Thursday, March 18, 2004

Isn't THIS real life?

My new buddy and fellow blogger, Pauly D. writes about how his TiVo-dependency is screwing up his life.  While it's great for obvious reasons [i.e. he never misses his favorite shows], the TiVo behavior has become habitual.

I find myself wanting to rewind live radio while I'm in the car, when I've missed what someone said. When my cell phone rings and I'm talking to someone (a live person), for a split-second I make a movement as if I was going to grab the remote and pause my live friend's babbling. I sometimes find myself saying "baloop-baloop" (which happens to be the sound of a TiVo remote quickly forwarding or rewinding through programming) when I want to hear part of a song or conversation again.

I don't have TiVo but I can relate to this behavior.  With TV, stereo, cell phones and the computer, I'm all sorts of confused. Too often, all four are in use at the same time! Constant stimulation.

I often forget where I left my cordless phone in the apartment. Because of this, I've found myself searching for my phone while talking on the phone!  One time I actually pressed the page-button on the cradle to locate my cordless phone.  When the handset beeped in my ear, it also beeped in my friend's ear.  Oops!

I've walked out of my house and driven away while talking on my home phone, shocked to lose connection so quickly.  Oops!

During an Instant Message chat session, I've switched screen names to check email in other screen names. [thus, losing the session]  Oops!

The boundaries are blurred between real life and online blogging:

During live conversations, I've actually said "EL-oh-EL" at least three times in my life. [that's three times too many].

I get frustrated when I come to the end of an article in a magazine, and I can't post a comment.

In public, I consider introducing myself as my screen name and follow-up with my URL.

I ask everybody, "Do you have a Blog?" God help those who say no! I might start my own religion. I believe!

I think I'm ready for TiVo now.


derossetfamily said...

Haha! And I thought I was the only one who has said LOL aloud! Mannn I got some strange looks. Lately, whenever Im talking to friends I say "oh that reminds me of this one journal entry...". Thats too funny about the cordless phone, you nut! I do things like that all the time and the cause is almost always sleep deprivation from my journal obsession! ::sigh:: I could use some TiVo in my life, too :-) Great entry!

geminiwilder said...

oh no, freee, no....we must not lose you to TiVO!!!! please don't go ~ you might not ever come back....... ~ hahaha

irun01 said...

Rock Star, you are so funny. This was great.

queenz43 said...

Nice fun entry freee. "EL-oh-EL" :-P

itsjustusinnc said...

OMG! FREEE I love this entry!!! I'm SO there! Instead of saying El-oh-el though, I said the words "laugh out loud" & was met with freakish stares. LMAO! And I'm ALWAYS trying to rewind or fast-forward through stuff because of On-deamnd and my DVR player. Oh thank GOD I'm not the only one! I'd thought about writing an entry about it a week ago (the latest incident with LOL) but thought everyone would think I was TOTALLY nuts! Glad YOU did. Now I KNOW I'm certifiable! Hehe! :-)

Peace out! :-)


mallory4284 said...

Technology sure does take over your life once you have it. (though I've never said "LoL" out loud haha....I think I'm too scared of people thinking I'm crazy if I did it...) I don't have a CD player in my car at the moment and I find myself wanted to just press a button to skip to the next song when I'm listening to a tape instead of having to play "guess if the new song has started yet" with the fast forward....though I have to say, I've become quite good at that guessing...

-- Mallory

krobbie67 said...

I read this one at work (sshhh) and nearly blew my cover by laughing out loud at the driving away while talking on your cordless phone. Too freakin funny!!! I read Paul's entry and I must say I think you took his topic and topped it!

musenla said...

Lol, funny! D. is a TiVOer and goodness help us if he doesn't get a daily dose! I've often blurred online with offline life too, though I'm not guilty of saying LOL in conversation like some people. Hee.

Blogging has taken a life of its own. The world just keeps getting smaller, I tell ya.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

LOL ~ Oh, Freee....this had me chuckling. It reminded me of one of the jokes I've gotten from time to time titled, "How to Know if You're a Technology Junkie" or something equally silly.

As for people who don't have blogs...get on them, Freee! Life just isn't the same if you don't BLOG! =)

XO ~ Bridgett

chefgracegeorge said...

BWAH! I can relate! I love it!

diannevan said...

Woo hoo!! I come back after a week's hiatus from the journals because life has been too busy... and it's an antry on TiVo! We will convert you. Just think, you can rewind Tricky Dicky Hatch's supposed sexual move as it happens!
I hear that Janet Jackson's breast-baring was the most rewound moment in TiVo history. LOL!

iwaterbeari said...

ROFL You are priceless! Too funny.


gingergirl05 said...

LoL! I don't TiVo, either. I'm honestly not much of a phone person. I'm too shy--I can't speak when someone can only focus on my voice. It makes me nervous :-p

I *always* have music going, and often my television is on mute while my stereo plays. MSNBC or Fox News are pretty much always on ::dork::. And my comp is always up and running.

You've said "EL-Oh-EL"?? -->LOL<-- That is funny! I think I'd crack up if someone said that to me, hehe. ~ Kate xo

PS I wish I could walk around with an away message up. See someone you'd really rather avoid? Up goes the message: I am away from myself right now.

freeepeace said...

MARY - I thought I was the only one who said LOL outloud too. ::whew:: Sleep deprivation has a lot to do with just about everything. :)

CINDY - No worries. TiVo will not be here for a long, long time. I have too much on my list of covets before I get to that item! :)

IRUN - Right about now, you're preparing to sprint up 69 flights of stairs in Seattle! I'm exhausted just *thinking* about it. Streaming 95.7 live! Woohoo!


GREGG - Oh no. I don't even know what On-Demand or DVR players are! Go for it - post an entry about it, you certifiable nut! :)

MALLORY - Ugh, right. That fastforward button is a drag. I go through that with my VCR ::sigh::

ROBBIE - Oooh, I'm special enough to get a secret-read (sshhh) :x That happens to me a lot, when I'm reading at the yoga studio and there's a class going on. I've had to bite my hand to stop from laughing out loud! I topped his topic huh? [he read that, btw] hehehe HI PAULY D.

freeepeace said...

MUSE - Right - the world does keep getting smaller. Kinda cool actually. :)

BRIDGETT - Blogging rocks!

GRACE - I know you can relate sister! :)

DIANNE - I've been waiting for you to read this. I thought of you - since, if it weren't for you and TiVo, I might not be such a Survivor freak!

SANDIE - hehehe

KATE - You are on a roll with the witty comments girl! HYSTERICAL - "I am away from myself right now." Very creative! hahaha!

slowmotionlife said...

ROFL!!! tehehehe... I've never said LOL out loud, but I've hand-written it on memos and such, which is equally disturbing. LOL If only we could TiVo all our life events and talk in abreviated sentences. BTW, IMHO, BRB, etc. I think the only thing I'd really miss is true smiles, as opposed to emoticons. :D

somenuttychic said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my. :-)