Sunday, April 18, 2004

Hunny's Weekend Assignment

Carly's cat, Elvis put a little bug in my dog, Hunny's ear this morning.  And it's not a flea [thanks to her recent grooming and flea control].  It seems I've been taking most of the credit for our life over here - and Hunny wants in!

Here are Hunny's 25 Things for this Weekend's Assignment.

1.   I was pregnant when my mom adopted me. But she didn't know it. Neither did the vet when I went to get spayed. They aborted my puppies without consulting my mama. I've searched for them ever since.

2.   I raised my baby kitty brother, Pepper, from when he was 10 weeks old.

3.   I love un-neutered big boy doggies - and they love me!

4.   When I was a puppy I'm proud to say I destroyed two couches, every pillow we owned, CD jewel cases, books, boxes, mama's baby pictures and handmade gifts by chewing them to bits.  And I only weigh 24 lbs. Hear me roar.

5.   Of all mama's songs, my favorite is Walls of Pain.  My least favorite is Obsession.

6.   I understand English better than any dog I know.  I secretly know how to speak it too, but don't tell anyone.  It's fun watching everyone try to guess what I need.

7.   I was adopted from the pound so we don't know when I was born.  We say my birthday is January 5, 1995.  I'm nine years old.  But I still look like a puppy. Ha! Eat your heart out kids.

8.   I may appear to be precious, sweet and feminine, but don't let that fool you. I can run like a mighty dog and take down the big boys!  If you're a stranger, never turn away from me.  If you're a puppy, stay clear if you know what's good for you.  I'm the boss of you!

9.   Cuddling is to be done on my time, at my pace, when I'm available...usually first thing in the morning, when I'm half-asleep and not thinking. Even then, do not put your arm around me. You want me near? Leave me alone.

10.  My favorite thing to do is to fake-pee so I can hear mama say "find it" in all different tones.

11.  I can dance, sing and pur.

12.  I love my cousins, Opie and Roshi so much I'll give up my bones for them.

13.  I'm always up for a challenge.  I could've taken that rattlesnake with one paw tied behind my back.

14.  I'm on a high-fiber diet because of my colitis.  On a walk is where I get my revenge.  God help her if she forgot the baggies.

15.  OK, honestly, I have mixed emotions about mama's dogwalking.  I get lots of exercise, sun, dirt, water and play time - but I have to share her with others.  She often forgets that I'm top dog.  But I don't let them forget. No way!

16.  I was a stand-in for a brand-name dog food photo shoot.  And frankly, I was cuter and funner to photograph.

17.  I traveled on a plane, all by myself and I hated every moment of it. But I was so good in the crate, the airline people gave me lots of loving.  Still, cargo travel sucks!

18.  I've moved 10 times in the last 8 years.

19.  I'm an excellent watch dog. Don't mess with me.

20.  I remember when I didn't trust anyone.  Sorry about nipping the heals of that passerby.  Oh and sorry about that one guy's jeans - but we all know he deserved it.

21.  People stop us all the time and try to put their hands all over me. Mama's good - she tells them how I like to be introduced.  Geez you guys, I don't ruffle your hair when we meet!  And I certainly don't smack you on the ass!  Most of you are idiots anyway. Tailless freaks. I mean, how do you read each other without a tail?

22.  In my next life, I'm going to be human. [Don't try to sway me. It's already been arranged.]

23.  I traveled cross country in a car with a cat, a kid and two tired adults. [and they had the nerve to blame the smell on me!]

24.  I hate men in uniform.  Except for the brown ones.  They give me treats.  I'll chase a big brown truck down the street anytime... that is, if I weren't constantly on this damn leash!

25.  I'm the best daughter in the world - and the smartest.  I'm also a great mama, sister, niece, cousin and friend. I rock!  I'm the real superstar around here.  I'm ready for my close-up now.


txsguinan said...

Well, Hunny is JUST THE CUTEST THING *EVER*!! ... :)

indigosunmoon said...

Awwww Hunny!  You tell your momma, if she ever gets tired of having you around, that Connie said you could come and live at her house, with all her pets!  You would have a great time bossing my puppies around!  And there are a few un-neutered guys around here that you might find enjoyable!  I just love your list!  I'm gonna share it with my doggies!  

screaminremo303 said...

Okay, okay, dammit!  I'll get my kids a dang dog after all. I just KNOW my wife sent you that female-Jedi mind thing to make you post this entry.  :::sigh::: I never had a chance...

irun01 said...

Nice work Hunny.  Give your mom a hug from the Running Man.

krobbie67 said...

This was too fricken funny!! Well except for #1. :-(
:-) ---Robbie

lifes2odd said...

That was too cute! (both the 25 things and the photo of your baby :-)

freeepeace said...

INDIGO - As much as Hunny may love a visit to your house with all those fun pets, there's no way I'd let her live apart from me. We appreciate the offer - but I will never get tired of having her around. :)  Hi to your doggies.

TXSGUINAN - Yes, Hunny IS just the cutest dog EVER!  I say "thank you" as if I gave birth to her! :)

SCREAMINREMO - My job here is done.

IRUN - Got your message from Hunny. Thanks!

ROBBIE - Yeah, #1 was sad. I had no idea what to expect as a new doggie mama. I just always thought she was searching for her pups. [talk about projection] lol

LIFES2ODD - My baby is cute, isn't she? :)

goldenchildnc said...

Ah Freee! I've been catching up on you over here! Loved your tribute to AOL J! But you forgot one person who truly rocks baby and that's YOU! :-) These 25 things are about to drive me bonkers! Sure it makes for an easy read when you're catching up on journals but Jesus! Didn't we just go through a whole slew of "100 things?" Egad! :-)

ondinemonet said...

OMG...If we ever get Honey and Elvis together look out world! These two would be friends for sure. I had to read #14 like 5 times because that was soooooo not the word my twisted mind was reading...ROFLMAO! I kept wondering...Hmmm??? Why high-fiber and would it work for me! ROFLMAO!!! Always Carly :)

arristacratt said...

Hunny do - she does Rock.  What a sweet face!

freeepeace said...

GREGG - Nice to see you, donut-lovin boy! [save some for me will ya?] ;)  I didn't do the 100 things. Scalzi's doing a great thing by rallying our community.  Look at the participation.  Pets even. Woohoo - Love this community. ::smooches::

CARLY - ROFL!!!  I got the "comment alert" and didn't even have to look back at #14 to see what you're talking about.  I cracked up.  You are a trip, woman!  I just love you!  "would it work for me" ROFLMAO too! [no courtesy laugh here!]

ARRISTACRATT - Right on! Thanks for visiting.

babyshark28 said...

LOL! so cute.  I read carly's too. cute.  I haven't done this 25 thing yet...don't even know if I will even try.  I'm too boring. And as for pets...all we have is one fish....and that definately wouldn't be exciting at all...LOL.

ggal3133 said...


c82trinity said...

How awesome! so cute!! loved the entries:)

greenheart21469 said...

Hunny, you do look like a puppy--what's your secret?  My cats would love to know.  I hope your mom doesn't mind if I put her journal link in my journal.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Awww...Hunny, you are quite a dog.  I think you need to move to Washington for a month, and teach my Saucy JoJo a thing or two about being a great pet!  

Give your mom lots of love for me!  

andreakingme said...

Are you surprised when I say that I loved this entry? Hee, hee. I love reading about Hunny-girl. When it comes to success stories, she's a true rags-to-riches girl because of her mommy.


slowmotionlife said...

Tehehehe... you go, Hunny Bunny!!  You rock!!!!  ::smackin' your rear... rufflin' your hair::  What??  I wouldn't be a good aunt if I didn't give you the equivalent of the annoying aunty cheek pinch, now would I???  LOL

babea28 said...

That is sooo  cute how , you portray your dog. It is halarious.

penguine4050 said...

first time i read your journal and i love this entry i am an animal lover and this warmed my heart, keep them coming

freeepeace said...

SHARKY - Do the 25 things already wouldja? ;)  Imagine all the things your fish would have to say.  LOL

GGAL - Hunny thanks you.

C82TRINITY - Thanks from Me-n-Hunny.

GREENHEART - Hunny says if she told you her secret, it wouldn't be a secret anymore :)  Thanks for the linkage.

BRIDGETT - Yeah well, remember Hunny was a puppy once too. Did you read #4.  It was quite a challenge back then.

freeepeace said...

ANDREA - Not surprised at all. I expect to see a list from His Orangeness!

SLOMO - Hunny would actually be upset if you DIDN'T give her the aunty cheek pinch!

BABEA - What do you mean, how I portray my dog?  She took over last night. :P  hehehe

PENGUINE - Ah, another animal lover. Welcome. Come back anytime.

jeri452 said...

Precious dog!!

meijer28 said...

Awww... such a cute entry and an adorable dog. She's so cute.


annalisa135 said...

What a creative, wonderful idea to post Hunny's list!  Really great and cute!  And i absolutely love her close up!  What a sweetie pie!  No wonder you named her Hunny, cause she really is!  

sistercdr said...

What a cutie!

lucylouladybug said...

I loved reading this about Hunny.  The thing about her being pregnant, that broke my heart.  (((Hunny)))

She's such a sweet puppy, I know she's full grown, but she does look like a puppy!  I know you love her so much!

Love, Penny

chersypie said...

Hunny, you are the best girl in the world and the smartest.  I love you with all of my self and I am honored to call oyu teacher and friend!

musenla said...

Hunny is superstar material, just like her mommy.  Those cuddly good looks belie an uberpup, lol.

Rattlesnake?  She actually got near one?  She probably stared the thing down until it slinked away, didn't it?

lilrazcal79 said...

What an adorable dog!  I have a cute one myself. Her name is Sasha. Here's the link if you ever want to see a picture.