Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Jason Luckett [continued]

[continued from above]


Jason's a firecracker on stage. I've seen him laugh through an entire set!  Saturday he was talking of being a little mellow.  That only kept him from flying through the ceiling.  He still came into the audience, bounced up and down, and joked about being a rockstar, swinging his arm in a wide circle when he played power chords.  He made us laugh and cry.  And really, I was choking on my tears through the title song of his soon-to-be-released album.

He plays these groovy, jazzy chords with ease - smooth and flawless.  And his voice!  He's got the power and the breath to back it up!  He throws in a bunch of ad-libs, as if he's writing a song on the spot.  Reminds me of sitting in poetry circles with him years ago - an intimate performance.  It's like he's sharing his life with us.  And like Jillian Speer, he performs barefoot - as if planting himself in the earth's soil.  Good man!  [tried to get a better angle of his feet, but I didn't want to "distract" his crazy groupie behind me]


Mid-show he remembered to promote his CDs, website and mailing list.  Nothing went unsaid or missed.  [I can learn from him]  He even introduced me and announced my gig date.  What a pal.

Because MP3.com is no longer available, I wasn't able to find his #1 song, Miracle, online but you can read lyrics and hear clips on his website.  He's even got a journal.
Visit his website: JasonLuckett.com
click to listen:  STIR IT UP
click to listen:  LOVESJOY


babyshark28 said...

great two entries on Jason Lucket, he does seem very vivid and bright. love the pictures and the blur..love it! I will have to go check out his site now. you are opening my eyes to all kinds of new artists I have never heard of! yea!

andreakingme said...

I agree with Babyshark. This was a wonderful tribute to Jason Luckett. You're both good, helpful promoter friends to each other!

Love the bare feet. Heh!

slowmotionlife said...

It's funny.. his voice doesn't match his face at all!! But it's good. Really good. You have such talented friends. Gawd, I wish I could be there Friday night. I'm so nervous for you. Eeek! Muse better get lots of pictures!! Oh, I'd send her my camera if I thought it wouldn't get broken! LoL

itsjustusinnc said...

Odd. I don't know what I was expecting him to sound like. LOL! Threw me for a loop (but in a good way:-))