Friday, March 5, 2004

Quick check-in

I wish I could say I've been busy playing with my new computer toys.  But honestly, I've been exhausted and a little discombobulated.  I'm not feeling very well today - very low-energy, a little irritated and struggling with the prefix of muscle pain and body aches.

I don't usually eat breakfast but I had to coat my stomach with something so I could prepare for the possibility of mega-milligrams of motrin!  And food slows me down even more as my body uses the remaining energy to help digest the dang oatmeal.

I have a lot on my schedule today.  Two separate dog runs and a whole day of cleaning. I'm also supposed to go to a gathering tonight.  Already I want to cry in sheer exhaustion.  I'm so overwhelmed.  I want to be in bed.  All day.  Sitting up is taking too much energy.

But I will get through it.  It will be midnight before I know it and this day will have passed.  I will either be surprised by how smooth the day went or I will be grateful, wondering how I ever survived.

For now, I'll take one moment at a time.  I can't look too far into the day.  It only shows me how much I have yet to do.

At this moment, I will breathe.  What happens next is to be determined by the next breath.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone. I know I have a lot to catch up on in AOL-J.  I guess there's consistency in that.  I will do what I can. 



geminiwilder said...

breathe, breathe, breathe, ..........exhale.
i am feeling kinda same today, freee. took a nap...upset tummy.
i hafta go walk now to beau's school to pick him up and it's forty degrees and drizzling! :( AND we have a PTO function tonight at school, *sigh* with umpteen kids and cake and reading and crafts!
i'm lucky here, midnight comes to me before to you....:P feel better!

ondinemonet said...

(((((Trish))))) Take care of yourself...scented candles and lots of music. :) Be well, always, Carly :)

slowmotionlife said...

I woke up to a list of things to do today; make dr. appointment, wash hair, have hair cut, call sister, buy plane tickets, clean house, paint nails. So far, I haven't tackled even ONE. I've sat playing at websites all day. lol Ah well... life is short and there's always tomorrow. Keep trudging, girl. You'll make it through the day. I have faith in you. :)

s0ngbird1962 said...

Awwww Freee, you're sounding overwhelmed...and that's a tough feeling to deal with when you physically feel blah. Maybe tomorrow you can take a day and just have a "do nothing" day? Today is mine. I'm STILL in pj's & have no plans on getting out of them. Not even cooking, it's take out/delivery tonight. : )
Breathing is good; as long as you don't hold your breath too long.... xo

linus131999 said...

awe happy friday to u hope u had or have a nice one

queenz43 said...

Awww Sweetie, so sorry you aren't feeling well today. {{{{Freee}}}}
I can definitely understand what you mean about feeling overwhelmed. Hope you are not coming down with something again. Well,once you're done with what you have to do today maybe you can take and extended Breathe-R and rest up a bit. Try anyway. I'll be thinking of you. Hope at the stroke of midnight, if you're still up, you can smile after having made it through the day. ~RC~

musenla said...

Aww, we all have days like this. Slow down and take some time for yourself. Even 15 minutes of full mind and body relaxation can do wonders, as you know. Don't look at them as chores, look at them as fun! The dog runs as a chance to enjoy the gorgeous California day, house cleaning as a personal triumph, and the gathering as a chance to party! =P

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Light that yummy smelling candle I sent you, put it by the nice hot water with lots of bubbles, turn on some lovely relaxing music and luxuriate! (Is that even a word?) The hot water will help those achy muscles and the candle, bubbles and music will help that feeling of utter hopelessness. I'm with you in spirit, dear sweet Trish!

Love and miss you! Feel like we haven't talked for awhile...

XO ~ Bridgett

itsjustusinnc said...

You WILL get through it all and with flying colors I might add. So let it be written. So let it be done! :-)


krobbie67 said...

"I will do what I can. " <--- That's all you can do, nothing more. Hopefully the day brought you the rest you need, if not there's always tomorrow. :-) ---Robbie

metski715 said...

You are a great person. Whatever does happen to you next will be good because of this. What comes around goes around, and you should have lots of good coming to ya!

somenuttychic said...

Poor thing -- you sound ready to drop. Here's hoping things got beter.

freeepeace said...

MICHELLE - Well here we are at my "do nothing" day and I'm feeling anxious...Like I should be "doing something." Figures. Breathing IS so I don't hold my breath [something we all tend to do]

LINUS - Thanks - did you have a nice Friday?

RC - The day crawled to midnight. But I was in bed watching movies by 8:00. Couldn't sleep though. Was up till 1:30. But I made it thorugh the day! :)

freeepeace said...

CINDY - PTO function sounds kinda cool though. The perfect thing to take us out of ourselves. :) Midnight didn't come fast enough for me yesterday.

SLOMO - How's your list coming along?

CARLY - Ooh, great idea with the candles and music. I was too tired for both by last night. But I did have the music blaring while I was scrubbing and scouring!

freeepeace said...

GREGG - What is this? The Passion of the Gregg? :P You're right - I did get through it. You are my savior!

ROBBIE - Trying to rest today. And I owe you email. Ugh. Already Saturday... hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow for High Tea. :)

freeepeace said...

MARA - Cleaning is sometimes meditative for me. But yesterday I was just feeling so "off" that I just wanted to cry all day, every breath, every move. It was a gorgeous day with the dogs - but all I could think was how I miss a yard and living steps to the beach. And I passed on the gathering last night. Needed to be in bed!

BRIDGETT - Great idea about a bath - Perhaps later today. Love and miss you too - feel free to call anytime :)

freeepeace said...

CHRIS - Thank you for that reflection. Very nice to hear/read. :)

NUTTY-NIKKI - I was about to drop. I did drop a few times. And things are getting better :) Thanks!

babyshark28 said...

do what you can...and enjoy it! that's why I get leisure time, I just say... "Enough!" I will internally explode if I don't take frequent breaks, doing something that I love or enjoy. hang in there Freee and keep breathing. love ya. xo