Monday, November 17, 2003

up close and personal


Bored with my CDs, I've been listening to the radio lately.  I like to do that from time to time anyway, so I can keep up with what's hot or not.  The other day I heard Missy Elliott's new single.  I got a strong hit of what makes us all so unique and different...each just as beautiful as the other.  I could hardly keep up with her lyrics - let alone all the samples and sound-bites used in the production.  I thought to myself, "How does she know when it's a finished product?"  There's so much going on in there.

Then I got to thinking about how we all compare ourselves to others.  I often hear myself saying, "I'd like to write like [name]"  or "I would never be able to paint like [name]" and "[Names] have more talent in their pinky finger than I have in my whole body."  But the truth is, we all have talents.  Every one of us.  We are creative beings by nature.  It's impossible to think that any human creature is untalented or non-creative.  We just have different ways of expressing our talents.  It's up to us to find those ways and use them to the best of our own abilities.

For me, I always wanted to be an actress.  I was three years old when I told my family I was moving to Hollywood to be a star.  I studied theatre in college, starred in a few plays, appeared in some student films, directed my senior project and graduated with a BA.  I moved to California (much later than expected) and right away, I pushed my way onto TV.  But the problem is, I suck!  Acting is a passion but I'm just not confident enough to pursue it (much of it has to do with my reading  and comprehension skills - remember my confessions of a slow reader)

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diannevan said...

No fair!! there was no picture when I viewed this entry earlier! It's a good thing I check back frequently!

irun01 said...

Thanks for the entry. We all need to be reminded that we are who we were meant to be. Each one of us able to accomplish the specific tasks set before us

musenla said...

another GREAT pic! the impish naughty freee, love it! =)

dazeychic said...

Ahh...I wish I were brave like freee-exotic chic! lol. I do! And I am trying thanks to you! YOU ROCK GIRL! I adore you!! Great sexy thing! ~Shells

clarity4today said...

I loved this entry! It's so reassuring to remind ourself of what you said here.

And I love your pictures, too! It seems so much more personal that way. If only I were brave enough. LOL

I'm sorry I haven't read your journal in a few days. It looks like you've had lots of interesting things to say. :-)

gvpagenc said...

EXCELLENT ENTRIES!!! I LOVE your take on things! There are many people I admire for their abilities as well and that's such a good thing. We all can learn from one another and use the ones who are exceptional in our mind as a benchmark to improve ourselves. And I LOVE MISSY ELLIOTT!!!


raisinglouisiana said...

Great pic of your bad self! You go girl!
And another great entry as usual.
love, Penny

chefgracegeorge said...

You know Freeep, there's an awful lot going on in your music too. Your presentation is just more... subtle. ;*

slowmotionlife said...

Is that not the cutest picture I've ever seen? Omg... lol. You're too adorable. I'm so glad you're having fun with the webcam. It's soooo nice to see you! Where's Honey? Turn her into a Cam Diva already! Love you! And I highly doubt that you suck at ANYTHING. :P