Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Life Update

Well, so much for being caught up!  It is just impossible to stay current in AOL-J.  You'd think since I have one less client that my days would be lighter somehow.  But no.  I've been busier this week than many weeks past. Not all of it is work - although my neighbor just called to hire me for a few days!  [thank you Universe]
So what have I been busy with? 
Monday night I had an incredible recording session.  It had been a few weeks since I last recorded. I'd been putting off doing the 'more difficult' songs. There were two in particular that I really ached over. I got one 'in the can' a few weeks ago. And I nailed the other one this week. Two takes - my choice! Usually I'm the one whining about having to do another take but I knew I had a better one in me. I was right.  Honestly, this recording reminded me why I'm doing this. While listening to the playback, MusicMan held out his arm, "See this? Goosebumps. This is a good song." 
Because I spent so much time getting caught up in AOL-J last weekend, I had to catch up on personal stuff.  Hunny and I both were out of food and supplies. I swear, I must've used half a tank of gas in errands alone yesterday. When I got home I rushed through six loads of laundry.
Then I spent hours playing in Netscape Composer. This program came with my 3 1/2 year old computer and I'd never ventured to explore it. The only reason I'm not playing with it now is because I'm not at home!
I also found out I've had a photo editing program in my files all this time - came with my scanner. Last year when I thought my computer was dying, I had to delete all my files. Because my scanner died, I never thought to reinstall the photo editing program.  Well, you can bet it's on there now!  I can hardly wait to get home. I have a lot of creative catching up to do. I'm not the quickest-study on the planet but I hope to have fun while I learn a bit.
But first things first - I have to edit text of my dogwalking website.  I keep avoiding it like bloglines and that pile of laundry. But I must work before I can play! I'm not very good with self-discipline. I figure if I mention it here, I'm more likely to hold myself accountable.


queenz43 said...

Hey Freee. Bravo on the recording session. Glad it turned out so well for you. :-)
I know what you mean about catching up in your journals, there is just no such thing!!! Have fun playing with you photo editing program and you are right. First things first. Gotta take care of life on the other side of the screen first. Just stopping by to say Hey!!!

sonensmilinmon said...

Any idea when we can look forward to the new CD? :) I FINALLY ordered your CD ~ yeah, yeah, yeah, took me LONG enough I know! I'm really looking forward to kicking back and listening.
Smilin Mon

babyshark28 said...

well, good luck on the music and the laundry, the photo editing, and the Netscape Composer :) Our dryer is broken right now, so...yea...I our laundry is piling up too :( it doesn't help that I hate laundry as well.

krobbie67 said...

Dog-walking website :::ears perk up:::: Do share! I'm trying to force myself to work instead of play. I think that's why I'm in such a funk. I spin my wheels doing neither. :-) ---Robbie

musenla said...

Goosebumps in this case is great, and see what you discover when you poke around the puter? =P

s0ngbird1962 said...

Congrats on the incredible recording session! Finally stopped procrastinating and ordered your teaser CD (Would have ordered sooner, but procrastinated on my New Year's resolution which was to *stop procrastinating*, lol) Hate doing laundry here because my machines are in the cellar/aka the spidery dungeon...

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Seems you have a cult following in AOL-J Land, Trish. =) Yours is the only CD I listen to in the car anymore. God forbid...I've even been singing along. May want to plug your ears! =) As for the new songs, I'm very excited to hear them. Maybe if you post an audio link....I'll actually be able to listen to it this time. Woot!

Getting caught up with personal stuff is on my agenda this weekend too. I just worked 32 hours in 3 days, so I'm tired. Congrats on the new client!

andreakingme said...

Is Netscape Composer an HTML program? Izzit? Huh?

So glad to hear that you're plugging away successfully on that album! I can't wait until you get it done. It's going to be so good, Trish. I'm so proud of you and glad that I know you! YOU rock.


dazeychic said...

Aww freee! I cant wait to hear your new songs youve been working so hard on! I cant wait to see you at the Grammy's someday! Im gonna say, "I knew her! I knew her!" And Ben will say "No you dont." And I'll say, "Oh yes I do! She has a journal...and..."

Continues below...

dazeychic said...

And thats when he will roll his eyes because Ive brought up "journaling" yet again!
haha. I can see it now girl! I hope the very best for you!!!
Which reminds me, I gotta still get your demo! Shame on me! Shame, shame.
Will do, tonight! Ek! I cant wait!
Oh and before I forget! What photo editing program is it!??

slowmotionlife said...

Would you believe I have an email from myself sitting in my inbox right now, titled "Priorities"? LoL It's hard as heck to get caught up.. and as soon as you do, you find other things that need to be done. I shouldn't have told you about Composer.. now you'll never get anything done! LOL Get going on that edit! [Your daily SloMo reminder!] And now I'm off to do some laundry. ::pout::

somenuttychic said...

Hey -- congrats on nailing both of those songs and on the GOOSEBUMPS!!! Yay! I'm also glad to hear you've been busy with the dog walking and your neighbor gave you some additional work. Sounds like stuff is cooking with gas, girl! Good for you!!!

karynetaylor said...

Hey you stole my sub-head title! ["life update'] Just kidding.

Like that's original!

Sounds like things are going well, glad to hear that!

~ Karyn

nikki247 said...

I would love to see your dogwalking sounds like you are very very busy - I have never tried Netscape Composer - I bet it would be for your recording session - I have the utmost respect for singers -- I love to sing, but I sound like the bad people they have on American Idol - maybe even worse.

linus131999 said...

well hello miss glad to see u back we all get busy at times lol i try not to stay to busy lol i like being lazy

freeepeace said...

RC - Now that I found that photo editing program, I've completely forgotten what I've wanted it for all this time! I'm exhausted. Love when you come by with a "hey" :)

MONICA - I got your CD order today and quick-turned-around and sent your CD! The new CD is going much slower than I anticipated. Let's hope for an early Summer release! [a lot depends on financing too] Hold the vision!

SHARKY - I don't mind laundry TOO much but when I have to lug mine and my roommate's down to the laundrymat, it just feels overwhelming at first. By the end of 10 or 12 loads, there's a great feeling of accomplishment!

ROBBIE - I can relate. Feels as though I'm always spinning my wheels. Try to find the balance. When the site is ready, I'll let you know.

MARA - Poking around my computer got me in trouble over the summer. It was SloMo who informed me of the Netscape Communicator AND my photo editing program! SloMo ROCKS!!

freeepeace said...

KAREN - I'm aware of little antics I pick up from AOL-J and I'm the first to admit to stealing a quote or snippit ... but honestly, I had no idea [or don't remember] you used Life Update. That's how out-of-it I've been. I'd better march my little tushie over to your beta-place ASAP and get caught up! :)

NIKKI - I read your entry today about fantasies of being a pop-sensation [love that!] and honestly, doesn't matter how 'well' you're young and you're a could easily be a pop-sensation! Own it! Wear that title with pride girl!

LINUS - I love being lazy too - except when I feel this creative surge! Then, look out! :)

freeepeace said...

MICHELLE - CD went in the mail TODAY! How's that for speedy service! I'm usually the queen of procrastination - you're my inspiration! Oh and if my laundry room was in the cellar, I'd only do laundry in daylight. Otherwise, I'd be BUYING new clothes every week!

BRIDGETT - Oh gawd, buy new music already will ya?! I even get sick of the three songs after a few rounds. But sing em loud and proud! Maybe the car next to you at a stoplight will ask where they can get a copy! :)

ANDREA - You asked if Netscape Composer is an HTML program - and I'm here to tell you [officially] I HAVE NO IDEA!
::calling:: SloMo!! Can you field this question???

SHELLI - Haha [actual laugh] about 'bringing up journaling again.' Wouldn't that be great, if you DO see me on the Grammy's [other than a seat filler that is]. No shame necessary. The demo is still available, whenever you're ready :)

Photo editing program = Adobe Photo Deluxe

SLOMO - Yes, I would believe you have a 'priorities' email still unopened, no doubt. Thanks for my daily SloMo reminder - where would I be without it?!

NIKKI [NUTTYCHIC] - Dog walking isn't as busy as it sounds. But I believe in it...haven't given up hope yet. And it just dawned on me that I keep writing about all my recording sessions... and that's all any of you have to go by. For all I know, you could HATE my music. But, you're all soooooo supportive. I appreciate that!

mallory4284 said...

I get too caught up in everything but what I'm supposed to be doing. lately it's been sleeping, too. Makes me feel very lazy, but I can't seem to get enough sleep, no matter how much I get.

Glad to hear you had such a good recording session. That's gotta feel good!! and I conquered my pile of laundry this afternoon! ;) Though I don't really mind doing it....maybe I'm just weird.

-- Mallory

metski715 said...

Remember, if it doesnt stink to high heaven and it has no dirt or stains on it, its re-wearable. lol! But only if you reeeaaaallllllyyyy don't want to do laundry. I've had some days like that. Not now because I have a washer and dryer here. When you have to go to the laundry mat is when this really comes in handy.
Be good and take care.


derossetfamily said...

I think it definitely is impossible to keep up with AOL-J, unless you really do nothing other than read journals all day long. I'll feel all good about myself when I reach everyones journal, but then the next day comes and your completely behind all over again! Good thing we really enjoy this. Have fun with the 'puter programs! I'm thinking of purchasing one myself, once my free trials are up. Sounds like recording is going well! GREAT compliment from MusicMan, Im sure that made your day. I swear Im buying your cd soon, its on that damn to do list, along with the laundry...yadda yadda. Hope your week is going great!

nikki247 said...

You made my day free :) I will be a teen pop sensation darn it :) I will go around signing even if people hate it :) After all, I am having karaoke at my wedding *CRINGE*

itsjustusinnc said...

WERD FREEE! For every entry I read and comment on, 3 more take its place. And I'M SPEED READING HERE!!!! It's nuts!


bhpcr said...

Freee..thankx for mentioning laundry..I did load at 4 and after I put 'em in the dryer I started the rounds on journals..just got carried away for hours as always..and they were still in the machine..guess nobody else likes to do laundry either..there are 30 apts in this building and looked like nobody had been there :) ~B