Thursday, March 18, 2004

Trip Out

I was blog-hopping. Ha! Like I have time for that. I should be cleaning or practicing yoga.  Anyway, I asked a fellow blogger to share links to a few of his favorite blogs the other day.  I added them to my bloglines without really paying attention.  Today I scrolled right past all my favorites, seeing an overwhelming amount of new entries I have yet to read. When I got to the bottom, I came across the few blogs my friend sent me. I figured I should check them out - otherwise delete them.

The image is courtesy of Lori Bradley and her blog, a.d.d. (another dissertation distraction). She can't remember where it came from so I thought it only best to at least credit her blog.  She swears nothing is actually moving on the screen - but I can't make it stop!

Get quiet, breathe consciously, and spend 30 seconds focused one spot in the image. This, my friends, is a journey!

1.  How many times did the word blog appear in this entry?

2.  What's another word for journey - as it is used in the last statement of this entry?

3.  How many readers have I lost by mentioning yoga yet again?

4.  Which of my favorite bloggers stopped reading as they read, Today I scrolled right past all my favorites?

Where does the image originally come from?


karensull12 said...

1. 6 2. trip 3. ? 4. not me Bonus: courtesy of Lori Bradley's blog

I notice that if you look at the whole thing it appears to be moving, but if you focus on one spot it stays static...very cool...

dazeychic said...

Oh and before I forget, Ben and I ordered your demo a week ago...maybe longer (?) did our order go through?? Im like RUNNING to the mailbox everyday like a moron! My Kitties think I have lost my mind, "Ohhh! Mails here! yay!"
Even Ben is looking for it! hehe
Well, lemme know if our order went through..maybe our credit card is maxed! ha! Who knows! XXOO ~Shells

dazeychic said...

OK! That image is making my tummy feel icky! I hate those things...Its like when Im driving I dont get car sick...but when someone else drives I DO!? Weird. I'll make this quick...Im just popping in to say hi! so HI! hehe
Continues below...

queenz43 said...

I'm fr-fr-freakin out free. Make it stop!! OK here are my answers. 1. Blog appeared 2 times.
2.Another word for journey in same context: trip
3.Not me
4.See above answer
Bonus:Lori Bradley: another dissertation distraction
Can we have a mini bundt for a prize if we are right? ::begging with puppy dog eyes::

itsjustusinnc said...

1. The word "blog" appeared 7 times in different forms throughout the entry including the pop quiz
2. Peregrination
3. 3.1415926 (approximately)
4. What am I doing here?

Bonus Answer: From Satan. MAKE IT STOP!!!!! AAAAAAAAAACK!


krobbie67 said...

A Pop Quiz! I quit! You are so cruel. Since this won't really affect my GPA (Good Pal Apptitude) I'll decline to answer but will say wow that is a trip, or better known as a journey. ;-) ---Robbie

P.S. It won't affect my GPA really. Will it?

mallory4284 said...

1) If I was counting right, I believe there were 7 mentions of the word "blog" (that is if words like "bloggers" count as an appearance...)

2) Is this a trick question? Cause I dunno....

3) Ya haven't lost me!! I'd say you haven't lost anybody!

4) I'd say none again, if you're truly a dedicated freee-reader you wouldn't stop reading no matter what....

Bonus: I have no clue....

kemh632 said...

That is so cool!

musenla said...

Argh, I actually had to cover the graphics part of your entry, everything started moving even before I was finished reading it!

You mentioned blog seven times, trip is another word for journey, don't think you've lost any readers (you have a loyal bunch =P), and zip to the last question, too. No idea where that image came from. And I don't even wanna find out, unless I chance on more images of the same in which case I would think I'm on a high!

sepintx said...

Pop Quiz! { gasp }
1.) 4 times mentioning of the word blog
2.) Jaunt
3.) Not me as the peace returned to your entries as you went yoga.
4.) Not me :-)

Bonus Question:
No clue, but I like the little Y's that are on it!

jeffcomedy said...

1. in any form? 7 times

2. trip

3. zero

4. I'm guessing Robb or Gregg

I posted the link in my journal on Feb. 22, 2004 titled "Who needs drugs, when you got this." I got the link from By the Way... I'm not sure which entry, but from one of his early ones. Like Aug, Sept or October of 2003. The actuall link is

Do I win?

jeffcomedy said...

sorry, typo-

and that particular image is next to last. The page itself has many trippy images to make you seasick

irun01 said...

Ahhhhhhhhh . . . .stop the spinning!! To answer the two most important questions in your pop quiz . . . . Number 3 -- Mention yoga as much as you want, you'll never lose the running dude . . . . Number 4 -- Same answer as above.
Rock on Rock Star.

andreakingme said...

Durn you, Feep! I think you've been eating too much of that chocolate bundt cake and it's making you nuts. (I think it'd be interesting to watch someone's EYES while they stare at that nerve wracking image! I wonder if our eyes are going round and round in the sockets like a cartoon characters?)

1. Seven.
2. Rats.
3. Not me! Wax on about yoga, babe!
4. Obviously not me. I know you'll always come back to the dark side.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Sorry, Freee. After 5 years of college and a year long orientation (and whopper test) in the OR...I reserve the right to refuse any more pop quizzes during my natural life.

After saying that...I would like to mention that the picture is making me DIZZY! =)

I miss you. I'm so glad you're happy, feeling good, and loving us all here in AOL-J Land!

p.s. Left comments all over the place. See if you can find them. =)

s0ngbird1962 said...

1) 5 X's? Unless your counting blogger and bloglist 2) TRIP....and that graphic is. I look away but can STILL see it moving in my peripheral vision, lol
3) I love yog-------------urt : P 4) I stopped reading, the nerve! Oh, wait if I stopped reading I wouldn't be doing this quiz right? Damn, lol, now you won't believe me...
Bonus: a.d.d. aka Lori Bradley

derossetfamily said...

What did you say? ::stare:: I'm gonna be here a while :P
No really, its not moving?

nikki247 said...

OOOH! I can't stop it from moving even while I am typing this comment!! LOL. Anyway, sorry about not answering the pop quiz - but you haven't lost me as a reader by mentioning Yoga - I really would like to try it, it would be a great stress reliever - but, I am not very flexible and pilates is hard enough! Plus, I just can't see myself in a class with people...maybe I will try a DVD or something ;)

deabvt said...

Hey,That`s great!! Gestalt Psych!!!

donah42 said...

That's "trippy" Freee, not that I would know....

miarenee24 said...

Wow! I like that image! I tried to stay focused but my eyes began to tear up. I need my glasses for this one :) Pop quiz questions too hard for my brain which can't be still! Have a nice weekend! Love ya

sonensmilinmon said...

Mkae it sotp so I cna wirte, Im' dyzzi!

1. 7 if you count all forms of the word.
2. TRIP ~ and WoW what a trip that was!
3. Not this one ... someday I hope my body can attempt to do some beginner yoga
4. WHAT, YOU stopped reading us ... uhhh, what am I doing here ~ outta here!!! (OK so, it was an empty threat on my part!!!)

Bonus question: Someone who is attempting to take control of all the aol-journals!!!

Smilin Mon

amk829 said...

LOL, love that image, its cool!

1) 7 times, if I counted right.
2) Adventure
3) None! lol, nobody likes to leave your journal, its great!
4) Um... I'm not sure, but I'm still reading! lol

Yet again, that picture is cool and I'm enjoying your Jouney to Peace!


iwaterbeari said...

Bonus Answer: I originally saw the link to that image (and several more images like it) on JeffComedy's Journal (, entry (

The original site address he posted is

If you think THAT image is wild, go look at the rest of them!! And definitely have a look at Jeff's journal if you haven't already.


gingergirl05 said...

1.) Without looking back? Hmm, I'll guess 9 times.

2.) Trip, adventure, voyage, expedition...

3.) I'm guessing none, notta, zip, zilch.

4.) Slo?

5.) You got it from Lori...someone? But she doesn't remember where she got it from, so you gave her credit.

Do we get little hard candies if we pass? Remember how in elementary school teachers used to hand out candies for good grades? ~ Kate xo

freeepeace said...

STEVEN - Good point about peace and yoga. Thanks pal! :) I admit, I stared at the image for a moment looking for "the little Y's" you mentioned. Yet, they were the very first things I remember seeing...before I focused on trying to make it stop spinning.

JEFF - You win the bonus question my friend. I haven't visited the link you posted 'cause I'm not so sure I can handle more than one moving image at a time. I'll check it someday. :P

IRUN - yogayogayogayogayoga!! That's how much I trust what you say :)

ANDREA - Journey = Rats? [am I missing something?] lol

BRIDGETT - Of all AOL-J'ers, I thought you'd enjoy a quiz the most. Here's one: How many quizzes have you participated in and forwarded to me? Bonus Question: How many quizzes have you created? :P

MICHELLE - Yogurt [still, lol]

MARY - I said... uhhh... ::stare:: what?

freeepeace said...

KAREN - I tried focusing on one spot and I just went deeper into it. Still very cool.

SHELLS - I sent you email - CD is on its way!

RC - Even though "blog" appeared way more than 2x there's plenty of mini bundt cake for you my dear. Especially with those puppy dog eyes. ::wink::

GREGG - Peregrination? LOL Great bonus answer too. I can't wait to update my journal to get rid of this image!

ROBBIE - Nope, won't affect your GPA! So clever! Always!

MALLORY - #2 is not a "trick" question, it's a "trip" question. ::wink:: And, you're a student, do you actually answer "I have no clue" on quizzes in college? :P

KEMH - Fun stuff!

MUSE - I've come to notice the image moves at a different rate each time I pass it. Must have something to do with my mood or something. Or the kind of high I'm on. :P

freeepeace said...

NIKKI - Stick with what you love [pilates] and if yoga calls to you, go for it! BTW: you don't need to be flexible to do's really a personal practice. :)

VINCE - Is it Gestalt?

DONAH - Right...a hippy wouldn't know trippy if she fell over it! :P

MIA - If the pop quiz questions are too much for your brain, perhaps you shouldn't be focusing on the image till your eyes tear up. :P

SMILIN MON - Love what you did with that first statement. Very cool. Go for the yoga woman! And NO I haven't stopped reading my faves. Really! :)

ANDREW - Thought you might like the image. Check out that site below, listed by JEFFCOMEDY. You might like the others too! Quite an adventure! :)

SANDIE - I've not only read Jeff's journal - I've PIMPED him! :) You've got good taste in journals!

KATE - An actual "LOL" from me - You WIN. Apparently you're right on #4. No comment from Slo - she must've stopped reading! Little hard candies for you, sweet little one! :)

jennipooh3597 said...

:::vertigo:::: he he! 6? Trip? Yoga? Did you mention yoga? (he he) NONE! :) Bonus question: Hell? ;) Hey, have you read this neat little book called "Morning Cup of Yoga"? If you purchase the nifty bonus pack... you get this really fun big rubber ball to play with! Vastly entertaining...wooo hooo! (be careful though...I've fallen off mine more than once due to my uncontained zeal! :) Be well, Freee.... Jenn

slowmotionlife said...

I've seen this image before!! Uber-kewl, and yes, definitely NOT moving.

1. 3 ??
2. Odyssey
3. I didn't see your mention of Yoga.. but then again, I'm dizzy at this point, and I didn't really re-read after your "Today I scrolled right past all my favorites" statement. ::smirk::
4. ::double smirk::
BONUS: No one knows. Perhaps it sprung up from the earth in secret or mysteriously appeared in Bradley's Blog unbenounced to her. :P

clarity4today said...

Don't needle me with pop-quizzes. Is this supposed to be one of those things where the 3'D image emerges? I can never see those. ::sigh:: Some issue with my eyes. Lack of depth perception. Tragic. Well, sort of tragic. lol

babyshark28 said...

I willed the wheels to stop spinning..and they did...briefly. the questions...
2. question
3. none
4. me (lol) ?
there, how was that...? I am sooo behind!! you will never see this!

slacbacmac said...

#1. Seven #2. sojourn, travail, path, experience
#3. Nearly zero #4. impossible 2 answer, i scrolled...
BONUS~~an artsy Japanese web=site, i can get bac 2 it.
Love your jernal/Glow, coff=gergle 'blog' lata

somenuttychic said...

Oh my gosh. Good thing I finished that entry. Those circles were spinning in all different directions and making me dizzy. Loved the pop quiz! Very funny!