Sunday, April 25, 2004

Weekend Recap

I've had an eventful weekend.  I love that - when I don't make plans, but things just happen spontaneously.  Saturday flew by and I didn't get half the stuff done that I needed to do.  But I did a lot that I wanted to do!   I somehow managed to get three [out of seven] loads of laundry done by noon.  For me, that's something!

I went to the beach for a couple of hours to find surfers, swimmers, vacationers and sand castle makers everywhere.  The water was freezing cold.  I certainly didn't attempt to go in.  But that didn't stop the 10-year-old fishboy I brought with me!  Eventually even he found it to be too cold so we joined the efforts of the sand castle crowds.  I took a few surfer pics but there's no telling when they'll get developed for posting.

After that, I took a hard yoga class.  ::flexing my sore muscles::  I really enjoyed the new instructor at Goda Yoga.  She gave great detailed instruction and came from the heart, reminded us to smile and have fun while I was dripping and sliding on my sticky-mat from my own sweat.  Strong vinyasa flow class.  I was very happy.  I'm a little slow-moving today but still, happy nonetheless.

After yoga I joined Cheryl and Jen for an impromptu bonfire and salad in Cheryl's yard.  Most of my time was spent shooing Hunny from the litterbox but it was nice to be with them.  It wasn't till this morning that I felt the effects of the smoke from the fire.  My throat is a little dry and sore.  And my voice is pretty raspy.  That's another reason I'm a little slow-moving today.

It's a beautiful day again today.  I got a call from another potential doggie-client.  I'll be meeting with her in just a little bit to possibly start walking her dog tomorrow on a weekly basis.  ::fingers crossed::

Power of positive thought.  If I have things my way, this little baby will be coming home with me within the next month.  But first, shoes!

Hunny and I walked to one of my favorite juice/smoothie stands.  I always get the same juice - The Carrot Patch [carrot, banana and non-fat yogurt with vita-boost].  I love that it's a mix of veggie and fruit - full of vitamins and potassium.  I drank it way too fast so I'm feeling a tiny bit sluggish.  But...yum!

Sunday evening already. Lots to do. Lots to catch up on.  I am way behind in journals.  Even my own!  But that's just the way it is.  Thanks to all who have visited and left links in the last couple of weeks.  I'm slow getting to you but I will get there!

I asked fishboy if he noticed I got my hair cut.  His response, "Oh, no. I just thought it was messy."


johnn60504 said...

Hi Freee!  I'm a first-time poster, a week-or-so-reader.  Love your journal, love your music!  I'll keep coming back, if you do not mind.  

Be good, have fun!

gingergirl05 said...

A weekend of spontaneous enjoyment.  Sounds nice :o]  I love the beach (not the water), and who doesn't love building a castle of sand?  Yoga, laundry, sandcastles, bonfires, and smoothies--radical weekend, Freee!  ~  Kate xo

alphawoman1 said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

irun01 said...

My favorite Rock Star.  We all need weekends like that. . . . where stuff just happens.  Don't you just LOVE the feeling after a hard workout.  I did that at the gym this morning . . . serious lifting and my muscles feel sore, but as they say . . .it's a good sore.  The shoes look great, and I can't wait to see the pictures you take with the new camera.

diannevan said...

Ahhh!  You're beating me to the punch!  I bought my daughter a new digital camera for her birthday becasue the one she bought with her christmas money in December just eats through batteries and for some strange reason, it won't work with the rechargables the rest of us use.  After your recent entry saying you still didn't have a digital, I was gonna just send it to you, but now you're buying one.  Woo hoo!!  I'll keep my fingers crossed regarding the Doggie Duty and hope you get the job.

krobbie67 said...

That's what you get for asking a Fishboy for his opinion about girls. Eeeewww, they're gross! Don't you know. ;-) Congrats on the job! Woohoo! :-) ---Robbie

mallory4284 said...

Sounds like a really good weekend to me. Spontaneity is always a fun thing!! I'd love to go to the beach, but the closet thing we have to a beach here is Indiana Beach. And, well, that's not really a beach. Yeah....

Have a happy Monday tomorrow!!

-- Mallory :)

c82trinity said...

Ok free, you hit a weak I love those shoes....I now am reminded that my 300 pairs arent like you had a good weekend!!

indigosunmoon said...

Sounds like you have had a full and satisfying weekend.  <sigh>  I wish the ocean was close enough for me to see it.  

screaminremo303 said...

What?  The Voice?!?  You are hereby ordered to withdraw from any environment that may affect those dulcet tones and timbre we all crave. Maybe you're just trying to add a "smokey" aspect to the genre.

geminiwilder said...

it's a good day when you can slack off from doing what you should do and spend time at the beach with a fishboy.  lucky freee.
how did your sandcastle turn out?? and i dunno, maybe it's just me, but bonfire and salad just don't seem to go together!!!!! throw a couple of marshmallows on a stick for a bonfire, girl!!!!    ;p

kathlyna22 said...

oh I can't a year, I will live 5 minutes away from the beach....then I can have fun weekends like you, freezing cold water or not!

freeepeace said...

MALLORY - Indiana Beach? If it's not really a beach, then what is it?  Happy Monday to you too.

C82TRINITY - Good gawd woman, 300 pairs of shoes and not one of them is a Puma California? Remedy that immediately!  :P

INDIGO - When I get my digicam, I'll take lots of beach shots for you.  Meantime, go to my website and check out the Venice Beach cam [during the day]. :D

REMO - Unfortunately, southern CA is experiencing wild fires now too, so the air quality isn't helping these pipes.  But I'll be sure to take good care! [I do love your enthusiasm!]

PHINNEY - Sandcastle was more like a maze. We made a path for the tide to bring the water into a center hole around obscure barriers. People had no idea they were stepping on our masterpiece as they walked by. LOL  The bonfire: we were going to roast veggie dogs but couldn't find any skewers.

KATHLYN - Why wait a year? Where are you moving? And I assume you don't live near water now?

freeepeace said...

JOHN - Welcome and thanks for making your presence known!  Nice to meet you.

KATE - Hey girlie, really nice to hear from you. The way you put it, it does sound like a pretty radical weekend. :P

ALPHAWOMAN - Hope you had a nice weekend too!

IRUN - I do love that feeling after a hard workout. But only if I enjoyed it. Sometimes I'm too thrashed and it's just UGH!  I want to join a gym.  I love those shoes. Hoping they have them at an outlet store! But they truly are the only shoes that make my feet sing.

DIANNE - How sweet are you?  Thank you for the thought. Really.  I'm happy with my choice. Now if I can just find it for the price I want. I won't give up looking. And I think you know already but: I GOT THE CLIENT. Great dog. Great people. Yay!

ROBBIE - Good point!  And thanks for the congrats. Woohoo!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Wow - sounds like a terrific weekend.  I love the beach...but it's a little too far to get to regularly (boo hoo).  Sounds like an incredible workout...that feeling of muscle fatigue is GREAT!  You know you've done something!!  Hope that digital  camera is in your hot little hands very soon.  They're so much fun!

dockart said...

Sounds like a full weekend Freee. I thought only I had that much laundry?!
Found you thru Slo and I LOVE your music.....order's in the mail for the teaser:)

andreakingme said...

Oh, I so envy you getting to go to the beach! That's one thing we didn't do on our cruise ... and it's funny, because that was something both DiAnne and I really WANTED to do.

I'm coming across like a broken record. Cruise this, cruise that. I know this. I'll get over it. One day soon ...

You and me are the same when it comes to laundry. I can wash laundry just fine, it's the putting away of clothes that I have a problem with. Yick. Erg. Blah.

Your juice sounds good and interesting! I want one. Like, right NOW.

deabvt said...

Wow! Freee!   Busy, Busy, Busy!

aims814 said...

<<I always get the same juice - The Carrot Patch [carrot, banana and non-fat yogurt with vita-boost].  I love that it's a mix of veggie and fruit - full of vitamins and potassium.  I drank it way too fast so I'm feeling a tiny bit sluggish.  But...yum!>>
Yumm, this sounds like something I would like to try. we have a lot of those juice/smoothie stands here, and I have yet to try one. Your weekend sounds like a good one! If I ever vacation in Cali again, it'll be in your area. Love you~

slowmotionlife said...

Did I tell you I had a smoothie at the mall on Friday?  It was called Pineapple Explosion?  Major nums.  But too much sugar, I'm sure.  Blah.  The beach here is just now becoming an option. The water is still too cold, though.  I can't wait until it really warms up and we can get a hotel room on the seawall, enjoy the beach close-up.  Glad to hear you're doing well, going to Yoga, etc.  I bet your voice is beautiful raspy!  Get to singin', girl!  New shoes!  Wooot!!!  :D

harborkin said...

man! i haven't been to the beach in like a year or so. fishboy, he sounds amazing...

fyrecracker1 said...

Sounds like you had a pretty nice weekend!  Sometimes, I wish I had a few girlfriends that I could "Do Lunch" with.  LOL... I think that's so cool.

Be careful with those new classes... Just lifting a case of Vanilla Coke gives ME a hernia... HAHA!

billbinford54 said...

I love any smoothie with blueberries, anything that is supposed to help the memory!

babyshark28 said...

LOL--fishboy.  :)

I am glad you had such an eventful weekend.  there's nothing like it, it just rejuvinates you.   heart, mind, and soul.

I love this entry, it just keeps flowing, I feel like I spent the weekend with you by the time I have read the last word. :)  xo  

somenuttychic said...

<I asked fishboy if he noticed I got my hair cut.  His response, "Oh, no. I just thought it was messy.">

Men. :-)

Sounds like you had a verrrrrrrry nice weekend. But Freee, did you *have* to mention the ingredients in that concoction you drink? Veggies. Ugh. Gross! lol

bridgetteleigh75 said...

LOL ~ classic comment from Fishboy.  

Oh, how I wish we had beaches here in Central Washington!  The closest we have is Lake Chelan, which is about 45 minutes away.  Doug's parent's are members of the Yacht Club there, so we visit quite a bit in the summer.  Parker went on his first boat ride last year...he LOVED it.  I'm anxious to see how he does this year.  

If that Carrot Patch drink had any fruit other than would sound really refreshing to me.  But I hate those old rotten bananas.  LOL

txsguinan said...

Fishoy is Funny!  Men...they're just born like that.

I like that the new instructor reminds you to smile.  There's nothing worse than the grimace I catch in the mirror as I struggle into a particularly ungainly Tree.  Then I laugh out loud.
Sounds like a happy and productive weekend.  I'm trying to catch up myself...  :)