Monday, March 22, 2004


Once again Pauly D. has got me thinking. He claims Nobody is Paying Attention.  His example is:

"You say: Hey, how are you doing?

They say: Not much... You?


You say: Hey, what's going on?

They say: Pretty good, you?"

We all know this goes on - but he's the first to call it to the table for discussion.  And now I can't go anywhere without noticing how true it really is.

Last night I bumped into a neighbor - literally. He was exiting the elevator.  I was entering with Hunny - who wanted to taste his shoes (but that's a story for another time).  He's a very nice guy and always willing to make conversation - mostly smalltalk - but it's obvious he's not listening.  Here's our exchange:

Him : How are you?

Me :  Fine thanks

Him : Good, n'you?

Me :  [hesitation] Right on

Him : OK

Me :  Bagel

[the elevator door closed]

Now, either he wasn't listening and he completely missed it. 

OR he thought I wasn't listening and he's blogging the same thing about me right now. 

OR we both noticed and we're too self-absorbed to stop and laugh with each other about that absurd exchange.


irun01 said...

That's so funny. I do that to people all the time. Just throw out random stuff to see if they are actually paying attention . . . . .

miarenee24 said...

ROFL!!! My husband does this kind of thing with me ALL the time, just so he can say, "AHAH!! You weren't listening!" Me:: "Yes, I was! What did you say?" :P I love your humor, girl! (still, lol'ing over here!)

slowmotionlife said...

LOL!!! You have the funniest stories lately. Bagel. WTF is that??? tehehe... And I think we all do this. Pleasantries are kind of unnecessary, but we still do them because it makes casual exchanges seem more.. umm... pleasant. It doesn't really matter what you say, so long as you acknowledge each other's existance, I think. :)

mallory4284 said...

P.S. congrats on the gig next Wednesday!! that's exciting! :)

-- Mallory

mallory4284 said...

LoL I'm with Slo, what's with bagel? That part made me laugh. And when I think about it, I did something kind of like that the other day at work. I'm a cashier and I had just finished ringing up a guy. He was walking away and he goes "thanks", but I jumped the gun and wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying. So instead of saying you're welcome I was like, "you, too!" I guess I could make excuses and say I meant that as "thank you, too" but I really didn't....

-- Mallory

txsguinan said...

HA! I love the idea of the second option ~ "...just ran into my neighbor...cute chick and really nice and all, but sometimes I just don't get her; I swear she just called me a bagel...I mean, whaddya say?..." :)

itsjustusinnc said...

I literally laughed out loud at "bagel." Good one Whatever. I'm used to calling you Freee no matter what. Just remember what I said in the comments in the previous entries. From now on I'm to be addressed as ªñ}.



krobbie67 said...

Darn! I read this blog about some freaky bagel chick but I can't find the link.
;-) ---Robbie

clarity4today said...

LOL, too funny about the neighbor blogging the same thing about you. ;-)

I think it's just politeness. Sometimes people really don't have the time or interest in making new *connections. Sad, but true. :-/

sonensmilinmon said...

oh gawd, I was just complaining about this to my daughter! I ask HOW she is and she tells me what she's doing. I ask WHAT she's doing and she tells me she's FINE! Grrrrrr I've been noticing this with others too lately.

Smilin Mon

gingergirl05 said...

Ha! I agree that no one is paying attention these days. Same thing happened to me the other day. The convo went: HIM "Hey, how are you?" ME "I'm good, and yourself?" HIM "Good, you?" ME " what's new?" lol Your bagel was much better. Next time that happens, I'm saying penis. Maybe someone will start to pay attention, dammit! :-p ~ Kate xo

wessolo said...

Very funny. BAGEL. That rules.
I like the conversations that go "How are you today?" " Fine thanks, and you?" "I'm great thank you, how is everything?" "Fine thanks, how about for you?" "Terrific thank you, you doing good?" "Yes, thanks. And yourself?" Given time two people conversing like this will actually physically screw themselves into the ground. It happens to me ten times a day waiting tables.
What were we talking about again?

- Jamey

babyshark28 said...

I spend a lot of time with "Small talk" at my new job. and I can't stand it! it feels so empty. like I am speaking lies.
blogging about it like you :) funny!

jeffcomedy said...

I once had this exchange a couple of years ago at a resturaunt as a waiter:
Him: I'd like a burger.
Me: Sure. How would you like it cooked?
Him: With American Cheese.
:::looks around:::
Me: Anything extra on top? Cheese, Bacon?
Him: Medium Well.

What the hell.....?

musenla said...

The truth is, we asked perfunctory questions when making small talk, and I guess perfunctory answers are also expected. People get a bit antsy if you don't answer "I'm not well" to their "how are you?".

I guess most are just being polite and don't really want to hear the gory details. I learned this quickly when I was new in this country. Everytime I said something more than "fine, how are you?", people didn't know what to say!

deabvt said...

Funny, Free Ain`t it the truth!!

aynetal3 said...

I vote for the one where he's blogging this goofy conversation... Your a life living lovin' masterpiece Freee. We love ya Sarah and Jesse

geminiwilder said...

i'm a little antsy waiting for the 'story for another time'...what exactly did he have on his shoes? cream cheese? heheheheheh.......

s0ngbird1962 said...


hempenhomespun said...

You know, I get a lot of this kind of thing when I work at the store. I always blame myself because I don't hear particularly well and figure the error is mine, but now I wonder if my customers are really listening to a word I say.

jeanyu said...

Very good! I am just thinking now, is this better than not exchanging Hello? Like just smiling eachother? Thanks dropping by my journal. You are such a writer! It seemed words are flowing from you forming wonderful and thoughtful sentences. How do you do that? It's a talent, I guess.

andreakingme said...

Bagel. That's your new nick name. Uh-hee-hee-hee. (What the heck is Gregg doing with those wonky symbols?!)

What really gets ME are those folks who skip the easy pleasantries and go right for my throat with, "So, what do you know?" What the frell are you supposed to say to that? Sure, I can come up with some doozy answers, but I'm always so unprepared when hit with that question. Dang!

donah42 said...

I've found that "Right on" covers a multitude of conversational ills....good work, Freee!

linus131999 said...

lol he wasnt listening lol but this is cute nonetheless

derossetfamily said...

Literal LOL! Man I felt like a total idiot a couple years ago when I was at the gas station and the cashier said "Will that be all for you?" and I said "Great! And yourself?" :P
Hmmm, I'm gonna "bagel" someone today and see what happens =D

freeepeace said...

IRUN - Huh? :P

MIA - lol, for some reason I thought YOU would totally get this - from personal experience. hehe

SLOMO - I still LOL when I think "bagel." I don't know what that is. Then there you go and post a picture of a scrumptious looking bagel in your journal. Yum!

MALLORY - Ha! See? We all have these stories. I'm not alone.

TXSGUINAN - Haha! You took it one step further. That's great. Love it. Fun idea, to blog as a neighbor or as a friend or as your dog. hmmm... just TOL [thinking out loud] :P

NONE-OTHER-THAN-GREGG - Bagel is a good one huh? I STILL laugh at it. Call me Freee, that's fine. I'm used to it and I actually like it. I just wanted people to know it's okay to call me Trish. :) xo

ROBBIE - Took me a few days to catch up with your wit! Good one. :)

DONNA - You're right. In a city of millions, I pass people every day. I look in their eyes and they look away. Sometimes it's vice versa. But when our eyes meet, we're like deer in the headlights. "uhh uhh... bagel."

freeepeace said...

SARAH AND JESSE - I'm gonna ask him if he blogs, next time I see him. Thanks for your love gals! xo

CINDY - "story for another time" on its way - patience, my friend. :) FYI - Shoes don't need any 'extras' to be inticing to Hunny. So long as they belong to a big man, running away from her. LOL

MICHELLE - :P How 'bout yogurt AND bagel? Mmm!

JEANYU - Sometimes a smile says a lot more, you're right. :)

ANDREA - Oh great. I come out as Trish Monaco and you dub me a new nickname. LOL And Gregg will always be Gregg. ROFL - "So, what do you know?" Totally. The look on my face when I hear that is a cross between, "Damn, I feel dumb." and "Damn, you're a dummy." LOL

DONAH - For years I've said "right on" about as much as I've said the word "the" - I've been trying to kick that habit. But sometimes it just slips out. [Right Robbie?]

LINUS - Because you say "he wasn't listening" with true conviction, it makes me wonder if you ARE him - or if you were there. ::looking over my shoulder:: hehehe

MARY - LOL - Good one! Go bagel someone today and fill me in. [sounds like a new saying, "go bagel yourself" or "bagel you!"] Ha!

freeepeace said...

SMILIN MON - Once it's in the open, it can't go unnoticed. Maybe we can make a change :)

KATE - ROFL. Penis! Do it. Then tell us all about it.

JAMEY - Haha! "screw themselves into the ground." Exactly. Funny. I'll bet you get a lot of that waiting tables. With my crappy short-term memory, I could personally screw everyone into the ground.

SHARKY - Small-talk bugs me. Great blogging material. Still, it's like a waste of breath. I like conversations of substance...unless I'm getting on an elevator.

JEFF - Really? Wait. What restaurant was that?

MUSE - I've heard this before. If I actually answered, "Well, I've been sick and I'm struggling to pay my rent and I could use a few more clients..." He might've been the one to jump to BAGEL! lol

VINCE - Truth be told :)

jeffcomedy said...

to answer your question, it happened while I was a waiter at Mayrose on 23rd & B'way in New York. about, gosh, a year and a half ago.

bridgetteleigh75 said... know the entry you did about courtesy laughs? Well, I don't need to do that here....this actually made me laugh out loud. =)

Bagel? What the hell? LOL are just too cute.

freeepeace said...

JEFF - Ahh, so it wasn't in CA. Well, I wasn't there then. :P

BRIDGETT - I don't know where bagel came from. But I still laugh about it.

somenuttychic said...


Hahahahaha! I'm smiling.