Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Still Awake?

It's after 6 AM and I still haven't been to bed yet.  I haven't pulled an all-nighter since ... oh, don't tell me, college?  I was in the recording studio for over seven hours tonight.  What's up with that?  MusicMan and I both had a lot of energy.  I went in with the intention of doing a short version of a Christmas song so I could get it done and still have some extra time to record one of my songs for the album.  Who knew a 2 1/2 minute song would take seven hours?!  The first thirty minutes got my guitar and vocals.  By 1:30 AM I started background vocals.  Most of the time in between was spent with MusicMan hashing out a bass line and the two of us figuring out how to "burn to disc" on his new software.  Definitely worth every moment!

When I got home at 3 AM, I noticed an entire Kit-Kat candybar and big chocolate chip cookie were missing!  The remains of the wrappers were on the floor.  I freaked out!  [Why do dogs eat chocolate?  Don't they know it can kill them?!]  I've never seen Hunny so hyper.  She ran out the front door, down the balcony-hallway, skidded and slammed into the opposite wall.  From there, she made like Fred Flintstone, running toward the elevator - you know, where her feet were moving underneath her, but she wasn't going anywhere at first and then zooooom, out of sight! [This is my dog on crack!]

I know the signs of a "sick Hunny"  [I know the signs of a "dying Hunny" - we've been through a lot].  Panting, excessive licking, dazed look, discomfort where she can't rest.  Makes me a wreck!  Doesn't help me when she's sleeping either because I'm constantly checking to be sure she's still breathing.

Usually Hunny does most of her rummaging [i.e. digging in trash, eating scraps, peeing on carpet] the moment after I leave her alone.  It's been about fifteen hours since I left the apartment.  My roommate spent a few hours with her earlier.  And she's still alive.  I'm sure she'll be okay.  She might be very sick.  But I'm keeping a close eye on her. [probably why I can't sleep]

I'm going to try to rest alongside her now.  Goodnight(?) everyone!


ondinemonet said...

Just missed you...Be well my Dear One :)

isabelzmia said...

Awww, I hope Hunny (and you) are doing okay... take care, Freee
~ xo ~ Isabel

andreakingme said...

Never a dull moment around here!

I like reading about the studio recording experience. New stuff for my brain.

And even though I share and understand your concern about Hunny eating chocolate, that was some funny descriptions you used to tell us what went down! You must have been on your sixth wind during the writing, heh, heh.

Saying a prayer for Hunny-Dog. Hope she's okay.

leerluft said...

ahhh. yea, chocalate is like poisen to dogs...strange. I think she will be okay too. :) that's funny...yesterday I was thinking...Trish should do a christmas cd, I would love to hear her singing christmas songs... :)

isabelzmia said...

Freee! I was driving home from work, and I drove by someone that looked JUST like YOU! She was walking a doggy that looked JUST like Hunny! :::::methinks Freee's got an east coast double!:::::
~xo~ Isabel

irun01 said...

Good luck with Hunny . . . and by the way . . . I just listened to the song you sent SloMo . . . BEAUTIFUL.

raisinglouisiana said...

I had a Scottish Terrier once that ate a whole box
of unopened chocolate covered cherries, and she
did ok. I'm hoping that Hunny is one of those rare
ones too that won't have any problem.
I'll be thinking about you two.
Take care, Penny

s0ngbird1962 said...

Hoping Hunny doesn't get too sick.... Our dog "Kitty" once ate an entire chocolate cake she pulled off the kitchen counter. The cake had toothpicks in it to keep the saran wrap off the frosting. ~She ate those too.... Amazingly she didn't get sick, and she was diabetic too!

robbygoe said...

About 2 months ago, I was at my aunts house. She feeds her dog people food, (so do I) well I was shocked when I saw her about to give her little dog some chocolate. I stopped her and told her it was like poison to a dog and that the dog could get really ill or even die. She told me she feeds her dog chocolate all the time. I guess her dog wasn't affected by it. I told her not to do it anymore. Hopefully your doggie will be alright


starlitemaker said...

weird how animals go for things that are not good for them. My cat loves to "choke" on plastic straw covers from juice boxes my son drinks from. Thank goodness we pull it out before she swallows it. I hope your Hunny feels better soon :)

viviansullinwank said...

{{{Free}}} I hope by the time we hear from you again you'll have some good news about {{{Hunny}}} and I hope you've managed to get some rest. What a stressful couple of days you've had..Earthquake, marathon recording session, no sleep, sick Hunny! {{{{{Free}}}}}

slowmotionlife said...

I know what you were doing last night! :P You're the greatest!!

Poor Hunny!!! But, really, can't you blame her?? I mean.. if I knew chocolate was poison to me, I'd still eat it! [Insanity runs deep, folks.] Let's just hope she's ok.

Now, get some sleep! Sugar-plums dancing and all that. :P

miarenee24 said...

Awe...hugs and kisses to hunny from Stephen. Bless her heart. Being a female, dog or person.. it's hard to ignore a kit-kat bar! I hope she's feeling well, and you are able to sleep tonight. I have been playing "O Holy Night, nonstop! Thanks a lot! :)

aynetal3 said...

Hmm, starting to wonder how the next part turns out ... you know ... after the big rest. Did you sleep in all day, is Hunny ok now? *Giggle* We're thinking you need to find a good dogwalker for her! We figure you have the most interesting life ... even listening to you explain a zooooomig dog is fun. And, Musicman sounds magical! Our love, Ayn and all