Sunday, December 14, 2003


I woke up with a sore if I had done some heavy lifting recently.  And I assure you, I haven't.  Aside from my guitar [and possibly my Doc Martin's] everything I carry could be weighed in ounces.  If I had done the piles of laundry waiting for me, I might think that was the culprit.  But nope, it's still sitting there, waiting for me [sorry Reza].  Hmm...I did load the dishwasher last night.  But that hardly counts as back-breaking work.

I wondered if I might be coming down with a cold because sometimes my back/lungs swell with pressure before I start hacking and coughing.  Here I am, four hours after waking, and my back and chest are now sore.  My breath is slightly constricted - a full inhale is almost impossible.  I'm trying to avoid it, but I keep clearing my throat and it makes me cough.  And here comes the headache. Ugh!  A sore throat too?!

I've just loaded up on my pre-flu meds/herbs/homeopathics.  And, just in case, I still have a whole bottle of sealed Ny-Quil from my last sick-scare [didn't end up needing it]

I had a feeling the other day when I woke up fatigued that it wasn't all emotional.  I did have a slight fever but it lifted by the end of the day [yay, echinacea].  Let's pray that this is as bad as it gets.  No sickies for me please!  Noooooo!  [thank you]

Affirmation:  I am well.


slowmotionlife said...

Ahhh!!! Power blogging lately, woman!!! You are well. Fo shizzle. But if not, I can only recommend the NyQuil [which I LOVE more than Vodka!] and lots of senseless giggles. Rent "Superstar" and stay in bed all day. Rest up for your Friday Gig! Woot. Luv you. Take care of yourself.

irun01 said...

Nyquil. Ahhhhhhh Nyquil. SloMo even loves it more than Vodka . . . hmmmmm.. . maybe if the Nyquil doesn't work you should try the Vodka. Mmmmmmm Vodka. Bloody Mary's mmmmmmm. . . . . oh yeah, feel better you.

diannevan said...

C'mon, Free... if you wanted to join me in my sick bed, all you had to do was ask. You didn't need to get sick to join in on the Flu Party! LOL

itsjustusinnc said...

Well Freee, I know back in my performing days (don't go there) I'd always come down with a sort of lack-of-adrenaline-rush sickness after a show was over. Same symptoms you're describing. I didn't even know what it was until one of my professors told me. Didn't you just get done with a production? Could be that's what it is :-)


clarity4today said...

OH yeah, don't get sick on us! It seems that people are ill right now everywhere I go. But, maybe you just didn't get enough sleep. Your body will usually let you know if you need rest in a variety of ways. ;-)

freeepeace said...

Ny-Quil AND Vodka! Good to know. I've got both here somewhere. So far, I'm doing well with what I've got [fo shizzle] :) DiAnne, don't mind a puppy-pile so long as none of us has the flu! No Flu Party for me, thanks! Gregg, good point but I wasn't performing in that show. However, I ALWAYS get sick BEFORE a gig. I have one Friday! [no strep throat this time please] Donna, right again, REST REST REST! That's what this week is about for me! Ommmm