Tuesday, March 30, 2004


I'm applying for part-time work to supplement my income so I don't have to give up the dog-clients I have right now.  If something doesn't shift soon, I may have to take a full time position somewhere to get caught up.  But that would mean losing the clients I have now and starting all over again when I'm caught up [which is why I'm in this position now].

I'm responding to ads placed on this free online community bulletin board.  I love this board.  It's a great source of information.  I've gotten a few past clients from here.  It's reputable with a high-volume of traffic.  But anyone can post anything at anytime.

The majority of job posts are one paragraph long with a brief description of the position and hourly wage.  Many of them don't give a company name, the employer's name or their email address [there's often an anonymous "reply to" address through the bulletin board].  Most of these posts are freelancers looking for help, therefore their rate of pay is a fraction of what the position is worth.

I've been replying with basic information about myself, asking to hear more about the position, company and their needs.  Because I don't know who I'm replying to, I don't feel comfortable forwarding a resume with all my personal and professional experience on it.

This morning I got this reply from one:

Can you put your resume in the body of the email?  I can't open it.

He can't open it because I didn't send it.  [Note: Resume is not even mentioned in his original post]

In the past, I've blindly sent resumes everywhere and anywhere. I'm discovering, I'm over-qualified for most of these "part-time" positions.  But 9 out of 10 don't even respond.  That leaves my information sitting somewhere in cyberspace.

Sure, I need the work but wherever I work, I have to want to be there.  I'm stuck.

My question: What would you do?

Note: They now have my website information. For all I know, they're reading this entry. Frankly, my website and journal speak louder than any resume I could send them. I mean, you'd hire me, right?


derossetfamily said...

I'd hire you in a second! Before you send the resume you should require that you have their co. info and if they can, something in writing that says your resume will stay private. Im not sure really. sorry! :\

mallory4284 said...

I agree with Mary. I think you should get their info before you go sending them anything. That's just me though. I have issues with sending personal information out over the internet. I've seen one too many lifetime movies about those sorts of things I guess. LoL :)

Good Luck with your search!!

-- Mallory

miarenee24 said...

I don't know what the job market is like there. It's been really bad here, but I've noticed a lot of part-time positions available. I wish I had some advice for you, sweetie. Just wanted to tell you that I'm sending positive vibes your way and I can't imagine anyone not wanting to hire you, even if you're over qualified. You'd be a valuable asset to any company in many ways.

irun01 said...

I'd hire you without second thought . . . . because you Rock. Rock Star.

grodygeek said...

Yeah, I'd hire you. Or more correctly if or when I'd have figured out you were looking, I'd have made a position to fit you. Unfortuanely I work for one of those gigantic corporations, and am just one of the drones. Yes even engineers are drones. Unless you are one of the chosen few that walk on water, well, stuck at drone level. Gordy

andreakingme said...

Oh, yeah, I'd hire you! In a heart beat.

You probably already decided what to do about this, but I'll give you my two cents worth anyway. I'm just that kind of girl!

How bad do want the job? What kind of vibes are you getting from the guy who sent the e-mail? Trust your instincts.

babyshark28 said...

If I had a position for you ...I would hire you. If I was a boss...I would hire you. If I had money...I would hire you. Yes, I would hire you. Right now, all I can come up with is volunteer work. like sitting around and talking to me, LOL oh..and playing your guitar.
and I so understand your "Sure, I need the work, but wherever I work, I have to WANT to be there." sentance. that was my dilema in the 2 years it took me to find job. good luck :)

freeepeace said...

MARY - I agree and good point about the privacy issue. What would you hire me for? :D

MALLORY - Thanks for your opinion. In this case, I agree. Sometimes there's a vibe - this one's not so "warm" so I didn't even respond to his request. :)

MIA - I'm not looking to get involved in a company - I'm just looking for part time work...just till my dogwalking picks up [which I trust will]

IRUN - I'm afraid to ask what you'd hire me for. :P

GORDY - I'm desperately trying to learn to walk on water. I've worked in corporations before. Served me at one time. Might serve me at another time too. I'm not ready for it at this time though.

ANDREA - Not getting a great vibe from this guy so I didn't even respond to his request. Thanks for the reminder.

SHARKY - I'll volunteer to sit around talking to you! Anytime! Don't know if that will pay my bills but if you whip up some sandwiches, then it puts food on the table! :)

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I'd hire you in a heartbeat, Trish. And if I lived closer to LA, you'd be first on the list to care for little Saucy JoJo...our metrosexual pooch. I have to admit though...this dog is giving me palpitations. No matter what I try, I cannot get him to entirely house-break.

If I were you...I'd hold out for more doggies. You've worked so hard to get your business going. I'd hate to see you lose that momentum. And you've got this cool new website, a la SloMo. =) Just hang in there.

slowmotionlife said...

I'd hire you - fo shizzle!! How much would you have to make just to get yourself caught up? Maybe you should be applying for some easier positions, the kind that don't require resumes? More flexibility, a little less money, but you'd still be happy and find your account rising nonetheless. Anyway... GOOD LUCK!!

krobbie67 said...

Have you considered short-term temp work? It that way there's no long term commitment. Sometimes companies just need someone for a day or two to take care of a special need. Our showroom in San Francisco used craigslist to fill a position so some are reputable that post there. But, you never know. So you're smart not sending your resume willy-nilly. Do you use your P.O. Box on your resume? If not, you should to protect yourself. :-) ---Robbie

musenla said...

I'd hire you for sure!  I think it makes lots of sense to be stingy with personal information, especially online where it can float in cyberspace for all eternity.  Have you ever thought about approaching a temp agency?  

You can fill in the info with them, have your resume on file there and not have to send it out to everybody in town.  They look for the job for you, and you say yea or nay depending on the kind of working hours and flexibility you like.  My brother out of college got steady work that way.  He went with a temp agency called Sperion, they're pretty good.

somenuttychic said...

I think your journal and your website speak volumes about you. Based on what I've read, I'd definitely hire you. Considering they are only willing to pay a fraction of a job's worth, then they probably don't deserve a lot of effort to gain the job in the first place. Don't worry. Something will change soon.