Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Top Dog?

How do I know I'm Top Dog in my house?  Well, I don't.  But Hunny lets me think I am.  She has a favorite sleep-spot.  Nevermind that I have a cushy plush bed, blankets and pillows just for her.  Nope.  She'd much rather curl up or sprawl out on the cold hard tile floor next to the tub in the bathroom!  The only time she leaves this spot is when I enter to use the facilities.  It doesn't matter if she's four-paws-up-snoring, as soon as I take a seat, she flips rightside up and walks out with her tail between her legs.  "Hunny Hunny, come back, it's okay, you can stay."  I don't even get a glance over her shoulder as she's out the door.  Most of the time I'm done and out of there before she makes herself comfortable in her cushy bed.  A few moments later, she's right back on the bathroom floor.

It took me this long to figure out the language.  It's her way of respecting my territory while I'm in it.  It's like when I get out of bed for a moment and come back to find her nestled in my exact sleeping-spot.  I imagine if she could get comfortable right there inside the toilet, she would. 

Now, if only she would use the toilet!  But in dog-language I've marked that bathroom too much to ever expect her to pee in there.  Maybe if I start peeing on the carpet, she'll use the bathroom!


karynetaylor said...

You make me miss my son, Otto. Well, we called him our son, my then boyfriend and I, but he was really just this long-haired 16 pound grey cat that most people thought was evil as he really didn't like anyone but me, and unfortunately, his "dad" Egon. After we broke up, we had a custody battle of sorts over that cat. I won, of course, he was always mine. Years later I heard Egon got a Sheltie or something that he calls "Blue."

isabelzmia said...

Aaawwww, I just love Hunny! lol

miarenee24 said...

"Maybe if I start peeing on the carpet, she'll use the bathroom!"

ROFL! If it works, let us know! hee hee hee! I wish CATS had a "language" well, they actually do. But, only when they feel like it. I could swear my cat, Puzzle, shot me the finger when I told her to get out of "my" spot! Cats and their attitudes! Hm.

slowmotionlife said...

Hunny is awesome! It's probably cooler for her on the tile floor. LoL Too funny. I wouldn't suggest peeing on the carpet, though. Uber-ick! Ha! :P

[Hunny rocks!]

irun01 said...

I LOVE peeing on the carpet . . . . oh wait . . that's supposed to be a secret. How do I delete this???? Help Help.
I'm a groupie. I'm a groupie.

dazeychic said...

Sooo cute I can hardly stand it! Aww hunny sounds like...well...a honey! I mean, letting you go to the bathroom!? How cute is that!? My kits (all three of them) refuse to let me go to the bathroom alone! I envy you. hehe. Thanks for the cuteness! I needed a smile! You musta known that! ~Shells