Sunday, December 14, 2003

A Few Things

Had a beautiful night with my Pirate Sisters last night. They all gushed over the website [way to go SloMo!]  Thank Goddess for my girls.  It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, with them I get to be who I am in all moments.  Everyone should be so blessed!  Thank you my loves - you are the family I dreamed of.  I am who I am today because of your reflection.

I didn't get to sleep until 4 AM so I slept pretty late.  The afternoon hours flew by and I didn't get any house work done.  Dangit - and still lingering on laundry!

I've been noticing a lot more pain in my ear lately.  Not only is it uncomfortable, but it's a little scary.  I will call the hospital this week to make an appointment.  [sudden fear rushes through my body as I finish typing that - ACK!]

I went to see my friend Jason Luckett perform tonight.  It's been a month of great live music around here!  He played at Genghis Cohen - my favorite venue in Los Angeles.  [I'll be playing there Friday night]  He's not only a great musician, he's beautiful to watch.  More about that when I get the pictures developed.  I didn't take too many though.  Someone behind me put on a big smile and asked if I was his photographer.  When I said I was just a friend she shifted gears and asked how many more I was planning on taking because the flash was distracting her. [from what??]  Thought about taking multiple pictures and breaking into a whole new roll just to piss her off ... then I remembered, "Good deeds... random acts of kindness... season's greetings."  I chose my shots carefully.


itsjustusinnc said...

Amen on the friends! There's nothing like being in the company of peeps who really know you and take you as you are, whatever the mood de jour is. I thank God for my friends because they've made living this life SO much easier. No need for airs, no need for anything except for me to be me. That's what it's all about. That, and money...and sex but not in that order. :-)


irun01 said...

You'll be in my thoughts this week while you make your appointment.

slowmotionlife said...

Ugh... comments like that really burn me up. Some people have zero patience. Way to keep your calm, though! And better to teach calm by example!

Glad to hear you had a good time at Jason's performance. You're right.. he IS BEAUTIFUL. Wow! I still haven't had a chance to listen to his music. I think I'll spend a few minutes roaming through his site.

Can't wait for those carefully chosen photos!!

andreakingme said...

Hugs to you for the fear factor! As soon as I read that part about your ear and you said you felt that sudden fear, *I* felt it. Of course, if I see someone cry on TV, I start to cry, whether I know the reason or not. It's terrible. And great fun for my hubby.

freeepeace said...

3 comments about 3 different parts of this entry. Glad to see I have something for everyone :)
Irun - your comment [and the pain in my ear] reminded me to stop thinking and just pick up the phone. My appointment is next Tuesday [12/23]
Gregg - Amen to friends [money and sex!] LOL
SloMo - Let me know what you think of Jason's music. He's got a jazzy groove and a smooth power-voice. I said I chose my "shots" carefully...wasn't necessarily talking about pictures. ;)

freeepeace said...

Hi Andrea - Thanks for the hugs... I started commenting but realized I couldn't post till I made the appointment and when I hit save, there you were! Thanks for your support! I'm shaken with fear...but fear hasn't killed me yet, so I'm good to go!