Thursday, December 11, 2003

Listening Party


I finally got my second Alana Davis CD today [Fortune Cookies].  Let the listening party continue!  I can't stop smiling, dancing and singing in my seat.  "Yeah y'do y'do y'do y'do y'do y'do y'do y'do y'make-a-me want you!  Yeah!  And I can't get enough [I-I-I-I-I] And I can't get enough [you-you-you-you-you]"  Not the greatest sample of her incredible lyrics but this song makes me move!  I also love her cover of How Many of Us Have 'em (Friends).

I had to mail some packages again this week!  I got a couple of great live CDs from Keith [the post office percussionist].  Remember he said he played with Jason Mraz?  Well, these CDs are the pre-signed Jason live in L.A.  ::sigh::  [more like ::SCREAM::]   One has a Jason-song I've never heard.  When I googled it, I found lyrics to a bunch of songs I haven't heard.  If I wasn't in love with him before, I certainly am now.  I love going to the post office these days!  HA! 

As much as I'd like to share my new collection, you may not borrow my CDs but you are welcome to come over anytime and jam to my faves with me!


babyshark28 said...

lol! freee your energy and joy is contagious, I feel like I have already jammed out to your music, laughed, and eaten some your Texas Turkey Chili...mmmm..sounds all very good! :)

itsjustusinnc said...

You're on FIRE! BabyShark's right! I'm starting to shake my tired groove-thang just reading along here :-)


slowmotionlife said...

I love to read your entries about music because it's so obvious that's where your passion lies. You're so enthusiastic! It's contagious, sweetly, adoringly obnoxious. You always make me smile, you Mraz Spaz! LOL

I still think that Post Office is a Heaven Portal. You should ask to speak to the big man the next time you're in. Tell him SloMo's sorry about that whole toothbrush in the toilet incident. :P

SloMo <--- always in need of forgiveness.

freeepeace said...

Hey you guys/gals - I guess I do have a passion for music. It's not always so. Sometimes I have to sit in silence for weeks, months even. Lately, I'm just so moved by these great people who happen to be musicians. Ironically, I think it's inhibiting my songwriting. I may have to chill on the listening party for a bit. I'll elaborate later. Slomo, I think you're right about that P.O. [consider yourself forgiven] ::smile::