Saturday, December 27, 2003

More Celebration

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Cheryl's first knitted creation ever - a gift for me.  I'm honored.  I am so in love with this scarf I wanna marry it!  It's soft, light and handmade just for me!  Tonight kicks off Cheryl's birthday celebration!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYL.  [Thank you for my Christmas scarf!]

AOL-JLand is like a ghost town!  And THANK GOD cuz I would not be able to keep up!  It's good to see we're all moving at about the same pace!  With holiday and birthday celebrations plus work and creations, I don't see this zooming train ride stopping anytime soon!

I am one step outside of my body.  I feel like I've entered some kind of Matrix realm!  I'm exhausted but keep fueling up on coffee, tea and chocolate.  Of course, I counteract it all with more carbs, protein and dairy.  I'm headed for a quick crash and burn!  But I must keep going!  Speaking of which, I hear the tea kettle...


andreakingme said...

Wow. You look hot!


Coffee, tea AND chocolate? Feep, you better go brush your pearly whites!

ondinemonet said...

Hello Dear One...Let me know you are getting your vitamins OK...Need to keep that beautiful voice singing loud and strong! :)

irun01 said...

You and the scarf look great. . . .keep downing that coffee . . . . have a great time.

slowmotionlife said...

Hi darlin'... it's a beautiful scarf. Happy Birthday to Cheryl. She's a good friend. You're a good friend. I think we're all running on empty, trying to recoup, etc. But it's good to see you here... still being you. :)

leerluft said...

ooo that is lovely! my friend candice knits scarves, I am hoping she knitted me one too!!

aynetal3 said...

Wow! Great looking scarf - the color is fantastic! You would be an envy from where we come ... We're a thinkin, she meant to keep those vocal cords protected when oust about the day time job? Dare we mention its sensuality?? *Giggle* we figure, your just the girl to have her uniqueness accentuated with a lovely piece of artwork! Happy birthday to the creative genious! Our love, Sarah

itsjustusinnc said...

Nice scarf there Freee! And you're right about it being a ghost town up in here! LOL! I thought I'd be going nuts trying to read up, but so far it's been a comparative cake-walk. LOL! Oh, and a caffeine I.V. drip is the best way to go!


raisinglouisiana said...

Gifts made from the heart are always the best!
Now that Christmas is over, I think alot of us are
winding down a bit, waiting for the New Year,
new hopes and possiblities. We all need a bit of
a break now and then.
Love ya, and thanks again for helping me feel better,
cause I am better now!

chersypie said...


viviansullinwank said...

Lookin' good {{{{{Free}}}}}. The scarf is beautiful. I now pronounce you singer extraordinaire & scarf...may you live happily ever after!

musenla said...

That scarf sure looks cozy and oh so soft. I got a cashmere fuchsia scarf from D. for Christmas, and I love it! I even use it when I go to bed, it's sooooo soft.