Monday, November 17, 2003

up close and personal (2)


As you know, I've been singing all my life.  I love to sing.  I love to write.  I love to share.  I've kind of fallen into the music-thing by default.  I practice - but certainly not the way fellow musicians do.  They take guitar and voice lessons.  They do their vocal exercises.  They do their finger warm-ups.  I'm almost ashamed to admit, I pick up the guitar, tune it, clear my throat and play/sing.  I don't even feel comfortable calling myself a musician because it seems to be too easy for me.  But I'm slowly learning that this is my Gift.  It doesn't matter who likes what I have to sing or say.  It's a Gift from God and it's my responsibility to receive it - for myself, if not for anyone else.  A friend reminded me that there's giving in the receiving.  So profoundly true!  So I thank God for my Gifts.  And I thank myself for recognizing my Gifts.

It doesn't mean I won't try new things - I mean, who knew I'd ever keep an online journal?  I may always want to be an actress.  And I will have to practice reading aloud the way fellow musicians practice singing.  I will never sing, act, write, paint, or make AOL-J Videos like anybody else.  But I will always be inspired by others and I will continue to create just like me.  I hope you will do the same - just like you!

NOTE:  I had created something just for you - and it doesn't seem to be working in my favor at the moment (Argh).  I will keep at it.  But for now, I'm off to continue my day!


isabelzmia said...

Just when I'm starting to feel my *slacking* in the area of creativity ... you come along and remind me just how important that release is... no matter what I do to bring about that creative release, it's all's all yours.
~ Isabel

babyshark28 said...

ahh. such a heartfelt and open entry, I love it! I also love that picture of you, your energy is shining through. :) thanks for being the encourager that you are. Everyones talents, no matter how little that person thinks of it, is envied by another....somewhere. Great words of wisdom! :)

musenla said...

there's a saying that goes "if you are not willing to receive, even Omnipotence can't give". you certainly have the gift, freee, and you have received it humbly and used it wisely. more power to you, girl!

s0ngbird1962 said...

Great pic Free... and nice entry, made me reflect... I must admit that I think I heard "Mister Roger's Neighborhood" theme song playing in the background while reading : )

gvpagenc said...

Ah Freee! I feel ya! See, many have musical gifts, but some gifts are stronger than others. You KNOW you have an immense natural talent when it doesn't require you to go through the motions to keep it up to par! And continue to rejoice in all that is yours by birth! Because in doing so, you give others another glimpse of the Creator. :-)


slowmotionlife said...

Freee - Your entries are always so beautiful and inspiring. You give so much of yourself through your words. It's not about doing things as good as others... but about doing things YOUR WAY - putting your own natural beauty into everything you touch. You obviously have that mastered. Good stuff.

aynetal3 said...

We think you are saying something very important here about lovin the things you do. That natural energy and spirit flow through. Truly a gift ... like you are working one on one with the Big Guy! And, we figure it be not only the responsible things to do (in receiving) but honorable as well. You communicate with excellence!