Thursday, April 15, 2004

Wax On

Days are zooming by now that I'm a little more busy with dog-work.  I'm not complaining.  I welcome more business.  Bring it on!  It's just gonna take me that much longer to update, comment and respond to comments.  Ah well, such is Spring!

I haven't been able to afford the luxury of leg waxing on a regular basis - and I need it.  So that was my first treat to myself today.  I called ahead of time to make sure my favorite waxer was available.  "I'm sorry, Minu no longer works here."  ::gasp::  I nearly drove off the side of the road.  She's been there for like twenty years.  I don't even like other waxers.  She knows me.  I trust her.  She knows what to do, where to wax, where not to wax. 

It's been two months since I last got my legs waxed.  Remember, the morning of the MRI?  If you recall, I was so anxious that I over-tipped Minu.  I thought I gave her three one-dollar bills.  When in fact I gave her two ones and a ten!  Apparently enough to set her free.

That means I had to start with someone new today.  Not only was she new to me, but she's new to the salon.  She was very sweet but she talked me into getting my eyebrows done, promising me she wouldn't burn my skin [the reason I don't get my brows waxed].  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for manipulation.  I was half naked, on my back, with one leg in the air.  She stood over me with a butter knife and hot wax.  "Sure, my eyebrows? Anything you say!"

All these years going to this place and I've always left Hunny in the car [or at home].  But it was too hot today.  I almost skipped out on the waxing when the owner told me to bring Hunny inside.  I can't even tell you how that felt - having peace of mind, knowing Hunny was inside, safe, and resting on the floor below me, exhausted from the dogpark.

Tomorrow's her day at the groomers.  It's not her favorite place.  But her summer cut is something I look forward to.  It's flea season already.  Time to get out the Advantage and Frontline.  If I don't get a jump on fleas, they get a jump on me.  They don't like all people but they sure love me.  I don't know what's worse; the bite of a flea or the automatic-trigger slap I give myself when I feel thebite... or when I think I feel the bite.

Off to watch Survivor, now that I'm a fan.  I'll try to catch up on comments later.  Have a beautiful evening.  Peace.


somenuttychic said...

Hey, at least you pay someone to do it. Me, I do my own. It's tricky, and it takes a while, but I can do it. How *did* your eyebrows turn out by the way? Can the new girl even hold a candle to Minu???  

slowmotionlife said...

A waxing.. I'm so jealous. [I think!]  We've talked about this before. I'm pretty sure I'd get addicted, spoiled.  So nice of them to let Hunny inside. That's rare these days.  And I'm like you - hate a flea bite!  Those suckers hurt worse than mosquitos!  And they always get me.  I don't even have animals.  LOL  Anyway.. just good to hear you're getting work and staying busy. The sun is coming out, life is beautiful!  :)

mallory4284 said...

Hm, not so sure about leg waxing. Think I'm too much of a baby to do something that painful. I watched Survivor tonight. Wasn't expecting the person who go kicked off to get kicked off. I felt like a big baby getting all teary eyed when they were watching their short family video clips. So sad....

-- Mallory :)

sonensmilinmon said...

I've never had my legs waxed.  Something I wouldn't mind doing as shaving is such a hassle.  I have my eyebrows waxed often ... only once had a burn problem and never went back to that person.  It was after a move and I had to start all over.  Very hard to give up those we turst with the waxing.  So did the eyebrows turn out OK?

Smilin Mon

miarenee24 said...

AHHH!!!  I have SO much to catch up on! I had NO idea! (I didn't check the picks this am) Congrats, sweetie! YaY!

You didn't say (or did you?) how did the brow-wax go?

I've been feeling really bad, and been really busy all at the same time. I'll catch up soon, I promise. Love you!

geminiwilder said...

Never got my legs waxed....eeek.  But I did cut my toe yesterday, trying to shave two teensy hairs offa it, silly me.  I don't mind eyebrow waxing, are you going to show us your eyebrows? I bet they look really cute with your sassy haircut!!!  :)  
Nice Hunny was able to come inside, um...she didn't need anything waxed, huh? Maybe a manic, um, I mean PEDicure?!!???   hehehehe  And, fleas, ugh, ticks, uggier! I've plucked 2 ticks off Shadow so far this week. Gotta get those collars on now!!!
Just thinking of tick and flea stories makes me shudder!!!
Don't forget to show us Hunny's new haircut too!!!!  
Love ya, Phinney

bhpcr said...

Feep..Great to see you on the front page!! Congrats.  I read you often but haven't left a comment for some time so now I have :) ~Barbara

babyshark28 said...

that's so nice that they let you bring your dog in!  sweet. :)   that's a major peace of mind.

and so sorry your waxer lady left, and having to get used to a new one.  bummer.  but, I guess you will get used to her too. :)  It's too bad the lady didn't tell you ahead of time that she was leaving.

and finally....good luck with the flea's.   :) xo

gingergirl05 said...

Great goodness me, I'm so sorry I haven't been here in a while!

The waxing sounds really wonderful...I'd love to get waxed.  But I do my own eyebrows--I don't think I'd let anyone touch those lol.  Oh, and I'm happy to hear that you don't leave Hunny in the car on hot days.  I always hate to see animals locked up in a car on a broiling summer day.  Oh lordy, flee season is upon us and my cats are going to need their treatment, too.

I don't watch Survivor, but I hope you enjoyed it!  ~  Kate xo

freeepeace said...

SHARKY - Apparently Minu left last week.  If I could've afforded it, I would've made the appointment a couple of weeks ago. :(  Guess I wasn't meant to say goodbye.

KATE - Hi love. Nice to see you!  I usually pluck my eyebrows. But they're so thick and out of control, it's kinda nice to have it all pulled out at once...sometimes.  Now I just have to keep up with it [which I won't] lol

I'm the same about leaving dogs in the car.  As a dogwalker, it can be scary because there are always dogs left in the car while I run in to pick up/drop off.  And Hunny's in the car the longest, since she comes with me.

freeepeace said...

NIKKI - Ack! I rushed the entry and left it unfinished. I should've said how the waxing went. I *think* the brows are okay.  They are not red and puffy.  I'm not quite sold on the shape. But they're cleaned up - that's for sure. Too expensive though.

How do you do your own waxing?  I can't even remove a band-aid on my own skin. Ouch.

SLOMO - If you ever get the chance to get waxed, do it. At least once in your life.  I haven't met many others who get bit by fleas...another thing we have in common. :P

MALLORY - It took me a while to build up a tolerence to the waxing. It gets less painful every time...kinda.  And yeah, I am really sad about Survivor.  I'm not even excited about the finish.  Lex screwed his tribe by keeping Amber that time. [I actually like Boston Rob]

SMILIN MON - Eyebrows are okay - no burn. But not sure about the shape yet. I wonder if I need to give it 14 days like my haircut.  Shaving is a huge hassle - try waxing, at least once! Then let me know what you think.

PHINNEY - No waxing for Hunny - just a summer cut.  I'll try to get pics of eyebrows and Hunny'do this weekend.  I wouldn't even know how to deal with ticks.  Hunny's never had one ::knock wood::  But fleas, ICK!  They're bad out here in the summer!

BARBARA - Nice to hear from you again. Thanks! :)

wilschw said...

Such are the days of my spring......................sara my favorite cat,has just presented my office with 3 sets of twins,unforunate life cycle 2 sets have moved on to another ephisode[sic] but the rest of the new clan doing well there [2] older sibs are waiting for eyes to open I'm sure to show them there latest tricks 0f dancing with the bugs.................... my other [6] all homeless,well not quite,all welcomed them into their world with their often times humerous tomes....... well back to my world.trying to solve world problems,the most rewarding time of my llife,[he yawns twice] checks the two[2] orange babies,oh bye the way let me introduce u 2 them,this is Bob.......he opened his eyes first,most ambicious,Neal.... most laid eyes will open when they do,his sleepy dreams are much more interesting,I've seen them...he's wright,well on to mine,chat u up later peace 2 u and yours,p.s. the pup is quite the look!! great aura, I'm sure yours and mine will click............................bill

jlreynolds said...

Congratulations on making the Top of the List!  Nice site.  I'll be back often.. . :)  Hope to fid you over my way some day...  :)

donah42 said...

Hey, you could've gotten Hunny waxed and saved yourself some trouble....just kidding! After witnessing your "grooming", maybe Hunny will appreciate her own more:) Fleas love me too--it must be our sweet natures:)

irun01 said...

Wow, if you only knew how many times I've used the phrase, "I was half naked, on my back, with one leg in the air.  She stood over me with a butter knife and hot was."  Ahhhhhhh.. . .good times.

annalisa135 said...

Irun:  you're a goof!   lol!

i did giggle at that part of your entry though, freee.  very funny.

glad it all worked out.  never been waxed myself.  think it would hurt just a tad.  i'll stick to the old fashioned way.    Thanks for a great entry!

c82trinity said...

How funny! I have never had a wax before, I would probably get talked into it too! Sorry that Minu no longer works there:( But hopefully she is happy with whatever she is doing! That is great that they let you bring your puppy in! Good outfit I think:)

jeanyu said...

You write quiet a story almost with any subject! Great! This is my 2nd time today. wow. Have a nice day!

sasonalmah said...

You have a wonderful journal!  You deserved the #1 spot!  


freeepeace said...

ANNA - Get waxed just once and you'll see [but don't judge your decision till the day after]. I feel silky smooth!

C82TRINITY - Try it!  [trying to talk you into it] :P  I'm sure Minu is happy. She's a great person. I just miss her.

JEANYU - Thanks for the kind words. Come back often. I'll try to keep you entertained. Would you like some tea?

TRACY - Thanks.  And thanks for leaving your link. Makes it easier for me to find you :)

freeepeace said...

BILL - A cat-lover I see. Thanks for the visit. My pup does have a great aura. She's a great judge of character too.

JLREYNOLDS - Thanks for leaving your link. I'll try to get there soon. :)

DONAH - Wouldn't it be great if Hunny and I could get groomed at the same place, at the same time?  Right now, she's at a new groomer - and I'm a little nervous [cuz she was shaking when I left her] :(  She'll be okay - just breaks my heart.

IRUN - LOL!  You nut!

plieck30 said...

Nice journal. Congratulations on pick 5. I have never had a pet black widow, but have had a daddy longlegs I got very fond of. It was on the ceiling of the livingroom and I just couldn't kill it. It finally disappeared and I still miss her/him. Paula

billbinford54 said...

I normally get my haircut every three weeks but it's too long write now because Lana is in the Caribbean on vacation.  At least she warned me.  No one else cuts my hair - there's so little left.  (I started Rogaine on the back last week.)

tennesseeheidi said...

I can never imagine getting waxed!  I've always been to fearful of pain!  I like my brows the way they are.  Never plucked, never waxed.  I can't stand those little hairline brows some people walk around with, but everyone their own.  :)

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Oh God...I'm in major need of an eyebrow wax, although I look kind of funny for a couple days skin is all pink and irritated looking.  I've got REALLY sensitive skin.  I can't imagine having my legs waxed.  YIKES!  But how nice to have the money to pamper yourself!  I'm so glad you're getting more business.  Is it coming from the internet site?  Or just word of mouth?  And have you heard anymore from the Labs owners?  (The one's who keep them in the kitchen?)  

I may call you this evening if I have some free minutes, so we can discuss Saucy, the devil dog.  LOL  

newafwife said...

Hi! My name is Zorayda and I live in Arizona. I am thinking about buying a small poodle for my 2 year old daughter but I'm afraid she will start pulling his or her tail so I might wait until she's 2 and a half. I have never gotten my eyebrows or legs waxed. I'm too sensitive to pain. I will try to come back later and read the rest of your journal. I want to start my own.  E-mail me a so we can chat.

echoooo1 said...

Hi~just found your J. If you read my Friday Challenge Journal at
you will find insight into the meaning of life for me. You sound like you need a REASON to do everything you do. The reason is to help other people. You can reach them with your music, with a smile and kind word while walking the dogs, be a bright light to ease someone else's burden. When you realize you are not living to fulfill your own wants, but God's, your life will start to have real meaning to you and other people. I am not overly religious, but from my experiences in life the above is the bottom line. Passing it on to help you discover the meaning of your gifts.                  Echo

georgeekel said...

What's waxing  ???!!!!

ballerinababey15 said...

Hi! I found your site since you're the editors number one pick :) Its really interesting to read! haha I can totally relate to the whole waxing thing...when I found out the girl who normally does my eyebrows wasnt there anymore its like "okay! time to go home, mope around in PJs and eat a gallon of icecream!" well...maybe thats exaggerating haha but its pretty close! Im gonna go but I just wanted to say hey! later

ballerinababey15 said...

by the way, my journal is "girl_in_pink" :)

freeepeace said...

PAULA - Did you know daddy longlegs are the most poisonous but least dangerous spider? Learned that years ago, when they lived in the corners of my loft. Thanks for visiting.

BILLBINFORD - Lucky Lana - in the Caribbean.  She'll be back. No worries. But I can relate. Only my hairdresser cuts my hair!

TENNESSEE - The fifteen minutes of pain from waxing is worth it not to have to shave for a month.  And I like full eyebrows too.

BRIDGETT - Just so you know, I go to the cheapest place in town. They're sloppy. I leave sticky.  But they do the job!  I can't afford the true luxury of a salon wax.  Dogwalking business is coming from all different angles. So it's all good.  No, haven't heard from the Lab owners.  I don't expect to.  It's okay. I said my goodbyes here.

NEWAFWIFE - Please research poodles before you get one for your family.  And make sure it's for you - not your child. [I'm not sure poodles make the best family pets].  I'm pretty sensitive to pain too... I figure, if I can handle waxing, anyone can.  Good luck starting your journal.  Leave a link if you do.

ECHO - Thanks for the tip.

GEORGEEKEL - It's in the entry.

BALLERINABABEY - Ha! Moping in PJs and eating a gallon of ice cream sounds great actually.  But yeah, a bit of an exaggeration. Thanks for leaving your link.

krobbie67 said...

Your description almost sounds like a trip to the OB/GYN definitely not gonna do the legs any time soon. I am all about getting the brows done because I'm too lazy to pluck all those buggers. Yeah!!!! for business picking up!!! :-) ---Robbie

freeepeace said...

It's not quite a trip to the GYN but I can see how you'd mistake the two - kinda.  Frankly, I'd much rather get my legs waxed!  Ommm for the doggie business!

musenla said...

Minu is gone?!  Gasp.  You didn't tell how the rest of that waxing went.  And more importantly, she didn't burn your eyebrows, did she?!!

Hunny for being such an alpha dog is so well behaved.  She's sweet but has this underlying attitude of ugh, this is all so beneath me, lol.