Monday, January 12, 2004

Mama Hunny

Meet Hunny's kitty-baby, Pepper.  Fall, 1997.


This is the beauty of raising cats and dogs together.  Pepper was just a few months old in this picture.  I was doing a lot of petsitting.  Pepper was surrounded by dogs.  He took walks with us, learned to fetch and joined the puppy piles.  And he always won wrestling matches.  Don't be fooled.  No matter what the pack order, the cat in the house will always outrank the top dog!

Pepper doesn't live with us anymore.  Four years ago I moved to a tiny guest house in Venice with a garden bigger than the house.  I loved it.  But Pepper was terrified.  For months he never came out from under the covers.

Three summers ago, Pepper moved in with his Auntie Cheryl and his cousins, Opie [dog], Moonie and Rudy [cats].  Not long after he moved in with them, he was out-and-about like the little panther we had grown to love.

We miss living with our Pepper but he's very happy in his "new home" - even though he's lived with Cheryl longer now than he lived with us.  Hunny and I see him a lot but we fantasize about all of us living in community so we don't have to be apart.

Pepper is 6 1/2 years old now. And though he's no longer suckling on Hunny for comfort, make no mistake about it, he is definitely her baby.


A few months after Pepper moved, I had a terrifying experience in the middle of the night.  That's when I decided my house was [for lack of a better term] haunted.  [I believe Pepper knew that all along.]  I can hardly think about it today without going into complete panic.  Perhaps I'll share that story in the daylight sometime.


aynetal3 said...

Ahh, she looks just like my kitties when they were younger. 'Cept dare say, they're not into sharing me with other pets. These pictures are wonderful. Love the family sense albeit a blended family. With love it all seems to come together. And, you my dear are a fine provider! :) Our love Jamie

s0ngbird1962 said...

I always had dogs and cats together, it was always fun to see their relationship develop. Had a dog "Bandit" that loved his cat "Felix" but he hated other cats. Once Bandit and Felix were sitting side by side (as they often did) looking out the window. Bandit went crazy when he saw another cat walk by, Felix sat there and just watched. Suddenly Bandit looked at Felix with the look, "Hey, YOUR a cat" and Felix looked at him with the look "Sh*t, I'm a cat" Felix, stage right...

raisinglouisiana said...

Awww, that is the cutiest pictures of Hunny and Pepper!
Sad that you couldn't keep the kitty, but at least he's
with a good friend.

freeepeace said...

Jamie, Ayn, and all - Some pets are not okay with sharing. Hunny gets jealous but being a petsitter's baby, she's had to share me. I strive to remind her she's my #1.

Michelle - we had a dog named Bandit. No cats growing up though. Pepper was my frist. Imagine my surprise when Hunny finally caved to being his mama. The animal kingdom is beautiful.

Penny - I have some adult-Pepper pics on the way! He sleeps on me when I'm over there. :)

babyshark28 said...

I have never seen something like this in my whole life. so sweet. And Hunny is doing a stand up job being peppers wet nurse :)

andreakingme said...

Two tail swishes for sharing these photos and the story! I lube 'em. What sweeties ...

I look forward to reading that skeery tale, too.

itsjustusinnc said...

Oh I'll be more than happy to play the role of excorcist sweetheart! Those devilish spirits ain't got nothing on me! LOL! Now why don't you just send me an email describing the events & I'll do a little voodoo rain dance and shiznit to get rid of those pesky buggers for ya!:-)


floralilia said...

haunted eh?....wait..did anyone else just hear that?

slowmotionlife said...

Those pictures are too f-bombin' cute!! LOL Hunny is such a little nurturer - she gets that from you, I'm sure. Can't wait to hear the haunted story... Ohhhh... I do love a good ghost story. ::shiver::

wwkris10ww said...

That is so weird. I have a cat named Pepper and a dog named Taz. The first picture looks like my pomerainian taz. I dunno, at first I was like "is that my dog and cat?" hehe. check out my journal:

miarenee24 said...

Awww, I can't wait to show these pics to Stephen, he'll love them! That is the most precious picture, Hunny, licking Pepper's face-just like a little mama! How, sweet!

chersypie said...

We love living with Pepper!

freeepeace said...

Sharky, I had never seen anything like this either. All Pepper had to do was meow and Hunny would roll over [she actually had to wean him too] Awww

Andrea, I thought you would like this, being a kitty-mama yourself :) Scary story coming soon. Yikes!

Gregg, we did a cleansing ceremony with fire and stuff. Definitely some sketchy energy in that place. As I relive it, I may call on your services. :)

Floralilia - LOL [eeek!]

freeepeace said...

SloMo, Hunny taught me a lot about nurturing too. And oooooh, I think you'll like this ghost story.

Hi Kris, thanks for stopping by. Cheryl's dog, Opie is a pom! We love 'em! I'll check out your journal this week :)

Mia, I thought of Stephen when I posted this. I know how much he appreciates Hunny already. xo

Cheryl, awww...I know Pepper loves living with you. [and we love you for taking him in!] xo

clarity4today said...

LOL Pepper is such a creative name for a black kitty!

Love the photos. :-)