Saturday, April 24, 2004

Second Favorites

Weekend Assignment #2 - Second favorites.

Here's my list of First Runner Ups...

MOVIE - This is the toughest one.  Let's say A League Of Their Own. I wanted to be a pro baseball player - but I wasn't allowed to play with the boys in high school.  This movie was my dream.

BOOK - I'm not much of a book reader but I'd have to say, Many Lives, Many Masters. It's the first book I read that spoke to the truth of my soul.

ALBUM - Fortune Cookies - by Alana Davis.  Go back to the first few months of my journal and you'll see she was pretty much all I could listen to.  I still have her on heavy rotation.

SCHOOL TEACHER - Mrs. Carey. She was my English teacher and our class advisor in high school. She and I shared the same interests [music, theater].  She graduated from that high school too.  And as far as I know, she's still teaching there.

ICE CREAM FLAVOR - Cookies-n-cream!  Need I explain?

SPORTS TEAM - L.A. Dodgers, for the sole reason that I now live in L.A.  [just like my fave will always be my previous-home team]

Let it be known that my second favorite sport is Skateboarding [any X-treme sport!]

COMFORT FOOD - chocolate chip cookies! [we all know which one is first]

CELEBRITY CRUSH - Angelina Jolie. Yes, a woman. And yes, she's first runner up.

CARTOON CHARACTER - I'm not big on cartoons but from my childhood - Foghorn Leghorn. I say, I say boy...

WAY TO RELAX - Hot bath with essential oils and lots of salt.  [It's been too long!]


greenheart21469 said...

Who's your first fave celebrity crush?

screaminremo303 said...

Ms. Jolie is indeed worthy.  You are an intriguing woman

babyshark28 said...

Hey there lady.
nice list.  couldn't think of any second favorites???  :)

I didn't know you were such a baseball nut.  We play a lot of baseball on my side of the family.  I like playing it too.  

Angelina Jolie, she is indeed worthy.  A splendid form and mind for any soul. :)

foghhorn leghorn...yep. c'mere boy!

now take some time to take a bath!  With extra salt!!  xoxo :P

krobbie67 said...

Jolie is #2? I can't even imagine who would top that! Great list! I'm so glad you posted. I was going through Freee withdrawals. ;-) ---Robbie

slowmotionlife said...

Loved Madonna in A League of Their Own.  I was just about to slap you for stealing my celebrity crush, when I realized this is your SECOND celebrity crush.  What's wrong with you?  LOL  Mraz Spaz!  :P

Lots of salt, as in real salt, table salt??  I'd think that would be irritating!  No?  Interesting!  :D

floralilia said...

great list trish - i love a league of their own...."wha...are you crying? there's no crying in baseball!!"

great movie..

miarenee24 said...

I learned a few things I didn't already know.
I "think" I know who your #1 celebrity crush is..
I didn't know you like basball so much! I have to see that movie. I don't think I've seen that one before.
I'll try to get around to this .. as you know, I'm always late.
Love you!

mallory4284 said...

I'm at a loss, cause I don't think I know what the first comfort food is? Hmmm...thinking, I could guess, but I dunno...

League of Their Own....very good movie!! That is a good one. I think movies are hard to pick favs though. Cause I like a whole bunch equally, so how can i have a favorite and then runners up??

Good list of runners up though!!

-- Mallory :)

indigosunmoon said...

I should have said a warm bath as my second fav way to relax...but since its been so long...I guess I forgot how nice that was!  LOL   -Connie

andreakingme said...

Foghorn Leghorn! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!


I loved A Leage of Their Own, too. That's another three-dimensional movie where I laughed, I cried and I learned a lot. So many great movies ... so little time.

Hey, cookies-n-cream ice cream is MY runner up, too. Oh, me so hungry.

c82trinity said...

great entries! I agree with a league of their own...i cried and cried thru that movie!

txsguinan said...

2nd choices are HARD.   I love that you love baseball ~ we're crosstown rivals; Go Anaheim Angels!  The Hubs once tried out for a major league team; so long ago he won't let me tell who.  He cracks up at that "...there's no CRYING in baseball!..." line from 'League'...

And Foghorn was a RIOT! And Angelina one intriguing chick.  And baths...hmmn...I think I remember baths... :)

jennipooh3597 said...

...listening to "Shelby Starner"... she reminds me of you, somehow... Hmmm.  I haven't undertaken this assignment yet... You weren't allowed to play with the boys in high school? mean, baseball?  (he he)  Love, Jenn

sunflowerkat321 said...

Thinking of 2nds is HARD.  I haven't been willing to think that much this weekend.  I'm not much for team sports...but I LOVE the xtreme sport.  It is amazing what some of those people can do!!!

gingergirl05 said...

I'm all with you on the extreme sports.  I love skateboarding, biking, rollarblading...all that kind of good stuff.  I suck at sports, but watching others is great fun for me.  My friend says he's going to teach me to skateboard/longboard.  He's got one hell of a job! lol   Oooo Foghorn Leghorn! lol  I love cartoons.  I can never get enough of them--not now, not ever.  ~  Kate xo

freeepeace said...

TXSGUINAN - I loved the Angels when they were "California Angels" but my fave American League team is still the Boston Red Sox.  So hubs plays/played ball too!  C'mon! Tell! Which team?

Umpire:  "What seems to be the problem Jimmy?"
Tom Hanks:  "She's cryin' sir."
Umpire:  "Perhaps you chastise your players to vehemently."

JENN - Shelby Starner huh? I'll check her out.  And yes, I mean baseball. :)

KAT - Xtreme sports deserve entries all for themselves, now that I think of it.  The XGames are in L.A. again this summer. I might go.  I had tickets last year but passed to  be with friends.

KATE - Have fun learning to skateboard.  I've been a wannabe skateboarder chick most of my life. It just wasn't in the cards for me.  The most I can do is rollerblade.  I still may buy a skateboard someday! I'll be the oldest chick learning to kick flip after school at the park. :P

freeepeace said...

MALLORY - Ahh, my first comfort food is mashed potatoes [check my journal entries from around last thanksgiving! lol]  I had a hard time picking out this as my 2nd fave, because it's worthy of the #1 slot.

INDIGO - It's been too long since I've had a bath I can relax into - and now that the weather is warming up, I'm not much into soaking in the heat of the tub. LOL But, maybe a warm bath, like you say! Hmmm...

ANDREA - I even wore out the soundtrack to that movie. I forgot how much it made me cry too. Cool, we have the same 2nd fave ice cream!  What's your #1 kind?

C82TRINITY - Now I want to rent [or buy] that movie!

freeepeace said...

GREENHEART - My first fave celebrity crush is a tie between Annabella Sciorra and Jason Mraz.

REMO - Just as you are an intriguing man.

SHARKY - These are all 2nd favorites [first runner up = 2nd place].  My love of baseball seems to slip by even my closest friends.  I'm not quite a nut over it. But I will rearrange my schedule to watch the Little League World Series on ESPN in the summer!

ROBBIE - It was a tough call but she had to take second for that freak-factor. I'm all for freaky but knives terrify me!

SLOMO - Yes, Madonna was fabulous!  And yes, that's regular table salt.  It's very cleansing - energetically.  Like half a container.  No it's not irritating at all. It's luxurious.  Especially with a little lavender. Oooh - so nice!

FLORALILIA - Great quote! Haha. I can't believe I don't own a copy of that movie!

MIA - I hope you do this assignment. It's fun reading everyone's 2nd faves.  Take your time :)

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute!  Chocolate chip cookies is your SECOND favorite?  Where have I been?  LOL  

A League of Their Own is one of my faves too.  It makes me laugh.  It makes me cry.  (everytime too!  You'd think after seeing it 50 times, I wouldn't be so torn up when they all meet up for the induction into the Hall of Fame.  And when they start singing...'Batter Up...', it just kills me).