Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Jason Luckett


Showtime was scheduled for 8:30pm.  Genghis is notorious for being on schedule.  The clock read 8:27pm as I left my apartment and headed up Venice Blvd. toward Fairfax Avenue [the slowest route into Hollywood]  It was almost 9pm when I finally decided to stop circling the block and create my own spot in the parking lot.  I shed a beam of white light around the Mighty-Mighty Escort and rushed to the door!

I asked the cutie-doorman if Jason was on.  To my surprise (and the doorman's) he was "just about to start."  We had a moment to talk.  I asked if he'd be there Friday because I'll be playing.  He knew who I was!  Trip out!  He had just received my website information.

Genghis Cohen serves upscale Mongolian/Chinese food.  A full bar separates the performance room and the restaurant.  The dark room is set up like a church - one aisle down the middle, facing the stage [altar] with benches [pews] on either side. Terry, the soundman [God] is heard but not seen!  I never know if I should kneel or sit, so I just fidget.  And, just like church, the last one there is stuck with the front row!  Yep, that was me!

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slowmotionlife said...

Mmmm... Mongolian! I like Mongolian BBQ. [Sorry.. tangent!]

"I never know if I should kneel or sit, so I just fidget." LOL