Thursday, November 27, 2003

A Message from Mystic Butterfly

Dear AOL-Journal Community and friends of freeepeace, Thank you for loving her. I offer you my Thanksgiving.

I give thanks today for
My human body
Its strength and vitality
And the amazing space
Space for my Spirit to reside
And uniquely express
My vision

I give thanks
Waking up each day
With eyes to see
The beauty of this great planet
And the wondrous support
Mother earth
Gives us

I give thanks
For the flowers and the trees
That live with us
And for all the animals that
Walk with us
And fly above us
And teach us to remember
We are a part of one another

I give thanks
For each moment’s unfolding
Exactly as it does
For moment to moment recognition
That all is perfect
And right
In this chaotic, stormy time

I give thanks
For the mystery of
My human heart
Which breaks and stretches
And somehow remains open
Teaching me always it is
Far richer to give love
Than to get loved

I give thanks for the love that
I receive

How do I give thanks
For the beauty I behold
In the eyes of all people
A vision far deeper than
What seems different between us
I give thanks for the knowing that
We are made of the same
Holy Love

I give thanks for the children
Magnificent Spirits
May they inherit an earth that is safe
And nurturing
I give thanks for the Children
Reminding us of our own innocence
And wonder
And by example teaching us
To be true to ourselves.

I give thanks for the
Energy we name
Creator/ Great Spirit
Goddess/ God
The Mother
The Father
Mary, Tara
Moses, Jesus
The prophets

I give thanks that
For whatever we call It
Each of us strives to know It
And to be the purest expression of It

Today I give thanks for this Circle
This Family
May we be connected to All Beings everywhere and may We know Peace

~ Written by, Cheryl / Mariposa / MightyHeart


chefgracegeorge said...

That was beautiful. Thank you for making us all feel blessed to know you. You were in my thoughts today. I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

aims814 said... dear friend, freee-I give thanks for thee! Love you so much~Mia and Stephen! (that was beautifully written, btw!)

babyshark28 said...

Thank you Cheryl/Mariposa/MightyHeart...that was written by you right? that was lovely.

freeepeace said...

Yes Babyshark and all, that was written by my best friend Cheryl. When I arrived to her house earlier, she had this printed out for today's blessing and just as I was saying I wanted to post it, she asked if I would. She wrote it this morning - no edits - direct from God! She's one of my greatest blessings! And she appreciates you all for loving me so much ::smile::

isabelzmia said...

Thanks for sharing with us such great inspiration... I am going to print this out and keep it near. ;-)

slowmotionlife said...


You never cease to amaze and inspire me.

clarity4today said...

That is such a beautiful thing to read! I can see why you two are so close, as you share similar sentiments about life. :-)