Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Parachute Pants?

My allergies are really annoying me lately.  Last week I was feeling sick.  This week it's allergies.  I'm stuffy, coughy, sneezy and itchy.  ha, a few more and I could be a Disney classic.  But in between sneezes, I was able to have one of the best recording sessions last night.  After some deep journaling yesterday, I decided to make the recording as light as possible - believe it or not, I have a few fun songs.  I wore these great, unique, cargo pants I got from a friend - for dogwalking.  They're grayish, with ties at the bottom, capri-style and of course cargo pockets.  Who cares?  That's not the point.  The point is, the material is a little shiny and slick - kinda like a weaved windbreaker (what do i know about material?)  Anyway, when we were doing a sound check, MusicMan (the guy I'm recording with) stopped me in the middle of it and said, "You know, you shouldn't wear those pants when you record."  I almost got offended - but it didn't make sense.  I was in a sound booth (he could only see my face).  And his back is to me the whole time we record.  He went on to say my pants were too loud!  hahahah!  what?  He explained that the microphones were picking up my movement.  [Ohhh... Now I'm not so offended.  But I am stuck here in these pants.]  He offered to get some sweatpants from his wife in the house next door (very kind).  When he returned he continued, "Yeah, this happens everytime someone wears those parachute pants ."  Ack!  I was on the brink of defending my wardrobe when I realized the potential waste-of-studio-time it would've been.  I gladly changed into the ugly sweatpants.  And within an hour we had the final take of Hippy Dippy (ironically, a song about a girl who's proud to wear hand-me-down clothes).


babyshark28 said...

Ahhh..yes, I remember parachute pants..they did rustle a bit. (lol). "Hippy Dippy" I like that.

rinakatay21 said...

What a funny story, and ironic to boot! =) Thanks for stopping by my place...I'm glad I found yours. The intensity of Eddie Vedder? Sign me up for a copy of that CD when it's done. I want to hear your stuff!