Saturday, April 10, 2004

Weekend Retreat

Hunny and I are housesitting for a friend this weekend.  It's supposed to be our "weekend retreat" in nature.  Even though it's beautiful and serene and full of plant-life and smog-free air, I was a little concerned that I'd be uncomfortable.  I usually get really wigged-out at night, in a "strange" place.  But  ::knock wood::  so far so good.  Not quite wigged yet.

I stopped at the local community video store on my way up.  It's been so long since I've visited a place like this.  You know the kind.  They have only one or two copies of each new release.  Everything inside is made of natural wood - log cabin-like. I had to sign my name in a notebook, showing I rented movies and paid for them.  Very quaint.  I love it.

I have everything I need - well, almost everything.  I remembered to pack my toothbrush but neglected to pack a tube of toothpaste.  Ironically, my friend has extra toothburushes, but no toothpaste.

So I brushed without toothpaste last night and doubled-up on my CoolMint Listerine PocketPaks.  This morning I had my choice of minty green mouthwash or mediciney orange mouthwash.  Without a thought, I went for the mint and swished a mouthful for a while.  There was some left in the cup so I repeated the swishing, only this time, I decided to read the ingredients.  Sort of like reading the breakfast cereal box at the table.

I don't know if you remember but I found out last year that I'm deathly allergic to sulfa.  I also have intense allergic reactions to the sulfates in wine [and the hops in beer].  Well, right there, in my hand, third in the list of ingredients: SULFATE.

There I stood, bug-eyed and frozen, staring at myself in the mirror - still with a mouthful.  I spewed and spit all possible liquid from my mouth till my tongue was dry.  I hadn't swallowed any of the mouthwash - but still, it was the second rinse, clearly penetrating my mucus membranes.

Random thoughts ran through my head:  My cell phone doesn't get reception up here. The land phone battery-life is basically lifeless.  I'm miles away from a hospital. My hair looks atrocious. 


I just knew I had to keep an eye on the events of the next few hours.  My mouth swelled up a bit, my tongue began to prickle with tiny welts and my skin [especially my scalp] began to itch with warm tinglies.  Uh-oh.

More swarms of random thoughts:  I didn't pack my benedryl.   I have to tell the video store that one of the tapes I rented last night is broken.  I don't know how to counteract sulfate.

I suddenly realized it was up to me to just be okay.  It wasn't going to do me any good to panic up on the mountaintop.  So I made some tea, fed Hunny and then we drove down the hill.  By the time I reached Santa Monica I had forgotten all about the incident.  I stopped at a health-food store and bought toothpaste after I walked a couple of dogs [yes, work on a Saturday. yay, for the work. boo, for the Saturday]

When I got back to the mountaintop, I watered the lush garden, took some pictures of incredibly beautiful lizards, marveled at Hunny barking and growling at "big doggies" [horses] grazing on the hillside, and critter-watched out of the corners of my eyes while reading in the sun overlooking the hills and valleys.

I made some dinner and here I sit, sun-soaked, posting this entry.  My throat is a little tight and my head and ears are still a bit tingly.  But for the most part, I'm just fine.  Life is grand.  I love it up here.  [::thud:: I forgot to pick up my Benedryl.  DON'T PANIC]

* * * * *

Email and journaling are a bit tedious here.  I love my friend dearly but I can see why she doesn't spend a lot of time online.  Aside from the slow dial-up modem and very low RAM on this computer, the screen is teeny tiny and the setup just isn't comfortable enough to spend more than a few minutes here.  Posting links, pictures or graphics is just out of the question.

So, this may be my last post until Monday.  And if you've sent me email, please forgive the delay.  I'll be sure to get to email and responding to comments by Monday as well.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. 


geminiwilder said...

oh my gosh o.O are you okay?
no more minty fresh gargle junk for you, young lady!
you and hunny take it easy up there, and hope you
don't have any more scares.  make friends with the
'big doggies' and maybe search a bit for the
'easter bunny' hehe
xo ~ phinney

jennipooh3597 said...

Aside from the awful mouthwash/sulfate dealie... it sounds like a wonderful retreat!  Big doggies...wonderful lizards...lush gardens!  Yum!  Have a lovely weekend - can't wait to see photos!  Be well, Jenn

krobbie67 said...

Sheesh woman!!! Next time use baking soda instead of trying to choke yourself on mouthwash. Glad to hear it's going well otherwise. :-) --Robbie

irun01 said...

I LOVED the random thoughts . . . .no cell phone, no phone batter, miles from medical care, and my hair looks atrociou.  You seriously crack me up.
Have an awesome weekend.  Sit back, read, and enjoy nature.  See you when you get back.

queenz43 said...

Glad you are ok Freee. Sounds like a wonderful adventure otherwise. Sounds absolutely serene. Try to enjoy it as much as you can. Hugs to you and Queen Hunny. See ya later ~RC~

indigosunmoon said...

So glad nothing major happened to you girl!  You need to be more careful!  Whew!  

lifes2odd said...

Glad everything turned out okay! Happy Easter :-)

goldenchildnc said...

Well, I'm very glad you're ok Freee of course. ANd I always carry around a bag of RAM chips for every occasion. You just never know when you'll need it. LMAO! I'm totally kidding! :-)


babyshark28 said...

hello freee :)
wish I could be with you in the mountain sounds soooo lovely *sigh*
have a good time and relax....enjoy the toothpaste. :)

somenuttychic said...

Sorry to hear about the mouthwash incident, but it sounds like you made it through. Good. This was one of your funniest entries to date. I'm sorry for laughing, but I couldn't help it. The way you expressed yourself (after the fact of course) was well . . . funny. To me anyway. I'd better stop now before this hole gets much deeper.

Have a great weekend!  

sonensmilinmon said...

The house on the mountain sounds so wonderful and relaxing ... care if some of your journal buddies come join you/ ;0

Smilin Mon

aynetal3 said...

Any chance there was an outdoor hot tub?  We're all for giving them big doggies a view they'd remember ... most likely without the bra!  Love you Freee - Jamie

s0ngbird1962 said...

Wow, glad that you are ok...I honestly would have never thought to check the back of a mouthwash bottle for sulfa.  Hey, this germ-a-phobic had a thought.  Do you think that your friend ever just swigs out of her mouthwash bottle? (No cup needed if ya live alone) LOL, ok so I get grossed out easy.  The mountain retreat sounds beautifullllllllllllllllll.....  Hope you and Hunny enjoy your weekend on top O' the world.   : )  

donah42 said...

Hope you're feeling better Freee--good job warding off the panic:) My dog saw his first horse last summer(actually it was a supersized mule/horse)--his confusion about the thing cracked me up!

miarenee24 said...

Hey there! I hope you are enjoying your retreat! Sounds like a pretty place. (drink lots of water to flush that stuff out of your system, maybe that'll work) Happy Easter, dear! Love you. xo (give hunny a big Easter hug from us)

tammy97501 said...

It's always fun to housesit for a friend.  It's like grown up camping! Hope you're having a good time and Happy Easter!

jeanyu said...

Happy Easter! As always nice to read your journal.

txsguinan said...

I wish someone would ask me to housesit.  Well, someone with a lovely mountain aerie like yours, that is.  Bummer about the sulfate scare!  I love this..." My cell phone doesn't get reception...The...battery-life is... lifeless.  I'm miles away from a hospital. MY HAIR LOOKS ATROCIOUS".... Too funny!  You are SUCH a girl... :)

annalisa135 said...

thank goodness you're okay!  close call!  when you were buying toothpaste, why didn't you pick up some benedryl too?  sounds like you forgot.  Anyway, my fav comment was about your hair looking atrocious.  In the midst of a possible allergic reaction, your mind goes to your hair.  lol.  geez!  thank god it wasn't as bad as it could've been.   I WISH i had a friend with a gorgeous mountain home to housesit for.  Sounds beautiful!

rbushu said...

I'm allergic to white wine and lettuce treated with sulfites. Very scary. I've never used those Listerine thingys. Now I never will. I love that you're "such a girl" and would fix the hair on the way to the ER for a shot of epinephrine.

slowmotionlife said...

"I'm miles away from a hospital. My hair looks atrocious."  ROFL  When I first read that you'd gotten into some sulfa, I freaked! But the minute I read this, and realized you still had your awesome sense of humor, that you must have been fine.  Sounds like you had a great weekend!  Fun on the mountain.  Whee!!!  I missed you, but I'm glad you had fun while I was away!!  :D

bridgetteleigh75 said...

(Forgive's the nurse in me coming out)  

A little tip from me!  If I were you, I'd keep some Benedryl in one of the pockets of my overnight bag.  I'd never take them out....especially if I was deathly allergic to something.  Truthfully, I'm not sure there IS an antidote to Sulfa products.  I'd have to check that out.  Anyway...I'm so glad you're okay!!!  How scary!

However, the place you stayed sounds very idyllic.  Horses grazing, mountains,'s sounds like the place for me right now.  Hope you had a lovely Easter!

musenla said...

No doubt you're a woman, you have allergic reactions and one of your first thoughts is your hair, lol.  Heh, I'm the same way; I had a serious car accident 15 years ago and my first thought when I came to was OMG, my hair's a mess.  Snort.

Sounds like you had a great restful weekend with Hunny in an idyllic setting.  The allergies went away on its own I presume?

Big doggies, I like that! lol