Friday, November 14, 2003

Brave New Me!

Can you say BIG RISK?!  Take note now, this just may be the last personal picture-post.  I'm a nervous wreck just thinking about hitting the 'save' button!  ::gasp::

Ahhh Friday!  Not that it makes a huge difference in my life.  Most of my days are the same.  I often forget what day it is.  But (with the exception of L.A. traffic) I love the energy around me at the beginning of the weekend.  Everyone else is usually thrilled.

I got to take the cutest puppy to the dogpark with me today.  Everyone fell in love with her.  Hunny wasn't too happy about it but she did run and play a lot more.  You know what they say, "a puppy keeps an old dog young."  Not that Hunny's 'old' but she certainly doesn't have all that intense hyper energy she used to.  I was surprised that Hunny didn't try to eat the puppy - she usually lets them know who's boss right off the bat.  My pack played very well.  I *just missed* a Humpin-Hunny photo op but I did get a good Howlin-Hunny.  You'll have to trust me on this.  I haven't developed the film yet.

Oh, and if you haven't visited SloMo today, rush over there and check out her video entry!  I think she might have just started a trend... look out AOL-J. 

That's all for now.  More to post but lots to do.  Happy Weekend! 

Perfect timing for my journal to be affected by AOL's font issues.  Guess there's no hiding in this entry!  HA HA!


alphawoman1 said...

You are beautiful, sweetie. Inside and out!

diannevan said...

Woo hoo!! "sxyWebcamgirlFreeePeace" LIVES!!

slowmotionlife said...

OMG.. you're just tooooo adorable!! LoL Cam buddies!! Woohoo!! Ok. Definitely too late for all this nonsense. I love the photo.. I love the entry. Can't wait to see Honey Howling, even though I'd rather see her humping. You know - for the humor factor and not for any ... oh nevermind. tehehehe.. Night!

babyshark28 said...

ahh, there she is....yay! you sooo cuuuuute! Can't wait for more pictures. I LOVE pictures. hope all is well. :)

gvpagenc said...

Alright now you KNOW what's gonna happen at the first sign of less-than-ladylike behavior don't you? :-) LOL! J/K! You look cute!


viviansullinwank said...

If this is your last picture-post I will personally set up a picket line outside your journal door in strong protest! I love the picture, Free! You look great! Now, let's just keep you eating a little something everyday and there won't be any more fuss out of me!
Hugs and kisses!

isabelzmia said...

<g> Good to see ya, freee! ;-)

sepintx said...

Good look :-) And how many takes? I know when I shoot photos of myself it's almost torture. I just added a little item to my to do list :-)

musenla said...

LOVE this pic! keep clickin' girl!