Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Music that Moves Me

Following suit.  Recently SloMo posted an entry about music that moves her.  I believe the exact term was, "Sexiest Voice in the Universe."  She has inspired me [yet again] to finally post music that moves me - today - in this moment.

Aside from Jason Mraz, there are two other musical artists I can't seem to get enough of.

As you probably know, Alana Davis has been on heavy rotation in my CD player for weeks.  And I only have one of her CDs - Blame It On Me.  I'm soon to have another - Fortune Cookies - so don't expect the listening party to end anytime in the near future. There are some audio clips here.  Even though my favorite songs are nowhere to be found via streaming audio, these clips are worth a listen.  If you like these, you'll love the rest!

The other artist I'm ga-ga over is the late Eva Cassidy.  Her most recent recordings had provided her the opportunity to quit her day job at age 33 when cancer took her life in 1996.  Her angelic vocals bring me to tears of gratitude.  The following are clips of some of my favorite tracks.  Unfortunately, they are only clips and very much a tease!  Once you hear them you will want more.  I guarantee it.

Fields Of Gold
Over the Rainbow

UPDATE: Listen to sample tracks of ALANA DAVIS at Amazon.com


irun01 said...

Always like hearing music I haven't heard before. Thanks

grodygeek said...

Oh boy, I was hoping to hear some other musical ideas. Yum. I listen to a lot of music, I buy a lot of music. I don't listen to the radio because my ecclectic tastes are in direct opposition to corporate ratio here. I like Aimee Mann, They Might Be Giants, Frank Black, Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, World Party, P.J. Harvey, the Clash, Johnny Cash, and so many more.

musenla said...

OMG, I've always liked that version of Fields of Gold and never knew who sang it. Thanks for pointing me to Eva Cassidy, I definitely will have to know more about her. I'm gonna check the others, too.

I'm behind on my journal readings but I read all of your back entries, girl. =D

dazeychic said...

OMG! Freee! I LOVE EVA CASSIDY! SHE has the most amazing voice! Her Over the rainbow makes me well up in tears! The funniest thing is..I bought one of her Cd's three years ago and had it blaring as my mom and I had a tag sale in the yard...EVERY single person asked me what Cd it was! I must have written it down for a hundered people that weekend...AND I never tire of her angelic voice. Its soothing and jazzy and just AMAZING! (Im listening to her right now!) ~Shells

babyshark28 said...

I have never heard of Eva Cassidy before...WOW and very lovely!! and some of my favorite songs too. I love Imagine! and I LOVE her interpretation, beautiful....and Fields of Gold, so sweet and gentle.... Over the Rainbow..and old time classic that always makes me smile! thanks for blessing us with this wonderful collection...although small. I want more, just like you said :)

slowmotionlife said...

Shhhh.... it's after 1am here and I have to be very, very quiet or I'll wake the whole house. I just wanted to say I'll be back tomorrow to check out these clips, love. On the excitement of the other commenters alone, I know I HAVE to delve deeper into your musical world. Comments will follow... night!

gvpagenc said...

FREEE!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I just listened to that little bit of a clip of "Imagine" and I'm already infatuated!!! That is AMAZING! I can't believed she moved me so with just that itty bitty little bit! Thank you so much for this. I've gotta get this. Off to Amazon.com!


aims814 said...

Oooh, ooooh!!! Jason Mraz!!!! I know of this one! Maybe there is hope for me, yet! I think the CD that we purchased today has him on it.. I'll check and see. We need to have a music chat, as well! Love ya~

slowmotionlife said...

Ok, I finally made time for these clips. Wow!! Eva Cassidy is amazing. Her voice is so pure, and acts as the focal point for each song.. that's what I tend to look for - a voice that rises above the music. A voice that's music in itself. Good stuff.

Alana Davis reminds me in some strange way of Ani Difranco. Not sure why. The style is different, but there's something about the voice.. so familiar. I love these types of artists, women. Thanks for sharing! :)