Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Cam-Diva Hunny


You've all heard me talk about how adorable my sweet Hunny is when she howls ... Well, now you get to experience it first-hand.  We live in the city, close to a fire station and a few hospitals.  When the sirens start, look out!  I think the sirens hurt her ears ... but I still encourage her to howl.  It's so damn cute.  I think she looks like a Peanuts character singing a Christmas song.

Now if I could only get some of Humpin-Hunny. 

I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate knowing I'm exploiting her here.  Bad doggie-parent!


rebafandj said...

How CUTE!! Hobbes was just perkin' his ears trying to figure out what the heck that noise was! Sounds very cute as well! Have you tried strumming and Hunny sing along?? ~DJ

slowmotionlife said...

Awwww... I have to say this - Hunny does NOT look happy in this video. I can hear the sirens and they're obviously bugging her. Poor thang. Little Cam-Diva.

Great video, Freee! Can't wait to see more of these. And talk next time! Everyone wants to know what you sound like when you're not singing! :P

musenla said...

aww, poor baby! reminds me of ojie, a dog we had in the old country. he used to howl like that and hide under the big dining table when there are lightningstorms.

babyshark28 said...

lol! that was so cute. I had no idea it was going to be a video, I thought I was just going to listen to her. too funny. very creative freeepeace.

gvpagenc said...

Grrrrr! This build I'm on SUX! I'll have to switch back to listen to your pooch. AOHell's giving me fever.

raisinglouisiana said...

Awww, she is cute as she can be, but I agree,
I think the sirens do hurt her little ears.
She looks like a true sweetie!
Love, Penny

viviansullinwank said...

I love it Free!!!! I'm with Slo talk to us!

sepintx said...

My dog used to howl at sirens, but I used to encourage her by howling a bit myself. She'd howl and howl with her head tilited back. Going to take me a while to get the video of Hunny.

freeepeace said...

DJ - Hunny's been with me on stage. She's howled, she's fallen asleep and she's gone to the opposite side of the room - she certainly has her 'favorite' songs.
Everyone - I agree...Hunny seems distressed...but it's just so dang cute. Please know I ran to her as soon as I stopped filming - I do have a maternal side you know! SloMo and Vivian - check out today's entry. You really gotta be careful what you ask for! xo