Thursday, October 16, 2003

What's an alarm clock doing here?

I had an appointment this morning so I dusted off my hand-me-down alarm clock last night and set it to be sure and get up on time.  I know for most, it's not so uncommon.  Many of you go to bed and wake up when it's dark.  So I'm not even going to mention what time it was.  Let's just say it's was very early - for me! (remember too, I go to bed after midnight most nights)

So this morning when the alarm buzzed or beeped or whatever it is that it does, I was so disoriented I picked up the clock and examined it with a strange curiosity.  It wasn't until that annoying sound got louder when I realized I had the power to turn it off.  But I had to place it back on the nightstand and "tap" the top because the snooze button is located underneath - like a click-pen. (who thinks of these things?)  That's just way too much thinking I had to do.  But once I figured it out, it got easier to remember.  Every 10 minutes - tap.  I got real comfortable with that routine.  Till I remembered I had to actually get up.

I don't know how I ever did it when I worked in an office.  My body doesn't wake up till around noon - maybe 11am.  I was always (at least) ten minutes late, no matter what time I was supposed to be there.  For the longest time, I thought that was just part of who I was - irresponsible.  But when I quit, I realized the truth - I just didn't care.  I'm a true procrastinator.  I don't like being committed to the clock.  Heck, I don't like commitment period.  With dogwalking, I feel the freedom to make my own schedule.  I give my clients a window of time, "Your dog will be out for at least an hour between 12 and 2pm."  The more I can stretch it, the more relaxed I can be.  Lately I've been saying things like "mid-day" which basically means between 10 and 4.  Most days my dogs are out for longer than an hour.  But that's because I love my work.  There's freedom in that.  And I need to feel free - or I'll be at least ten minutes late!


diannevan said...

See that, we really ARE kindred spirits! I had the same experience this morning, though I must admit, I didn't look quizzically at the Alarm Clock From Hell and just think of it as a curiosity... I think I came dangerously close to throwing the stupid thing out the window!

rebafandj said...

Gosh, I thought I was a true procrastinator. However, I *can't* be late for work. BUT..I'm so lazy when it comes to bills, chores that needs to be done and such. I have one day during the week off, and I never use that day to catch on things. I just sleep, watch TV, sleep, go online, sleep some the time the day is over, I have done nothing but complain that I didn't do anything...:-) DJ

freeepeace said...

DiAnne - interesting how we both had similar entries today, kindred one!

DJ - hahah! i can relate! i think most of us can - but not all will admit it :)

clarity4today said...

LOL I can't tell you how much I know *exactly* what you mean. It's been my reputation since high school (okay, that was 1989) to be at least 10 minutes late. I was always in trouble for that.

As an adult, I finally devised a strategy. I trick myself into thinking I must be there 15 minutes earlier than I actually do. If I remember to do that, then I can be the obligatory 10 minutes late, but I won't *actually* be late.
(My Unvarnished Truth)

rinakatay21 said...

OMG, were we sisters in another life? Shit, at my last job I had to be there at 8 but I was always late so they moved it till 8:30 then 9...and then I quit cause they made such an issue out of my lateness even though I stayed late every dang day. =D I've been going to BED about 9-10 am and getting up at's that for being off schedule?