Saturday, April 17, 2004

Weekend Assignment #1

I spent days and hours writing the AOL-J Rocks entry.  I was concerned that I missed some significant people and began listing every single person I wanted to thank.  But that became even more tedious. 

There is one very significant person I neglected to mention John Scalzi, AOL-J-Guy And it didn't go unnoticed.  John was the first person to tell me how to post a simple link, how to add images and even how to resize them.  He's been quick to answer questions and jumps on posting AOL-J Community news-bits.  But he's also been very clear about being a separate entity from the community.  Last fall, he graciously declined an AOL-J Award of Excellence nomination [voted by his peers].  He reads us, writes about us, but doesn't comment in our journals.  He rotates his Other Journals list.

John works for AOL, so he must remain impartial.  I respect that.  At the same time, he deserves recognition for all he's contributed to this community.  Without him, we'd all have been lost at one time.  The other thing is, I genuinely like him and really enjoy his journal.  He's a published writer.  He's a musician.  He's a dad and a husband.  He's a good guy.

With that, I'm participating in his very first Weekend Assignment.

Your Weekend Assignment #1: Share 25 totally random facts about yourself. Include at least one you've never shared before with anyone.

1.   I read John Scalzi's journal daily - sometimes twice a day!

 2.   I'm predominantly left-handed but I was taught to play guitar and most sports right-handed.

 3.   I can throw a frisbee with both hands - either way, I suck.

 4.   I was a Little League All-Star in 6th Grade.

 5.   In 4th grade, my mom banned me from ever playing with a Chinese yo-yo because I stole one from a classmate and got caught lying about where I got it.  I touched one for the first time two years ago - andfelt guilty.

 6.   I was hospitalized when I was four years old with what doctors thought was meningitis.  I don't remember the spinal tap - I only remember my non-stop screams.

 7.   Eight years later, my brother was in the hospital for the same reason.  I worried about him.  But I was secretly glad it wasn't me.

 8.   In high school I got an eviction notice from my parents.

 9.   I found out how much I'm capable of loving when Hunny almost died.

10.  Hunny is the reason I became a dogwalker.

11.  I used to be terrified of dogs.  I was more terrified of cats.

12.  I was in love the first time I made love.

13.  I've moved 13 times in the last 11 years.

14.  I love blueberry buckle baby food.

15.  I've been a non-smoker for ten years. I smoked for ten years before that. You do the math.

16.  I wrote my first song in 4th Grade to the tune of "Your Daddy Don't Rock and Roll"

17.  I've never been in a car accident.  ::knock wood::

18.  I went to a Catholic school till fourth grade and insisted we were being brainwashed in church.

19.  I'm obsessive, possessive, competitive and controlling.

20.  I have two tattoos and I'm ready for my third and fourth.

21.  I drove cross country from Massachusetts and moved to California with $300 in my pocket.

22.  I played Hans Christian Anderson in a 6th Grade play because I was the only one who could sing.

23.  I'm afraid of the dark.

24.  I grind my teeth and I bite the inside of my mouth.

25.  Something I've never told anyone:  There's not one thing about me that someone doesn't know.  If you put all the people that know me in one room, together they will know everything about me.


krobbie67 said...

I figured out #19 real fast and find it absolutely endearing because it seems so contrary to the essence of you. Not buying #25 - there's got to be some little thing that you just never have said. Common on spill your guts! ;-)
:-) ---Robbie

ondinemonet said...

Let me write #26...You are too darn cute! LOL. Take care, Carly :)

freeepeace said...

ROBBIE - Wow, you're a true friend if you find #19 endearing.  And this entry would've taken till next week if I didn't post #25 the way I did.  I really can't think of anything I haven't shared with at least *someone*. But thanks to #19 I'm STILL don't give up hope.

CARLY - There!  I don't think I've ever shared THAT about myself with anyone before!  Especially since I grew up feeling ugly most of my life.  Aww - sad but true.  But today, I'm too darn cute! :P

c82trinity said...

Very cool information, I would have never guessed that you were afraid of dogs!!! lol I resort to baby food when I am I feel you on that one:) Very interesting info thanks free...that is really cool to share that!

readmereadyou said...

Hey, loved your list but really was happy I just saw you were number one this week! Congratulations!
PS. Your parent evicted you? : )

blufaery84 said...

Congrats on the spotlight! whoo hoo! 25 makes alot of sense.
****Blessed Be****

slowmotionlife said...

First off, Scalzi is the best!  ::sigh::  ::melt::  LOL  I meant to pimp him after I read that he was hurt you didn't include him in your long list of AOL-J loves.  But I got distracted, of course.  I've written up my 25th things and I'm gonna post 'em soon.  I was just freaking out because we have #6 in common.  FREAK!  LOL  

lifes2odd said...

You? Afraid of dogs?!! Great list! Glad you recognized John Scalzi. Every single person in J land more than likely knows him and wishes he were more a part of the everyday camaraderie around here :-)

annalisa135 said...

my reaction to your #6:  when i was around four, i was walking in my grandparents front yard (which was all ivy) in sandles.  yep, stepped on glass, got a big slash across my heel.  i will never forget the screams, people holding me down in the ER, while they stitched it up.  Still have the scar 30 years later.  thought it would've faded a bit by now.  

Your parents gave you an EVICTION notice while in H.S.??  Geez, wonder what kind of problems you caused.   We only know you as the sweet, good hearted, peaceful chick that you are!

geminiwilder said...

uhhhh can't everyone throw a frisbee with both hands and still suck at it?  hehe i'm just being bratty.  can't sleep.

babyshark28 said...

wow, very interesting. I learned things about you that I never knew.  which was the point, right? :)  I don't know if I could do one of these things and make it interesting enough to read!  lol....great.     loved all your answers freee.  really did.  :)xoxo

indigosunmoon said...

Very insightful list Trish!  Thanks for sharing it with us!  

deabvt said...

Thanks, freee. #21, very courageous!

billbinford54 said...

I bite my lower lip.  My dentist nearly freaked on me and thought it was cancer. Maybe I will go the Letterman route and just do a top 10!

jeanyu said...

You are one lovable person! I do read your journal everyday!! Sometimes 2 times.  Too bad I missed your concert, I left LA the next morning...

bridgetteleigh75 said...

You always have the most interesting facts, Trish.  I actually only knew a few of those things about you.  Makes me realize we need to chat more often!  <grin>  

screaminremo303 said...

Your musical ability makes me rue the day I put away my axe. I've been around enough musicians to hear that you have some serious chops! Peace be with you, and may all your gigs be SRO.

doimo said...

One of the most important things in life is to know who your REAL friends are.Maurizio Vincenzo Cattaneo

txsguinan said...

Terrific list!  You make me wish I'd put a little more effort into mine.  But we share the basic elements of 8, 12, 15, 21 and 24.  I have to tell you that I have a hard time buying #19; you seem like one of the sweetest people out there (in here?)  Anyway, I just don't believe it.... :)

absinthemnded said...

# 26 on my list would be "I read FreeePeace, SloMo, and Jeff Comedy daily..."
Thanks for the insight.


freeepeace said...

ANNA - I just consistently kept my room messy and they wanted that room back [it was a former family room in a separate section of the house]. It was huge and my friends and I wouldn't bother them if they were sleeping. But I continued to keep it messy and got booted back to my old room. That's okay.  I went to college soon after.

GEMINI - Get some rest, will ya? Brat! :P

SHARKY - I actually think this list is boring. You should see some of the stuff I tossed out.  I would love to see a list of your 25 things.

INDIGO - Thanks pal. :)

VINCE - When I think of #21 now, I agree with you. Back then it was the most exciting "right" thing I'd done. No regrets. All rewards.

freeepeace said...

C82TRINITY - I actually haven't had that baby food in a long time. But for some reason, that's a bit of trivia that came to me while writing. :)

READMEREADYOU - My parents gave me an eviction *notice*.  I pushed it to the limits and finally got evicted from the downstairs room [they just wanted it back! ::huff:: Landlords!]

BLUFAERY - Thanks!

SLOMO - Still waiting for your 25 things. And that IS freaky that we have #6 in common. Add that to our list.

LIFES2ODD - Afraid of dogs most of my life. Mostly big dogs. Hunny and her friends have really helped me heal a lot of that. :)

freeepeace said...

BILLBINFORD - I'll try to check in on you to see if you've posted your "lite" version.

JEANYU - I guess you're no longer in LA. Well, maybe I'll catch you on my big U.S. Tour [wouldn't that be a kick?]

BRIDGETT - These are boring love. I've got many more up my sleeve. :P  Call me about SaucyJoJo... don't want to hear tales [tails] of him ending up at the pound!

SCREAMINREMO - I have to admit, I spent a little while trying to figure out if this was an insult or a compliment.  And I am gonna go out on a limb and say thank you very much.  I had to look up SRO [some performer I am huh?].  And funny, Robbie sent me your link last night and I saved you in my faves to check you out later... and here you are! :)

DOIMO - Good point.

TXSGUINAN - Your list was amazing. Wish it were longer, but that just proves my point. :)  Just wait till you get to know me. You'll wonder why you ever doubted #19.  I'd like to hear more about your eviction notice! Let's hear it for us non-smokers [yay]. Then again, we wonder why we grind our teeth and bite the inside of our mouths.

ABSINTHEMNDED - ::gasp:: I never would've known that!  I'm honored. Thanks for leaving your mark. :)

chattiekimmie said...

I read John's journal daily as well as yours.  Enjoy both!  Kimmie  

andreakingme said...

25 Random factoids, huh? You're so interesting, Trishy. Those instances that we thought would be the death of us, that nearly broke our hearts and spirits while GOING through them, really do serve to help make us what we are today.

Things we have in common? 1, 3, 8, 12, 19, 23, and 24. Who knew? ;-)

ladybuckeye2004 said...

Didn't have time for 25 :(  but this sounded fun so here are my 10.  I'm late too, but i'm new at this so beare with me please :-s

mallory4284 said...

I did my 25 early with 35 more than I needed, go me!! Okay, so I didn't even know about John's challenge and I just did it cause I saw a couple of people do 100 things in their journals. I would have only done 25 had I known about the challenge though, cause it was super hard for me to think up 60 things....

As for #3, I can throw a frisbee fairly decently with my right hand and when I was in elementary school we had field days and once I won a ribbon in the frisbee throwing contest. And I think I participated in the watermelon spitting contest, and did fairly well haha

-- Mallory :)

lilrazcal79 said...

I was scared of dogs too. It wasn't until I adopted mine,Sasha,that I got over my fear. Somewhat. I still only trust my dog and not really anyone else.

sistercdr said...

Cool list, wish I had your car accident record.

floralilia said...

trish - nice tribute to mr. got it right when they hired him -
very nice assignment too, btw...lots of fun things in here.

musenla said...

Yep, John is cool.  He's good people.  Even through the whole Top Five incident he was impartial.

Eviction notice from your parents.  Yikes, they're not subtle are they? lol

Being in love when you first make love is the only way to do it.  Nuff said.

Why have you moved so much?

You eat baby food?!  That's ok, I use baby cologne, lol.