Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Wednesday's News

Woke up a little tired today.  Had a great time seeing Jillian perform.  She rocked the house.  I snapped half a roll of 35 mm film. The other half is from Saturday night's Lip Sync Contest.   We'll see if any are worth sharing.  That's the bummer about film - no instant gratification!

Dear Santa,
If nothing else, I would like a digital camera for Christmas.  If I can't get that, then a new notebook computer will suffice!  [hehehe]  Okay fine, I'll settle for peace and love in the heart, always.  ::sigh::

I got a thoughtful little personal note from my friend Grace this morning.  After reading my entry from yesterday she led me to this blog where, in part of today's entry she wrote about HOME.  Great stuff.  Right up my alley.  Take a moment to read and let it soak in.  Read some of her other entries too.  I like how she mixes heart and humor.  She's also got me linked over there.  Feels kinda nice - like someone from the big city recognizes this little [former] hick-country-girl.

I have a feeling SloMo's gonna be down a pound today with all the blood, sweat and tears she's put into making me a Rock Star lately.  [okay, the tears are mine - of deep gratitude]  In a state of delusion, for her first pound I pledged to make her Texas Turkey Chili for my homeless neighbors.  Not that I don't want to do it - It's just that I'm such not-a-good-cook that I have this vision of them saying, "Uhh, you made this? No thanks."  [Don't laugh.  It's happened before.  Of course, it was Thanksgiving - and they'd all just come from the Shelter where they were fed a full turkey dinner.  This time I'll do it on a non-holiday]

Coming Up :

Pass the Peace - Lip Sync Update

Last night's Jillian Speer Concert at the Temple Bar


miarenee24 said...

Ahh, I have a feeling those neighbors of yours will be well pleased, and happy that you took time to cook for them. :) I love the way you love your neighbors. That's what this season is all about. And you love, all year around! THAT my friend is what makes you a star in my eyes! (of coures, your natural talent for music too, but that goes w/out saying)
PS the cd cover ROCKS! Love it! Love you~Mia (yes, new screen name) I'm still aims. sorry for the confusion

diannevan said...

Bravo on doing the Chili on a non-holiday. I get disheartened when I see these huge, extravagant meals for the homeless on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Do the good-deeders not realize that these folks need to eat the other 362 days a year? You're right on track by doing it a different day.

slowmotionlife said...

Awww.. I luv you, you little good-deeder, you! I'm sure your neighbors will appreciate the chili, though they may stick up their noses at you when you tell them there's turkey in it [considering they just had that HUGE turkey dinner a week or so ago. LoL] Don't worry about being a poor cook. That recipe is pretty much fool-proof. Super easy!

Can't wait to see your pictures. Wish I was rich, I'd sooo buy you a digi-cam. :(

gvpagenc said...

You are an absolute sweetheart!!! I wont even let my neighbors bum a cigarrette LOL! OK. I shouldn't admit that. Anyway, you must be about to drop you busy bee you! :-) I'm totally tired right now, but I'll be back tomorrow to catch up on reading the rest of the entries. I'm about to go cross-eyed here LOL!