  Thanks for the punchline explanation: Boom, I get it! hehe, cute.

AUNT NUB - My "official" birthday is May 23rd.  And if you want a great camera with a great pricetag, check out the olympus linked above...and go for it!

COY - Lots of pics to come.  Great? I'm not so sure. But I'm having fun!  I've missed being around here.  I feel so out of the loop.  But I'm checking in when I can. Thanks Coy. :)

freeepeace said...

MONICA - It's an amazing camera.  Fits in my pocket.  Lots of power I don't know what to do with yet. Fun!  I love my hat. :)

BRIDGETT - Are you getting a digicam soon?  They're priced really well.  This one is the most pricy of all I researched. [figures]  But you could get a great one for $150 [or less].

Your Mustang is even smaller than the car I have now.  There's no way I could fit more dogs in there.  I'm with you - going for a bigger car - not for kids, but for dogs.  SUV all the way [gas guzzlers unfortunately].

KELLI - Isn't it the best?  I'm glad I went for the digicam I really wanted to begin with.  Makes all the research really seem worth it.  I've heard nothing but praise about these little ELPHs.

viviansullinwank said...

Hey Hey Hey {{{{{Freee}}}}} congrats on the early birthday present. I can't wait to see what you'll be shooting and sharing with us.

dakotarose2852 said...

Congratulations on your early birthday present.  Sometimes ya just gotta do it and it sure sounds like your business is picking up so you deserve it!  Take care,

c82trinity said...

Very cool you got a digicam!!!!

txsguinan said...

I'm glad to hear you're so busy.  And that you love the new digicam!  I see you're still stylin' ~ do all the dogwalkers in LA wear Chanel, or is that just you? :)

Can I have the name of your mechanic?  Does he have a cousin in the OC?  You crack me up; "'Is there anything else I need fixed that would make my car run better.' He practically had to shove me out of there, 'No, everything looks good. Your key is inthe ignition.'"  Lucky you!   :)

quroboros said...

I got a digital camera for Xmas and can tell you.. you're in for SO much fun with it!  One tip I wish someone had given ME at the time- buy all those accessories now, because otherwise it's impossible to find things like the AC adapters & chargers.  As my Japanese pal says, "crick, crick, crick!"  ¤Holly

slowmotionlife said...

Woohoo!!!  You're digi-tized, baby!!!  Can't wait to see what cool pics you come up with.  And strange that your mechanic didn't try to push crap on you that you don't need, especially after you ASKED!  LOL  Ah well.. must be an honest guy, or a lazy one... :P

That Xterra looks totally YOU, sista!  Save, save, save.  :)

sepintx said...

<silly wide grin>
You are going to have some fun and we are going to see some fun!
Hollar as things develop :-)

deabvt said...

Yea! on your new camera! Hey, we`re all going to see more of freee`s world!

freeepeace said...

{{{{{VIVIAN}}}}}  Thanks - hey, isn't your birthday this month too?  I'll have to check the Birthday Journal. :)  xo

SUSAN - Thanks.  The digicam is something I've been drooling over for a long time.  It was definitely worth the wait [even in my impatience].


TXSGUINAN - That Chanel shirt is [like most of my clothing] a hand-me-down.  For the longest time, I refused to wear it because of the logo.  But in this heat, I need white cotton if I'm gonna be outside all day.  I'll check with my mechanic about an OC cousin. ;)

HOLLY - Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll add those things to my birthday list.)

SLOMO - You and Steven were my main inspirations to get "digi-tized".  Now I just need to play with it.  It's the funnest thing so far.  I love that it slips right in my pocket.  And I'm saving saving saving for that Xterra!  But it'll probably be a little while. It's okay.  I'm getting pretty good at this patience-stuff. ;)

VINCE - You'll see more of my world if I can remember to take pictures of it.  Already I'm forgetting.  But it's still fun.  I need to get in the habit.  Pics of food, traffic, rehearsals, etc.

mallory4284 said...

Yay for new cameras!! I'm in desperate want for a new digital camera. (yes, that's want, not need) My camera works just fine. I just feel the need to have an updated one seeing as how I've had mine for going on three and a half years. It seems so old. Oh well though....

-- Mallory