Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Big Day at the PO

My new PO Box is no longer a virgin, thanks to Andrea and SloMo!  I got two pieces of personal mail from two friends I've never met in person.  [couldn't say that a few years back without thinking two things: pen-pal and loser]

What a treat to get actual, physical, tangible mail.  There I was, standing in line to claim my package from Santa-SloMo, while I studied the outside of Andrea's cutely-decorated envelope.  I have this thing about handwriting. I'm fascinated with everything about it - style, slant, printing, cursive, neat, messy, lefty, righty?  I can easily fall in love with someone based on handwriting.  Andrea, look out!  ::wink::

If it weren't for SloMo's talk of package-sniffing I might not have given much thought to my actions.  I carefully opened the envelope and as the folds parted, I unconsciously closed my eyes, raised it to my face and took a deep whiff.  Suddenly I was acutely aware that I too am a package-sniffer!  Bug-eyed, I quickly brought the envelope to a socially appropriate distance from my face.  Cute Christmas card and CD order.  Woohoo! Thanks Andrea.

It was then my turn at the window and I claimed my Christmas present from SloMo with beaming pride.  I carried her package out like a newborn baby!  I took little sniffs as I headed out, but waited till I was inside the car to take the obvious whiff.  Hunny was all over it as if she knew it was from Auntie SloMo!  [Back off Hunny! This one's mine!  At least until Christmas]

SloMo's package has so many pleasant smells, I'm on sensory overload - but not overwhelmed!  Don't get me started on her handwriting! 

Andrea's card smells like fruitcake [ironically, the same word is used to describe my personality today.]

There's nothing like personal mail with a personal touch!


irun01 said...

That's some pretty serious mail for your PO box's first time . . . . . .

musenla said...

Aww, nothing like great-smelling packages for the holidays! Argh, I forgot to have you sign your CD me, am I a dope or what?! I probably will have to order another copy so you can sign it. =D

slowmotionlife said...

I deflowered your box!!! Y-E-S!!!! LOL tehehe.. Glad you got your package, sweetie. And Merry Christmas, you fruitcake!! All my love, Auntie SloMo! :P

leerluft said...

How sweet, your correct, there is nothing like getting something in the mail :) as long it's from someone you care about. :)

andreakingme said...

2 of 2

I'm the same way about handwriting. Nothing would turn me on faster about a guy than reading neat lettering. And before I got my computer and I had to write out my stories in longhand, I did it all on college-ruled notebook paper. I'd rewrite each page, too, if I didn't think it was neat enough. I've got the callus on the middle finger of my right hand to prove it.

andreakingme said...

1 of 2

LOL! My card smelled like fruitcake? LOL again!

You know, I was po'd at myself because I forgot to drop my holiday confetti into the envelope . . . and now I'm really bummed. That would have been funny if you'd been standing there with eyes closed, confetti spilling everywhere. Well, maybe a wee bit funny. A pain in the butt for you . . . but funny for any onlookers!


andreakingme said...

~*~*~ The prelude ~*~*~

Gasp! I didn't see this one!

And ... Trish likes my handwriting? Cool! I like hers, too.

Even if she is a package sniffer.