Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Cookie anyone?


With all this negative talk of cliques lately, I have to say, I'm surprised.  But more than that, I'm really put off.  I didn't start a journal for any reason but to have an outlet for my inner musings.  What a treat to have met some incredible people here. I've been given amazing opportunities because of the connections. My mind and heart have expanded in ways that I never expected. My level of compassion and understanding have hit an all-time high. And that trickles down into my "outer" world. I'm grateful. AOL has always been a blessing.

I suppose as with any community, comes the opposite affect. The gossip. The fear. The competitiveness. And I'm not absolved from that. I'm probably one of the most competitive people on the planet. But I'm also one of the most compassionate and respectful. I'm willing to take responsibility for my actions.

The thing I don't have much compassion or tolerance for is manipulation.  The smell, the taste, the feel. It's rancid and toxic. And frankly, it takes too much energy to engage in the drama.  I go where the love is.  That's right - I'm spiritual, hear me Ommm!  Moreover, I'm human - imperfect - just like you!

I don't always have time to visit every journal every day. I'm lucky to get there every week. But when I do go there, you can be sure it's because I want to be there. And I hope that's the reason you're here.

We are all in this community for a common purpose - to be seen and heard.  We all have something of value to share.  In addition to that, we're blessed to be making friends. My life is richer because of this community. It's not the be-all-end-all of my world. But I'm humbled to the core by the friends that I've made.

Thank you, Bridgett, for this wonderful little book of wisdom.  A gift from an angel.


aynetal3 said...

Shoot ... I've heard this "Clique" stuff too this morning on my rounds. Hehe - yep, for what's it's worth, I won't go there any further. Seems to me it makes people look over their back shoulder nervously to see if the are either "In" it or are being disregarded by 'em. Theres been way to much positive in J-land ... say, just let it go, let it go... Now on to the important business at hand ... Someone here says, "Hey! How 'bout sharing them there COOKIES!" Our love

deabvt said...

Great Post,free...And love Snoopie!

metski715 said...

Its a crazy thing you know. I started my journal so I could make people laugh with jokes and stuff. Along the way I have met some really cool people like yourself.
I can understand not posting in a journal everyday or going to new one because of lack of time and the number of ones you already visit. Work and life outside AOL make it impossible to be in everyones journal. Some people take this as being in a clique and that you are too good to come to their journal. Then there are other people who see a journal like Greggs and Slo's and gets jealous at the numerous comments they have in their journals. They think bad of them b/c everyone visits their journal and they are the 'cool' people in journal land. These people are also idiots b/c if you took the time to say hi to Gregg and Slo you would realize that they are two of the friendliest people on AOL.
I don't really care too much for this clique crap anymore. I think I have said what I am going to say on it for now. I just wish some people would get their heads out of their rears and see the good in peoples journals.

irun01 said...

Well written Free. I wasn't sure what was going on (I'm blissfully oblivious sometimes). I had to do some investigating. Thanks for sharing.

queenz43 said...

Love how you express yourself Freee!!!

hempenhomespun said...

Well put.

andreakingme said...

Hey, I read that bit about how your doggy poohed in the living room. I bought your CD. I've embarrassed myself by committing all kinds of grammatical errors in this here Journal. I told my guardian angel, Kym, to watch over you during the MRI thing.

Can I be in your super sekret mean-ass clique?

(This is JUST a joke. I swear.)

sunflowerkat321 said...

The clique thing is just silly. Sure we wish we had time to visit every journal every day...but we can't. Life must go on outside of J-land <at least occasionally>
I'm here because you make me think. I love your spirit and I appreciate what you have to share. Love ya' Freee

slowmotionlife said...

I think the cartoon here is really powerful, even though it's meant to be fun. People should put their energy into those who give it back to them. And if they don't get it, they should move on.. make other friends.. "bake their own cookies." Life's too short to be bitter or irritated over things that don't *really* matter. Take a negative and turn it into a positive. Great entry, hon. That book of wisdom must really be rubbin' off. :)

babyshark28 said...

That's weird, I thought I comment here. anyway.

I don't know nothin' about no hear said clique....that's my view on the clique thing. :)
and I LOVE your entry, I feel just like you do about the journals. I started a journal for myself, to get things out. I didn't realize along the way, that I would end up adoring ALL these other journalers, everyone with their lovely and beautiful words.
"We all have something of value to share." exactly :)

geminiwilder said...

Touche' or however you spell that! :)

itsjustusinnc said...

AMEN Freee! Wow! I didn' trealize you'd tackled the subject too! I said it in anothe rjournal and I'll say it here: I find it very odd that the people making the biggest stink about this are the same people who wouldn't give me the time of day when I was a no-body in J-Land. It didn't bother me at the time, but now that this crap keeps coming up it annoys the hell outta me, especially considering the source.


diannevan said...

I feel about these whiners the same way I felt about the whiners in high school... who needs 'em. They feel excluded because people don't go to their journals, but the very reason people don't go to their journals is because most folks don't wanna hear a bunch of pansies whine all day! Whew! Can you tell I'm torqued? Arrgh!

montaukny said...

Amen & hallelujah! Couldn't have said it better myself, sweetie! ~Aunt Nub~ (who's somehow, luckily, missed out on what's going on in journal-land)

mallory4284 said...

I don't understand the whole "clique" thing, but I think you say it well. I don't comment in many people's journals. And the people I do comment in, it took me a long time before I actually started to. That's just me though, my personality. It has nothing to do with "cliques" or what have you....

I have a lot of friends whom I've never met in person that I've met here and other places. And I really don't think it'd be the same if I didn't have them to confide in.....

-- Mallory

freeepeace said...

AYNETAL - Good advice, let it go! ::passing you a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie::

VINCE - Thank you - and the Snoopy clips are from the book I have linked. It's great. Check it out :)

CHRIS - Brilliant. well-said. I'm ready to move on!

IRUN - Yes, I too was "blissfully obvlious" until recently. I liked it better that way, I think. Moving right along :)

RC - Thank you. I love how you express yourself too. Truly.

HEMPY - Thank you. I know I'm behind in your journal [sorry]. I really appreciate when you leave a mark, letting me know you've been here :)

ANDREA - Um, aren't you the KEEPER of the super sekret mean-ass clique? [joking too] But seriously, I adore you. You HAVE been with me through my trials and tribs. This is way beyond any clique! :)

KAT - Silly is a great word for the clique thing. And thank you :)

SLOMO - The comic comes from the book Bridgett sent me. Perfectly timed. I was fed up the other night. I actually read the entire book - twice!

SHARKY - You and Irun are smart to stear clear of the clique thing. I'm a little mad at myself for even giving it this much attention, to be honest. But it's all part of the process. xo

freeepeace said...

CINDY - Great comment! I still laugh. And - thank you! :)

GREGG - Interesting. I didn't read your comments elsewhere. But I suppose we're all not going to agree all the time.

DIANNE - I gotta admit, I love seeing this side of you. It's not common. Speak it woman!

AUNT NUB - You are SO lucky you missed it. I wish I had. But there's a reason for everything. I suppose it gave me another distraction for the day. ::sigh::

This is the last I hope to discuss the topic. Thank you all for your comments and visits. I appreciate you. Love & Peace [and I mean that] Now, on with the blogging!


I'm such a spaz! I quickly replied to comments earlier. But left them for dead - just hanging out in notepad. Ah well, better late, I suppose. It's that kind of day!

freeepeace said...

MALLORY - There are many who read journals and NEVER comment. I'm aware of that. I was one of them and I still am, in some journals. For whatever reasons. No biggie. I for one am real glad to have you visit and comment in here. It's been a pleasure getting to know you through AOL-J. :)

s0ngbird1962 said...

Happily & blissfully unaware here; I think some confuse friendship for cliques. And if there were cliques, I could care less. That doesn't change my reason for starting my journal..... I write what I feel, I read who I can relate to, and I comment when I feel I have something worthy to contribute. I have *met* some wonderful & talented people here & feel blessed to have this medium to express myself. :::stealing Freee's Ommmmm:::

miarenee24 said...

I need to find that book and read it too! I used to make some kick @ss choc. chip cookies. I would send you some, but I feel I may have lost my touch in the cookie dept. :P Keep smiling. I love you!

wayoutdacloset said...


sonensmilinmon said...

Well, I wrote an entry on cliques the other day .. mostly asking ... am I clueless to cliques? Guess I just don't get it yet ~ this whoopla about cliques forming. I'm here because I enjoy what I read, do I comment all the time, no, time doesn't allow for any of us to comment EVERY day.
Smilin Mon

isabelzmia said...

Have I told you I love you, lately? I do.

XO, Isabel ;-)

clarity4today said...

Darnit! exclused=excluded.

clarity4today said...

Hey! I'm at any journal because I "want to be". I think all the clique "boundaries" are in our imagination. Most of us just want to be liked and accepted. No one is sitting there saying "Oh, don't comment in my journal if you're not part of my group", lol.

However, I don't think cliques are necessarily a bad thing. The community is certainly large enough that you can meet all kinds of interesting people. No reason to feel exclused. There isn't any group "in charge" of the journals, kwim?

freeepeace said...

MICHELLE - Well said. Stay happily & blissfully unaware! Freee's Oms are free!

MIA - You'll love the book. Read it with Stephen. Oh please try to make some kick @ss choc. chip cookies. I could use some! Love you too :)

BERLY - Yes, go where the love is. Thanks for leaving a 'hello' in my journal :)

MONICA - Sometimes it's more peaceful to be clueless - I know I felt a lot better before all this "whoopla" [great word]. Thanks for being here :)

ISABEL - Even when you don't, I know it. But it's always nice to hear [or read]. And I love you too! :)

DONNA - Brilliant. I love the way you express your thoughts. And you're right. You put it in terms that really gives it some perspective.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Hey...I think I got ripped off on your book! LOL I bought it at Hallmark...but the prices on E-bay are much better. =)

As for the so-called cliques...if they exist, great...if they don't exist, great. I'm beyond the point in my life when something so childish matters.

And I think you made some very valid points in this entry. Of course, you always do. =)

Love U!

lucylouladybug said...

**I don't always have time to visit every journal every day. I'm lucky to get there every week. But when I do go there, you can be sure it's because I want to be there. And I hope that's the reason you're here.**

Thanks for writing not only what I was thinking, but what I FEEL too!

Love the cartoon, Bake your own cookies, that's priceless.

But for you, chocolate chip, fresh and hot from the ya go, if only I could! Love, Penny

musenla said...

I was gone for a few days and didn't realize there was a controversy brewing in AOL-J land. I hope by this time everybody has had their say and all is well again. I'm always one for discussing things in the open so they can be addressed and resolved immediately.

As I've said in other journals, perception is NOT the territory. We can all live happier if we remember that.

P.S. Any more cookies?

krobbie67 said...

"My level of compassion and understanding have hit an all-time high." <---Funny, I was thinking the same thing the other day. I've never felt so tender hearted in all my life. Where's my hard cookie exterior? Oh well, I guess that's how the cookie crumbles. ;-) Great entry! :-) ---Robbie

bhpcr said...

I am glad to have my feelings verbalized so well *energy it takes for the drama* and the *toxic* and the friends we've made here and the *heart and mind expanded in ways I never expected* So true so true. Love ya ~Barb