Tuesday, October 21, 2003


First - I had an incredible recording session last night.  MusicMan and I are finding a groove in our work together building trust.  That's so important - especially with some of my music's heavy subject matter.  I wasn't sure which song to record until I started tuning my guitar. MusicMan liked a chord he heard.  It happens to be in one of my most emotionally challenging songs.  I was scared at first but I thought, what the hell, I'm gonna have to record it sometime!  So I just went for it. (toot-toot) The dynamics are insane - I start off whispering and end up screaming.  He set the recording levels and gave me the go.  When I finished he said, "I know you well enough now to know I can't get any more out of you.  We don't need to do another take."  What?!  We did it in ONE TAKE!  I don't know how he did it but he got it all and we never broke glass!  He's a genius. This take told the story with the range, the emotion, the build, everything we're looking for.  To top it off, he loves the song.  I always think guys are going to be turned off by songs that are so vulnerable - and it usually turns out, they are the most responsive.  Even though my song is about child abuse, MusicMan was relating it to his 5 year-old daughter's overwhelming fear of Halloween ("But there's a monster in my bed and he wants to see me dead.  Can you hear me?  Mama can you hear me?  Please don't leave me here alone.")  ~  I love how universal music is.

Second - I tested my sense of strength and will today.  I went to work (the dogpark).  It was like a bazillion degrees out today so dogs literally parked themselves under trees in the shade.  My clothes melted into my pores.  Too hot.  Went to Trader Joe's and found out that my salad had indeed been restocked.  I bought two.  And when I came home this afternoon, I did not rush to my computer! (toot-toot!) Instead, I did all my backed-up chores, including three loads of laundry and bathing Hunny. 

Third - I took a nice long cool shower and now I have a full stomach, a clean home and a sunburn on my shoulders!  And the night is still young here in the west! (toot-toot)


slowmotionlife said...

Another great post. You have a way of making your normal daily routine seem anything but mundane and ordinary. I love those [rare] days when all the necessary stuff is done early and you can just enjoy what's left of the evening on your own terms. Q & A: Are you involved at all with MP3. com? [And I'm sooo gonna get you back for that wad of paper aimed at the back of my head!! tehehe..]

babyshark28 said...

congratulations on getting the song out in one take, I am thinking now they will hear you...don't ya think? and a sunburn on your shoulders? crazy...not where I am at. I would have drowned if I stayed outside more than 10 minutes...so much rain! great entry..I agree with slomo. you make life very interesting.

franj1fla said...

did you write those lyrics?

freeepeace said...

Slo - I'm not involved with mp3.com - I don't really know much about it.

Frank - yes, I write all my songs - lyrics and music.

clarity4today said...

Aw, that sounds like a great day! Nothing better than getting stuff you hate done, then basking in the glory. :-)
(My Unvarnished Truth).

slowmotionlife said...

Do you realize your Marcia Ellen link takes you to Frank's AOL-J Trash mag? LoL I clicked it three times, thinking I'd done something wrong.

aims814 said...

YAY~YOU! First, congrats on having a great session! ...And, it's cool the way you replayed your day for us. Almost like being there with you, you described it so well. Isn't it nice to have a clean home, a full tummy and a nice, long bath? Those are the little things that mean a lot :) ps: moist tea bags on those shoulders will feel make them feel much better!

freeepeace said...

slomo - LOL - it's a conspiracy! Apparently most of the journals in that window were linked to the "trash mag" - A couple of other things were wacky too... so thanks for pointing it out. :)

musenla said...

sounds like one of those "big grin" days. man, i love days like that. it's great you got the song in one take, woohoo! keep the music alive, freee; when you're doing what you love, life doesn't get any better. =)

vanishingxphile said...

What a beautiful creative journal. I love this entry. You are so personal with your recording session it made me want to listen in so badly! I'll be stopping by more often, def.
Take care,

raisinglouisiana said...

"He's the genius"...hon, he's working with
the one with the true talent...YOU! You make
it easy! Yes, I agree, music is universal, it
brings people together, it makes them think
and feel, and you are a natural when it comes
to your music. I love what you have to say and sing!
Glad you had a great day!
Love, Penny

diannevan said...

OK, forgive me for this mild outburst, but STOP BRAGGING ABOUT THE WEATHER! I had snow on my windshield today and we dug out not only winter coats, but gloves, too. You wouldn't mind if I just packed my bags and stowed away in your broom closet for the winter, would you? BRRRRRR. I wonder how many calories shivering burns? LOL

freeepeace said...

Thank you to all who came by today - It's nice to come home to :)

Penny ~ I hear you and take it in...thank you! He's the genius with the tekkie-talent to be able to 'compress' my vocals like that. I'm learning a lot.

DiAnne ~ you'll be happy to hear it cooled off today... it was one degree below a bazillion. And I forgot sunscreen again (ouch!) somehow i think that will put a smile on your face.

babyshark28 said...

Okay, I have taken my journey to peace...breath in, breath out...ok..feel better. clothes melting into your pores...very great visual, I'm starting to feel sweaty myself! :)

rebafandj said...

Way to go my friend!! :-D Will we hear the song anytime soon? :-) Be sure you have the lyrics so I can follow. ~DJ

happyb8888 said...

I am soooooo happy to hear of your successful day!! GREAT!! Right down to the cold shower!! (I like my showers cold too!!) I hope every day can be just as good for you!! :)

That Happy Chica,
Marcia Ellen