Monday, December 8, 2003

Angel Among Us

click to play ANGEL AMONG US


To Frank,
I pray for your Spirit's safe return Home.
I thank you for your laughter, your friendship
and the many lessons I learned through knowing you.
You are missed - but not forgotten.
You were - and still are - loved.

To Frank's Family and Friends,
I am sorry for your loss.
There are no words.
You are loved.

To all my grieving friends in the AOL-Journal Community,
I am sorry for your loss.  I grieve with you.
You are Love
You are Loved
You are Beloved


karynetaylor said...

very nice entry.

I'm right there with you, thank you for this.

~ Karyn

chefgracegeorge said...

I know how much Frank's passing has affected you and many of your online journal pals. It's an incredible shock as well as a great loss. So strange, as I'd just started reading Frank's journal last week, and was amused by his humor and awed by his depth. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

aims814 said...

Beautiful picture, beautiful words and song... as always. Thanks for sharing how you are feeling with us, as we are all mourning the loss of Frank. Love you~Mia

isabelzmia said...

That picture... that pictures says a thousand words. It's beautiful, freee.

slowmotionlife said...

Wow.... Freee, that song is lovely. So perfect for this moment, this pain. Full of hope, as is your message. I'm sure that Frank would be touched. Love you, honey. ::hugs::

irun01 said...

Beautiful FreePeace

bartmerr said...

Freee You have a heart of gold and talent to touch other hearts.
Thease words belong in a song and you could write it.
I have a new page that I would love your support in promoting It is dedecated to my father and the URl is
Could you put my J on your page and stop by and sign my guest book Please. Love Is Forever.

rbushu said...

Just when I think I've finished crying, I read your words of comfort. I'm feeling silly grieving for someone I only knew through journals, as though he were an imaginary friend. It helps knowing that so many of us were touched in a similar fashion and it's not just me. People have said some very nice things to me today because I'm missing Frank. It is a bittersweet time. I can only hope he's in a better place and free of pain.

gvpagenc said...

Beautiful words of comfort from a beautiful person! Thanks Freee!


babyshark28 said...

I thought I commented here...hmmm, I don't even remember. it's been quite a day.. If I have and it's a second time, oh well. You are great human freeepeace! Your words are touching, and comforting, and just plain...right....and organic. :)

musenla said...

This is a beautiful tribute, freee. i'm sure frank is looking down kindly on all of us right now, smiling.

ondinemonet said...

I am sorry I haven't had a chance to drop by and tell you how beautiful this entry was, and how much, I for one, appreciated it. Thanks Honey, you have a kind loving soul! :)

clarity4today said...

Oh this is too beautiful. The picture is perfect.

Just sorry it had to be done...