Thursday, February 5, 2004

DVD Nation

I played nurse and Girl Friday for my friend Cheryl today.  Poor thing.  She's been sick all day with a horrible cold.

Part of my errands included renting videos so she could lounge on the couch and drift in and out of consciousness.

Her cable company did a clean sweep in her neighborhood recently thereby cutting off her service.  They've gone completely digital and jacked up their prices. So, instead of paying outrageous cable fees, she's renting videos and paying outrageous late fees.

Not only that, but she's purposely refusing to buy a DVD player.  She made a public announcement in Blockbuster one night, saying she's going to boycott their transition from VHS to DVD.  In the meantime, the movie we've all been waiting for has been released and while it was available for rent on DVD, both VHS copies were out of stock.

I was lucky to find a few episodes of Sex and the City on VHS.  I brought the artifacts to the counter for a thorough examination where it was confirmed they were indeed video tapes for viewing on a VCR! 

Everywhere I went, I was surrounded by DVD signs. Blockbuster, radio ads, billboards, even the drugstore!  Right there next to gum, chapstick and People magazine were three different brands of DVD players!  When did a DVD player become a last-minute checkout item?  An impulse purchase?  I swear, I considered putting down the box of tissues in exchange for the DVD player, just because of its location in the store!

When I arrived with her soup, tissues and videos she raised her head long enough to say she's thinking about getting a DVD player.  Fever.  She must've been running a fever.

Truth is, she'll probably get one - and love it!  As for me, I'm counting my pennies this weekend.  Covet no more.


karynetaylor said...

ahhh, man. I'm really starting to HATE the cable companies. I've muttered "dish" around my husband a few times, but he thinks we don't do enough watching to justify it. True, that. Whenever I see one of those full-blown ads, I think, "Cut the advertising dollar & just give us fair prices ..." but that's just me.

Hope Cheryl is feeling better!

~ Karyn

irun01 said...

What a great friend you are. Our DVD player is broken. Gone. Kaput. No more. Babyshark tried to gently fix it. I used a rock when it was my turn. It still doesn't work. Next time I'm at the drugstore buying tissues . . . I may just break down and get a new one. . . .

jensie248 said...

Sugar ... just how is it possible that your entries just keep getting better & better! Thank goodness you're writing this journal so I can keep up with my friend these days! I want some face time! xoxox to you & Hunny, Roshimamma ......oh, and I'm looking for the DVD player today!

derossetfamily said...

Cable companies stink. I have DirecTV and you get 135 channels for the same price as 45 crappy cable channels! No, Im not a spokesperson :p
Keep saving the pennies, its worth it, and DVD players are going wayyy down in price lately- saw one for 40 bucks the other day--at the grocery store! LoL

andreakingme said...

The media's at work again: ::buy the DVD, say adios to the tapes:: But that's crazy that stores are sticking DVD players in the checkout lanes. What's next? PDAs? (How about tampons? That'd be good. And handy.)

The one bad thing I've noticed about our DVD player is that fast-forward and rewind button. It's not like a tape. One button push, and the thing skips an ENTIRE scene forward or backward. Ack!

slowmotionlife said...

I would say that Cable Companies stink, but since they're my bread and butter, I won't go there. But I do love my DVD player. It's funny.. I thought I was the last to move over! I resisted forever! I didn't see the point. Now, I understand... completely. It IS a big deal. There IS a big difference. Down with VHS! :P

bridgetteleigh75 said...

That's right...'covet no more.' Just don't 'covet no more' with your own pennies. After do have a birthday. And who says you can't receive an 'EARLY' b-day gift?? hehehehehehe

I'm the devil...I'm truly the devil. And the worst liar you will ever meet in your entire life.


freeepeace said...

Karyn, I hear you about cable companies. Cheryl is still down for the count today. Poor thing. But from what I understand, she'll have a DVD player by the weekend! Woohoo!

Irun, Ooh rocks! Good choice. Wish I'd thought of that with my clients. Who needs a baseball bat anyway?

freeepeace said...

Mary, I'll never understand the monopoly cable companies have in each area. There are ten different gas stations all along the same street. It's up to me to choose. Why aren't there ten different cable companies to choose from?

Andrea, I imagine there's a slow forward/rewind option somewhere on your DVD player. But that's good to know. Something to consider while I'm in the market [and I don't mean supermarket] :P

freeepeace said...

Roshimomma, I know you're no stranger to my journal but you made my day by gracing this place with a comment! Saw Roshi yesterday and he DOES look precious with his haircut! Can't deny how special he made me feel - so happy to see me! Now that you're working, maybe you should start keeping a journal so I can keep up with YOU! Face time? Just say when! I love you!! xo

freeepeace said...

SloMo, :x on cable companies in your house! I imagine once I finally get a DVD player I'll feel the same way - actually, I already do. Even the slim DVD packaging is more inviting than bulky tapes. And no more tracking issues or rewinding or tapes jamming. Oh yeah...I'm there!!

Bridgett, Ooh, DevilWoman! I'll bet you look adorable in horns and heals, carrying a pitchfork ::wink:: I just love you girl!

miarenee24 said...

lol-girl, I love the way you describe an ordinary day..yet make it sound so exciting. Must be you. You must have something about you that makes an ordinary day..extraordinary. It'd be fun to spend a day with you, I am sure! Anyway, get the vcr/dvd combo. We got one for Stephen for less than $100!

sunflowerkat321 said...

What I really covet is cable that DOESN'T include a million channels. Simple cable - no cartoon network, no nickelodeon, no disney. No fighting the one eyed monster that have my children in a trance, turning them into 24/day mindless blobs. We were so blessed with 3 poorly recieved network stations pulled in by antennae. If forced us to go out and play.

musenla said...

Dagnabbit, those cable companies drive me batty. I'm seriously considering giving up my subscription, their rates are ridiculous!

As for the DVD players, they're hoping you wouldn't notice the tag price, go "oh yeah, I need me one of those" and just grab one with the popcorn and sour patch kids on your way to the counter.

Hope Cheryl feels better soon!

clarity4today said...

ROFL. Yes, there's a conspiracy to make people buy DVD players. We finally relented.

I don't blame her for getting rid of the cable. But, those late charges suck! I have one for about $20 at blockbuster that I need to pay sometime this week. :-/