Friday, May 21, 2004

Calling All Movie Critics

Woohoo!  My DVD player arrived today.  Well, actually there was a UPS delivery attempt made while I wasn't home.  And they were going to keep coming back at the same time for the next two business days, only to find I would still not be home.  So I schlepped my way to Downtown Los Angeles to my pick-up center.  I had to do the same thing to get my camera.  There was a time when I could rearrange my schedule enough to be available at 12:30 midday.  But I'm too busy now [which is a good thing].

A n y w a y ... That's not the point.

I'm sitting here with the DVD player still in its box.  I've signed up for my free trial with Netflix.  And I'm overwhelmed with the selection.  I know what I like.  But it's taking forever to choose.  It's been an hour and I think I have six so-so titles lined up.  I can have up to 500 DVDs in my queue.  I can't imagine I'll need that many waiting for their time to be viewed by me.  Nevertheless, I need help.

I'm finding I'm drawn to documentaries and independent/art films.  But I love a good hearty laugh - silly even.  Like Airplane! and Better Off Dead.  I definitely need to keep the balance.  

So please, I'm looking for recommendations.  What are your favorite movies?  What are those must-see-DVDs?  All categories welcome!

Oh, and I notice In America has finally been released on DVD.  That's my recommendation for you!


alphawoman1 said...

Thick as of my all time fav's.  Starring Alex Baldwin with a jazz soundtrack...funny and intelligent.

sonensmilinmon said...

Recently my new favorite is Under the Tuscan Sun.  I had to rent it again.


coy1234787 said...

  I am so excited for you that you got your new DVD player, I am even more excited that you wrote this entry. I watch very, very little TV (no time) and when it's my turn to pick the movie I always pick some not so great chick-flick. I LOVE when someone else picks the movie so I will be checking back here to read the comments left for you.
   We could also check back on Scalizi's 2 weekend assignment (2nd favorites) to see what everyone had to say about their 2nd favorite movie. My friend Stella just loaned me "The Divine secretes of the Ya-Ya sisterhood" very good movie. Takes place in Louisiana, sound track is filled with delightful Cajun music, fun look at another culture.
    I lived in Louisiana for years when I was married. Xhusband is Cajun.
                                                                 *** Coy

deabvt said...

Congrats, Freee!! My one Pic in the last 5 years is Mel Gibson`s " Braveheart ".
I`ve heard great things `bout Netflix. There`s also a DVD of " La Boheme " with a young Jose Carreras that`s wonderful!

diannevan said...

HOORAY!!  BTW, I've added In America to my queue JUST because of your glowing recommendation from last fall.  See, I remember!

Don't forget, you can always rearrange your queue.  If a new movie comes out and you add it, it goes to the bottom of the list.  But if you want them to send it next, all you have to do is change the number to a 1 and then tell it to redo the queue.

Have you watched the Harry Potter movies?  I'm thinking you and I talked about them at one point.  

grodygeek said...

Try Spellbound. An independent documentary. Its about the national spelling bee. It is a movie that is clean, good, exciting, and even patriotic. I thought it was good clean fun and my 12 yo Thing 3 even enjoyedit.


geminiwilder said...

I'll share some of my favorite movie titles with ya....these are ones that I liked so much I bought them:

     *A Walk On The Moon*   *Unfaithful*
             *Never Been Kissed*    *Monsters, Inc*
    *Original Sin*       *Legends of the Fall*   *A Knight's Tale*
          *A River Runs Through It*      *Chocolat*

I recently rented 'Timeline' (fell asleep during it, how's that for a review?) and 'Beyond Borders' that was 'okay' not great.  The next movie on my list to buy is LOTR: Return of the King. Our entire household is anxiously awaiting that one, coming out Tuesday!  I think this weekend we will be watching the first 2 movies, just to get back into 'Hobbit' mode!!!!

have fun with your DVD player and your movies!!!    ~Phinney

grassriver said...

This is a hard one.... There are just so many good movies.
"Aimee and Jaguar" is an excellent movie set in WWII Germany (has subtitles).
"American Beauty" another good one.
"Bonnie and Clyde" the Warren Beatty version from the 60's.
"Shakespeare in Love" the best!
I live in Germany and am praying for the day some kind of NetFlix comes here!

maswenson said...

I just watched "Sunset Boulevard" which was GREAT. Also, for indie films, check out "Donnie Darko" or anything by Vincent Gallo. "L.I.E." is good. For documentary, check out "The First Year", "Stevie", "Capturing the Friedmans", etc...  Enjoy it!

lucylouladybug said...

Heaven Can Wait is my all time favorite, but not sure it's available on DVD.  As Good As It Gets, Fight Club, River Runs Through It, Office Space, LOTR Trilogy, Pirates of the Carribean, anything with Tom Hanks, Dogma, Somewhere in Time, anything from the Coen Brothers.  These are some of my faves, but my list could be extensive as well.  Good luck and happy viewing on your selections!
Love, Penny

freeepeace said...

GORDY - Great recommendation! Excellent documentary.  You can read my thoughts on it here:

PHINNEY - Wow, I've seen only a few of those on your list.  Thanks for the recommendations. I might be the only non-LOTR fan.  Have fun.

KELLI - ::waving to Germany::  Thanks for the recommendations.  I liked 'American Beauty'.  Subtitled movies scare me, but I'm willing to give it a go. :)

MASWENSON - Great recommendations.  Thank you!

PENNY - Yes, Heaven Can Wait is a great movie!  Haven't seen Fight Club yet.  But I heard great things about it.  Pirates - fun movie with beautiful people. ;)  Thank you!  Great selections.  Love to you.

freeepeace said...

ALPHAMARY - <--Ooh, I like that!  Thank you, I'll check out Thick as Thieves.

MONICA - I watched Under the Tuscan Sun last weekend on video.  I'll assume the DVD is basically the same. :P  Sweet movie though.

COY - Great idea about the 2nd faves!  Could be tedious, but then again, so is browsing through thousands of Netflix choices.  I saw the Ya-Ya's - have fun with it.

VINCE - I don't know if I've ever seen Braveheart in its entirety.  I've heard of La Bhoeme.  I'll check into it. Thanks.

DIANNE - Yes, I love Harry Potter movies.  Can hardly wait till June 4th!  And I discovered that queue thing last night.  Good thing because I was not happy with my first three choices.  LOL  Let me know what you think about In America.

andreakingme said...

Phinney's rec of A KNIGHT'S TALE is a good one. This a great lighthearted movie with kick-butt music. A unique, feel-good romantic tale.

You want good, feel-good movie marathon material? Try ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and ANNE OF AVONLEIGH. (Remember the movie reveiw I did of that last October-ish?)

noirtec said...

You are gonna love Netflix. I've been using them since 2000. I've watched nearly 300 movies off of their service, and I have just over 200 in my gueue. I know that sounds like a lot. :-)
Just wanted to say that you are gonna be so addicted to the service. It rocks. :P ......especially for watching TV shows released on DVD.

screaminremo303 said...

Check out "Crash." It's an Indie with Holly Hunter and some others you'll recognize. Weird, erotic, and just straight bizarre. Mesmerizing.

musenla said...

Remo:  I've seen that movie, with James Spader who seems to have a thing for acting in really outre films.  His last one, the kinky Secretary is a worth see, too.

Freee, I like indie films like you do.  I would suggest you get Dirty Pretty Things with Audrey Tautou (I reviewd that movie a long time ago, excellent indie) and Y Tu Mama Tambien.  Also Frida, which Slomo has seen by now and would probably vouch for.  As for the latest releases, I would recommend Kill Bill vol. 1, though I'm not sure how you feel about violence in an anime sort of way.  

Glad your DVD player is here, yay!  Happy viewing!

martinsek5 said...

Check out the movie Lovely and Amazing, Walking and Talking (both with Catherine Keener, whom I love). ....  Oh and Committed with Heather Graham, Casey Affleck and Luke Wilson... what else?  I know there's more. Those are three that come to mind, that I've watched more than once.   Pamela.

derossetfamily said...

Oh, I could go on forever. Off the top of my head: Go, Four rooms, Baraka, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Mallrats, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Gift (Perry Farell), Slingblade, Contact, Requiem for a Dream (although its really weird and tripped out), The Graduate, Life is Beautiful/La Vita E Bella, I Am Sam, Crazy People, Spaceballs, A Guy Thing, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Just Married.....oh! and The English Patient. Thats it! If I think of more I'll be back =P

derossetfamily said...

I'm back. Waynes World.

slowmotionlife said...

I know that you and I have such different tastes in movies that I probably couldn't recommend too many.... You'd probably need to talk to H. about that. LOL  But I'm glad to hear your DVD player arrived safely.  Major Woot there!  tehehe...  Bring on the movies!!   And here's a Netflix tip:  Don't fill up your Queue too much. You'll want to leave some room for the new releases as they come out.  Sometimes my Queue is so full, I don't even bother looking at the new releases and I end up missing out on some great movies.  So bear that in mind.  Only put in the movies you really want to see RIGHT now.  And then keep up with Netflix as you go.  :D

ondinemonet said...

Hey sweetie! I can tell you, "Rat Race" was so funny, I nearly needed Depends and "So I married An Axe Murderer" was also too fuuny. If you like sweet and funny, go with "Notting Hill." :) Love, Carly :) PS...The movie "Dick" was also a winner. Tee Hee.

indigosunmoon said...

You simply must see *Big Fish*!  Wonderful movie!  I also recommend *Freida* *The Divine Secrets of The Ya Ya Sisterhood*
*Rock Star* (one of my all time favs)
*Almost Famous* (makes me remember my youth)
*Boys On The Side* I cry every single time, but it's a good cry.


mallory4284 said...

Yay for the new DVD player!! I have no clue about movies though. I sometimes tend to like the movies no one else ever likes. A Walk to Remember is really good, but that's all I can think of unless you include my all time favorites of Save the Last Dance and Where the Heart Is.....

-- Mallory

aims814 said...

YaY! Glad it's there! Hmm, I love a lot of mixture. I watch all types. Hard for me to choose favorites. I love the old classics, comedy, romantic comedy, love stories, southern-based is probably my favorite category. Seen Sweet Home Alabama? :P Divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood?  Also, I like a few "scary" movies. The Ring, The Others... But I don't think you'd like those. One of my faves from when I was a teen..The Breakfast Club!

dakotarose2852 said...

How about Cary Grant?  Do you like him?  If so, check out Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.  Very funny.  Another Cary movie, I Was A Male War Bride.  Hilarious.  You'll never believe it's Cary Grant doing that silly stuff.  

billbinford54 said...

I vote for Freida.  My problem is also that the center closes before I can get there without making extra efforts to get off.

babyshark28 said...

hmm, well. my favorite movie is Amelie.  I think eventhough, there are subtitles. you might like...might. :)  hmmm.  I  have varied tastes in movies though, I probably could come up with something. hey, how about "high art"  but, you have seen that already.   I've heard good things about "calendar girls" and "Sliding Doors" and "Under the Tuscan sun" and "....spotless mind"  with jim carey.  I can't remember the beginning words to the title..hence the dots. lol.  Well, ok.  that's enough recommendations for now.  

yea! a DVD player. :P

babyshark28 said...

ooooh, yes. Frieda!

krobbie67 said...

There are so many that I love but I'll list a few:
"Waking the Dead" w/Jennifer Connolley
"American History X" w/Edward Norton
"Dangerous Minds" w/Michelle Pfieffer
"Nomads" w/Pierce Brosnan (Old movie)
"The Hunger" w/Catherine DeNeuve (sp) and David Bowie
"The Hitcher" and "Flesh & Blood" w/Rutger Hauer
"Blade Runner" w/Harrison Ford & Rutger Hauer
"Scar Face" w/Al Pacino
For a foreign film: Indochine w/Catherine DeNeuve (sp) Warning: subtitles ;-)
And so many more, but that's a good start. Enjoy netflix and your DVD player!
:-) ---Robbie

themoodydave said...

If you like documentaries you must see "The Thin Blue Line" by Errol Morris.  The German film "Das Experiment" is based on real events.  The most depressing movie I have ever seen was "Grave of the Fireflies", it is a japanese anime about the firebombing of Tokyo.  "Baby Blue Marine" is an excellent movie about what happens to a guy who gets kicked out of the Marines during WWII.  Any movie by the Coen brothers, if you like smart films.  BabyShark is right "Amelie" is an excellent film.

tumbleweed013 said...

You must see The Insider with Russell Crowe and Al Pacino. It's amazing. Also, there's Harvey, if you want to see a good classic. Spirited Away if you're in the mood for an animated movie. The Ring, The Others, Signs, and Sixth Sense if you like psycologigal (i know i messed that word up) thrillers or scary movies. The Goonies if you just want to laugh at stupid stuff. The Truman Show if you want to have a good laugh. Um, that's all I can think of now.