Wednesday, December 24, 2003

HunnyBunny Update

Thank you all for your concern about Hunny.  It's been at least 24 hours now and she's doing just fine.  She has a lot of energy.  She's drinking water and eating her food.  And she's still digging in the trash under my desk at every opportune moment.

I went to the bathroom [and of course, she left].  When I came out, she was under my desk.  I did an obvious clearing-of-my-throat to get her attention.  She backed up slowly, turned around and looked just like I used to look at my mother when I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar.  "There's nothing in there for you.  Go get your bone."

It doesn't matter that I'm constantly tripping over bones and toys.  There always seems to be something much more interesting in the trash!  It's not like there are leftovers under my desk!  A tissue, napkin or empty water bottle maybe, but that's good enough for her!

She has chronic colitis so anything out of her normal diet upsets her stomach and man can she poop!  She's all of 23 lbs but she's no lightweight.  Seriously, she can poop any big doggie under the table!  I have to feed her high-fiber food so to keep her colon as clean as possible.  Otherwise, she'll spend hours straining.  Instead, I follow her around the dogpark with a pooper scooper for the first 20 minutes of our visit. 

She hasn't pooped yet, since the chocolate-eating incident.  I have mixed feelings about tomorrow's walk!  Maybe I can get Reza [my roommate] to take her.  He adores her.  Of course, he seems so fascinated with Hunny's "movements" that he always reports "how much" and "how many" after every walk.  Now that's some kinda crazy love!  [I do appreciate that]

Hunny's resting comfortably on my bed.  I think I'll go join her.  Still gotta catch up on lost sleep. 

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!


alphawoman1 said...

Thank goodness he is okay. Merry Christmas!

grodygeek said...

Happy holidays to you and yours!

irun01 said...

Sure glad Hunny is ok.. . .and you know . . .there's not many people who can make a journal entry about dog poop so darn interesting. Your awesome.

miarenee24 said...

Awwww, love and hugs to hunny from Stephen! I would think that the chocolate binge would make her... really go, you know? Hmm... I guess their bodies are very different from ours...
Love and hugs to you too!
Mia n Stephen

musenla said...

Thank goodness, I'm glad sweet Hunny is ok! And a Merry Christmas Eve to you and Hunny, too!

slowmotionlife said...

You and Andrea with your pet poop entries. I swear!! LOL

Glad to hear Hunny is doing well. It's funny, we talk all the time, and I always forget to ask about the things I read in your journal. What's up with that?

Hugs for Hunny.

bhpcr said...

Hello and Merry Christmas. I started this journaling thing on the 15th and already have become addicted big time. Seriously, may I adopt you? I feel your pain..having had more than my share of tumors benign and otherwise, and plenty of surgeries. Just put on a happy face and go into denial..trick your body into thinking it's fine and it will be.Look me up..I don't know how to link yet so look up "As I live and breathe" BHPCR or just plain Barb :)TTFN

andreakingme said...

Has she pooped yet? It's the 27th! Has she?

Pooping is important.