Sunday, February 29, 2004

All Caught Up

I did it!  I finally got through all of my bloglines subscriptions.  I know there are many more journals I haven't hit yet but that's because they're not in my trusty bloglines.  I'm not the best when it comes to organization - especially now with all the beta journals - so please, if you haven't seen me lately, send me a link to your journal. Even if you think I have it.  I will gladly add it to my bloglines and all will be well with Freeepeace and AOL-J.  But I think I got all of you - even you beta-folk!  'Cept for Gregg, of course!

No Gregg, I didn't forget you.  I skipped over yours - damn 25,000 characters!  [just kidding]  You know I was there. You saw me!  And I was hanging on your every last character!  LOL [hmm...courtesy laugh or actual laugh? You make the call.]

I had a half-caff coffee for an unexpected drive earlier this evening.  I imagine that's what sustained me for this blogathon!

Some common threads around AOL-J:

I noticed lots of Passion talk.  I learned the movie is subtitled, there are no trailers or ads before it starts, bring a box of tissues and friends to cling to.  And of course, it's bloody-violent [no news there].

Some journalers were just getting caught up on the drama from last week and there seems to be a nice resolve around the clique issue. Honestly, I'm disappointed in myself for even giving it a second thought.  Live and learn.

There are a lot of toddler-moms in AOL-J.  How do you women find the time and the energy to post?

A couple of anniversaries were celebrated.  I found out I'm a closet-sap as one of them got me all teary-eyed.  When did that happen?

Gearing up for the Oscars.  Some thoughts. Some predictions.

Robby's still MIA.  Am I the only one concerned at this point?  It's been two weeks.  Does anyone have any info?

And I really miss Popitart.  Hope she's well.

Past 3AM now.  Fading fast.  I just know I'm going to wake up and have to start this process all over again!  But hey, it's worth it! 

Goodnight ... err ... Good Morning All!  ~peace~


jeffcomedy said...

Let me just say, you ain't the only one up at almost 4:00 in the morning....

babyshark28 said...

A lot of great things are happening around aol-j. :) Yeah!

And I know what you mean about giving the clique issue a second thought. BUT your entry was lovely and so was your words, so don't be THAT dissapointed. I was saddened that I had to post mine, since I wanted to ignore it. But, alas, I am one of those people who must tie up a loose end before I continue to create.
Peace to Freee, love ya. xo

linus131999 said...

woo hoo uve caught up lol this is my first time here and i will be back often.

krobbie67 said...

I'm still working on getting caught up. I don't expect to recover until June though. School is just too intense right now. I was kind of wondering about Robby too but I'm trying to look on the bright side. I think he's in wuv and just doesn't have time for journaling anymore. :-) ---Robbie

bridgetteleigh75 said...

You know...I just went and commented in Robby's journal again. I'm starting to get a little worried too. guess is, he's just spending an absurd amount of time with his new love interest. =) Who knows? Maybe they eloped!

As for the Oscars, I'm all geared up to watch too. I should have done a prediction entry! ::sigh:: Oh well, maybe next year.

As for all the toddler mommy's...aren't we great! LOL

Love you!

derossetfamily said...

Toddler mom here. Lets just say thank god for naptime! =)

andreakingme said...

Well, I'm about two miles behind ya, you braggart! I snatched some time to read some journals last night, but was too pooped to comment. I LOLed (genuine LOL) at your laugh entry. GREAT one! Love it! More taste, less filling.

Oh, fer cripes sake.

itsjustusinnc said...

I am SO far behind you it aint een funny! LOL! ANd No, you're not the only one worried about Rob. I sent yet another email to him asking if he's ok. So far, he hasn't opened it yet. What about that Amber chic? Doesn't SHE know him personally? I think I'll go check out her journal.


sxypriincess said...

Hey you!
Thanks SO much for stopping by my journal!!! Yours is GREAT! I will be back often!
Off to read the rest of your entries!

Hope you had a nice weekend.

freeepeace said...

BRIDGETT - I'm a little disappointed in the Oscars this year. I'm gonna watch but I'm not so "geared up" - My predictions don't match my personal choices. Yes, I love all you toddler-mommies!

MARY - Ha! Yes, thank GOD for naptime. What would AOL-J be without you? It was awful for the time you had to be away...we can't have that anymore!!

freeepeace said...

JEFF - Welcom to AOL-J. Are you a night owl too? Or is that out of character?

SHARKY - Thaks for the reflection :) Love this place - and love you!

LINUS - Welcome! Come by anytime :)

ROBBIE - I pretty much assume the same thing about Robby - but two weeks? Let's hope that's what it is. You're dong a great job keeping up - even with school. :)

freeepeace said...

ANDREA - haha [actual laugh] Thanks for taking a moment to comment. I know it gets overwhelming. And everyone JUST KEEPS POSTING. At this rate, none of us will EVER get caught up!

GREGG - If you hear anything about Rob, will you let me know? I don't think I know Amber. But keep me posted.

DOTTIE - Come back anytime! Glad you enjoy it here :) Having a great weekend. Hope you are too!

viviansullinwank said...

{{{{{Freee}}}}} I am too jealous of you being caught up. I'm so behind I've given up on getting caught up :) I've spent tooo much time playing with graphics to read :) :( I miss Robby. I hope he's OK.

slowmotionlife said...

I think Robby's ok. Won't say why. But he'll be back. They ALWAYS come back. ::evil laugh:: You're playing catch up - good for you! My bloglines is out of control. I swear - gone one day and chaos ensues. Can't you people just wait until I get back?? lol Ah well.. the world goes on, even when my uterus is acting up, I guess. :P

queenz43 said...

Hey Freeee!!! I'm just getting back after a two day hiatus for some Anniversarian'
yeah, I made up a new word, somebody call Websters!! LOL( Courtesy laugh for my own ego) LOL (Real laugh cause I crack myself up) Got a lot of journal jumping to do myself. And oh yeah:::sticking out tongue and taunting you:::
"Freee is a closet-sap, Freee is a closet-sap" :-P
No, just a sweetie with a soft heart. Thanks for making me smile

s0ngbird1962 said...

Wow...caught up. I'm impressed.... I worked 7pm - 7am all weekend, exhausted here; but trying to catch up with my fav journals now. And hey, thanks for your sweet comment in mine, truly means alot coming from you:::misty eyed::: As for being one of the "toddler-moms"? Ummm, I lock them in closets (with lollipops of course, so they won't scream) then I'm free to read and

musenla said...

This what's great about being part of this AOL-J community, so many interesting things going on! Robby is back, which is great news, but sad for his loss. Popitart I can only hope is on her way to getting well from ails her body and soul. I'm fond of that girl, I hope she's doing ok.

thoughtyautie said...

On a whim I searched for "popitart" to see what came up. I haven't used that name in years, but 'tis I!

I'm not sure if this is even checked anymore, but I just wanted to say thank you, and to let you know that I'm doing well. I have finally gotten some answers that explain everything I was going through - why it was so much harder for me to go away to school than it seemed to be for everyone else (not that it isn't difficult at times for everybody.) It turns out I'm autistic, but wasn't diagnosed when I was younger because my family was so screwed up - everyone had more on their minds than whether I was lining up pennies and whatnot. Now I finally understand myself and don't feel like I have to beat myself up for not "getting" things like other people do, and the fact that I can do things that other people can't do seems even more special.

After years of struggling blindly without a diagnosis, I'm now doing well...back in school, living on my own, raising some awesome cats :) I have the support of a couple of people who genuinely care about me and who are helping me navigate whatever comes up. I'm staying healthy and learning more each day. I'm in the beginning stages of writing a memoir (a bit young for that, I know) because nobody should have to go through what I went through without a proper diagnosis.

I'm ranting now so I'll shut up. It's nice to look back at screen names I haven't seen in so many years. I hope you're all doing well and riding life's ups and downs with grace. If you're feeling good, appreciate it! If you're not, always remember that it does - it absolutely does - get better <3<3