Saturday, October 18, 2003



Opus Barthalemew Marandai III (Opie)
No, there's no Opie Senior nor is there a Junior.  But Opie's personality is so big his parents thought he deserved a name he could live up to.  He's royalty alright.  This cutie-little-fluff-ball gets everything he wants, when he wants it, because he deserves it.  If it's not home-cooked (or takeout) he's not interested.  Opie can often be found casually strolling the streets of Santa Monica and every once in a while he might jump (relative term) at the chance to run (again, relatively speaking) with the pack at the park.  He's a great one to curl up with and he loves to give kisses.  His hobbies include burying bones in the yard, chasing his cats, and demanding food.  He has many brother and sister cats and cousin doggies (Hunny and Roshi).  He loves his family but if it were up to him, he'd be the only child so he could have his mama's undivided attention forever.


raisinglouisiana said...

They're all cuddle bugs, so cute!
Love, Penny

babyshark28 said...

what a little cutie..I really neeeed to get a pet other than my fish...there not sooo never are.

happyb8888 said...

Yes.. the purrrfect snuggleuptau if ever there was one!! :)

That Happy Chica,
Marcia Ellen